Makeover your Instagram in 21 Days

At the later end of 2017 I decided to take on a fun new project.   I had been speaking to so many women who are creating an online business and were feeling stuck around how to use social media effectively.   There were a few big problems that these women faced when approaching their relationship to marketing their brand online through Instagram in particular. 

1. How does Instagram work?
2. What should I post on Instagram?
3. Do I really have to post selfies and pictures of my food all the time? 
4. How can I get maximum organic reach with my posts, I’m tired of trying to figure out algorithms.  

I took 7 women on a journey into becoming more visible with their Soul Based Business on Instagram.   The journey was a combination of Danielle Laporte’s Fire Starter Sessions, powerful mind/body coaching methodology, and some practical training on how to best use Instagram in their business.  

These women have transformed their Instagram feeds with on brand, authentic content and high quality images.  They’ve all increased their following and are regularly engaging with their ideal clients organically through their posts.  

Instagram is an incredible social media platform that you can use to help share your brand message.   Some of the things I enjoy about Instagram are: 

  • You can still get great organic reach on Instagram!!  It’s not a pay to play platform like Facebook.   Quality content gets seen!   If you are creating quality content, your posts will be seen by your followers!
  • You can be creative on Instagram.   Between your photography, captions and stories - there is so much room to be creative with your message!  The bonus is that the more creative you are, the more your followers will see your brand
  • It’s less cluttered!  I enjoy just seeing an image and a caption!  I don’t feel like I’m being sold to continuously on Instagram!  It’s like a safe haven of creative content for my viewing pleasure! 
  • There are motivated buyers on Instagram!  Most of my programs sell through what I post on Instagram.   I’ve paid for expensive Facebook advertising and have sold nothing and then with one single impactful and authentically shared Instagram post, have been able to get clients into my programs! 
  • I can connect with people globally!  

I want to share some of the magic that I created with my Instagram Fire Starters with you!  They all received this information within their coaching sessions and now you can download my Instagram Alchemy Guide absolutely FREE!  

In this guide you’ll find: 

  • journalling prompts to help you get clear on your message & your ideal follower
  • my top Instagram tips
  • invaluable information on how to optimize your feed to take advantage of Instagram’s algorithm
  • a strategy for creating 21 days of powerful & authentic content to magnetize your ideal client to you
  • a creative, authentic and soul filled approach to Instagram ideal for Creative & Soul Based entrepreneurs, teachers & leaders like you.

To receive access to the guide - Click HERE. 

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