Every woman has a story to tell.

Every woman has a story to tell.   In the past year working as a sex coach, I’ve heard all kinds of stories from all kinds of women.  Stories about their lives, their love, and of course, stories of their sexuality.

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Back in the studio again.

It’s been an interesting journey back to a studio led practice again.   Many of you know that my path to Tantra and the training with Layla Martin began with a serious bout of burnout and frustration with teaching yoga.  I was looking for something else, something to inspire me and I discovered the path of pleasure and awakened sexuality.  Because of all of this,  coming back to yoga studios hasn’t been without some major trepidation.

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Taking the easy road to manifesting my desires...

Five years ago, in 2013, I went to Wanderlust Festival in Whistler and decided that teaching at festivals was absolutely, 100%, without a doubt going to be how I wanted to share my teaching in the future.   I set a goal at that time, that in 5 years time I would be teaching at my first festival.

I have a challenge for you!

Starting today - will you put your sexual self care at the top of your priority list?  For one week, can you commit to at least 3 sexual self care practices?  If you're saying YES to this challenge, make sure to send me a quick note to let me know so that I can cheer you on! 

Expanding Orgasmic States.

Having an expanded understanding of orgasm allows us to shift away from “goal based” sex to “pleasure expanding” sex alone or with a partner which opens the door for full body, multi orgasmic states to happen alongside or instead of the four phase orgasm model  Masters + Johnson observed in 1964.

Wild + Divine

Practice, Practice.

Be Still.



Exist inside your body. Pleasurably.

Approach her with curiosity. Wonder. Awe.

You are the Universe in motion. Exploring herself.

Playful. WILD + DIVINE.

The Space Between

We look forward to things.  And we hold on to wonderful memories of the past. Like in the movies, where the high school football star always longs to return to his moment of glory as though that moment were a definition of his identity.  His life never really lived up to that moment again.  

I'm done with manipulating your fear.

Unleash your wild feminine.
Step into your power.
Transform your money mindset.
Make millions.
Get Empowered.  (Are you empowered yet?)
Be Transformed.
Healed. (Always healing.)
If you want to be happy, do this one thing. (no wait, do this instead!) 
3 steps to uncovering all the reasons why you’ve never been successful before today. (or is it 5 steps?)
I’m tired of it.

Searching for an antidote to modern life?

I’ve been exploring my relationship with energy lately.  Not just in the form of, “how do I find more?” but also in the form of trying to understand what depletes my energy, where do I feel it in my body, where do I notice that I’m stuck, how does my energy interact with the energy of others, how do I get unstuck? 

My most effective and unbelievably simple growth hack.

I recall an anatomy lesson I once watched, the teacher was Leslie Kaminoff, and the lesson was that the breath is the single most impactful part of our yoga practice.  He said that in order to create a profound shift in someone’s experience you only had to change how they were breathing.   I’ve carried that lesson with me ever since, and have found myself integrating it into my teaching and coaching practice in surprising ways. 

You don’t have to do it alone.

Last week, I shared quite vulnerably on my blog about how I struggled after an unsuccessful (monetarily) launch.   The response to my sharing was amazing.  I received several messages thanking me for being honest and expressing the reality of being an online entrepreneur.   It’s been really heartwarming to see the value that I offered by sharing my pain around the launch of Magnetic.

Sometimes it all needs to fall apart so we know what really matters...

Can we start this post with a big huge hallelujah that Mercury is no longer in retrograde AND that it appears that spring is finally upon us!  It’s been one hell of a winter and I can say that I feel like I’m crawling my way out of a cave after months of hibernation.   Today, I am feeling an aliveness buzzing through me and a renewed energy for my passions. 

This is why we practice

This week our province (and indeed, our entire country) has been in the darkness of terrrible tragedy.   A bus crash on a rural highway involving a semi and the Humboldt Broncos hockey team bus took the lives of 15 people, leaving another 14 wounded, many critically.  As I sit down to write this post, it’s 10:30 on a Tuesday night and I’ve just driven home 45 minutes from the city listening to the Current on CBC featuring several conversations about the accident.   For many of us living in Saskatchewan, travelling the higways is a big part of our day to day lives and I don’t think there is a single person here who hasn’t taken pause to feel the profound impact this accident has had on this province. 

Why you should consider hiring a sex coach - like, yesterday!

When I first heard about the coaching profession, my first instinct was to question it.   I couldn’t understand how hiring someone to help you sort out your life could be of any value - and perhaps it wasn’t even a legitimate profession.   I figured there was enough self help, yoga, and holistic diet plans out there that one could probably just sort things out on their own.  I also believed that results won through hard work and self comittment were bound to be more valuable results than just having someone else tell you what to do. 

This might be why you feel burned out.

What’s your favourite season?  

Mine is summer.  Hands down.  Granted, I live in a part of the world where summer is short and magical - we only get about 3 months of predictibly warm & sunny weather each year.  The rest is windy, rainy, cold, snowy…. 

I suspect I’m not alone in my preference for sunny, warm days. 

Our best pleasure tips, just for you!

The six women featured in this video have all taken the same training as I have, learning the tools that I will be sharing in my coaching programs like Magnetic.  I asked each of them to share their favourite tools or practices and have put them together in one place!  Consider this your go-to reference guide for easy to use pleasure tips that will soothe your nervous system, wake up your turn on, cultivate flow & creativity and build powerful intimacy with your partner.