Do you know your brand?

One of my favourite discussions I have with the creative women I work with is when we talk about their brand identity.   I love hearing about their vision and I particularly love guiding them on a journey to what Danielle Laporte calls, “The Extreme Dream” in The Fire Starter Sessions.  This is the big dream, the one that feels completely outrageous and almost embarrassing to admit.   I guide my clients into an exploration of the extreme dream so that we can gain some insight into what their next action steps might be, or so they can feel if they are on the right path or not.

I believe we all deserve to have the extreme dream on our way to launching our creative endeavours out into the world.   It’s sexy to dream big, it puts us in the mindset of success and excitement.  And, again and again, the big recognition for every women I’ve guided on this journey is that they have everything thing they need, their dream is already in progress, it’s already written in the stars.  They emerge with a profound sense of connection to their purpose and a renewed energy to move forward with their action steps.

From here - I guide my clients to start to look at branding and gaining a deeper level of connection to their offering.   I think a lot of people get antsy when they think about branding.   For me, branding can create a lot of stress & anxiety because I don’t often feel a whole lot of clarity around colour schemes, logos, and how it should look and feel.   As a creative person, I find myself wanting to do all the things, and create all of the looks, and attract all of the people! 

I was listening to Amy Porterfield’s podcast the other day (episode #171) on what things you should DIY in your business.  She talked about what 5 things you should do yourself when you first start your business, and one of these things was a website.   She made me feel really good about doing my own website and also still being uncertain about how I want things to look and feel.   It takes several years in business, and several wins to begin to know what your audience responds to and what will attract your ideal clients.  HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF! 

But, in the meantime - how DO I make big decisions about the creative process, about my offerings, my copy, my advertising and my content?

I could spend hours reading style magazines, searching Pinterest boards, playing with templates & colours pallets & fonts... 

Or I could consult my brand.

Now, you might be asking yourself - how on earth do I “consult my brand”??  I don’t have anyone to consult except for myself. 

And BAM! There it is! 

You see, you had the idea for this creative endeavour.  You started this ball in motion.  You are the brand.   AND, in order to truly understand your brand - you’ve got to meet it...

And like all good meeting places of the mind - the best happen in a relaxed, meditative state.  That’s right, you’ve got to drop into quiet stillness in order to communicate with your creativity.  With the pattern of consciousness of your brand.

For some of you reading this - what I am saying will make perfect sense and it’ll land firmly in the realm of “oh yah, why didn’t I think of that before??” and for others you might be thinking this is a bit too much in the realm of “woo”. 

But, here is the brain science behind it all.   Your brain created this idea.   It’s essence is contained in your subconscious mind - the intention, the direction, the purpose.   An effective way to communicate with your subconscious mind is through symbolism, ritual and.... meditative visualization practices!  When you drop in and work with a meditation intended to let you meet your brand as an entity - you are in essence, communicating with the impulse that created your brand in the first place.  When you drop into the relaxed state that comes along with meditation you are able to access a deeper wisdom that is often more difficult to access normally. 

The Visualization for Creation in Danielle Laporte’s Fire Starter Sessions is a perfect practice to help you connect to the deeper wisdom of your brand.   Once you have a built a relationship with the consciousness of your brand you can consult it every time you have to craft a piece of content, make a sales call, write a sales page, respond to a client, create an offering, etc..  This visualization works great to create a deeper relationship with your overall brand but you can also use it to connect with the consciousness of each individual offering or idea you have within your brand.

You can find the practice in Danielle’s book - and I’ve also recorded it as a freebie for anyone interested in checking it out!