This full moon... we’re heading into the Shadows, you in?

What are you pushing into the shadows? Avoiding. Denying. Not allowing?

One of the key philosophies in Tantra is the play between opposites.   The masculine and the feminine.  Energy and Consciousness.   Light and Dark. 

Full Spectrum Expression.  

When we deny our full spectrum, we push things into the shadows and they become distorted, disordered and diseased. 

Patriarchal culture has pushed the feminine into the shadows for thousands of years resulting in the disempowerment of women and disordered masculinity. 

We are living in the Kali Yuga.  It’s not ending anytime soon... this is a volatile time in human history and as light seeking humans we need solid practices to help us live in truth, and love.  The path of liberation in the Kali Yuga is continually challenged by the conditioning we receive simply through living in a culture that is obsessed with consumption, competition, striving, and power over others. 

We push aside our feelings. 
We push aside our judgements. 
We push aside our desires. 
We push aside our pleasure. 
We push aside our truth. 
We push aside our true power.
We push aside our connection to the earth.
We push aside our intuition. 
We push aside our darkness. 
We push aside our weakness.

In favour of.

Fitting in. 
Getting ahead.
Staying safe. 
Having stuff. 

The result?  

An extreme disconnection with Mother Earth.  We fill her oceans with plastic, pillage her soil for energy that could so easily be sourced from the sun or wind, destroy her forests, pollute her water, disrupt her natural patterns with our hunger for cheap, easy food and energy.  

An extreme disconnection with our bodies.  We walk around like the thoughts in our head are our only true reality. 

An extreme disconnection with our hearts.  We work in jobs we hate because we are too afraid to have a vision in which we get to live out our desires & dreams. 

An extreme disconnection from our pleasure.  Too many women have said #metoo because our culture has pushed sexuality into the shadow.  Porn culture is ruining men, and women are opting for disfiguring surgery to “perfect” what is already perfect, because somewhere along the line we’ve forgotten what a beautiful vulva looks like. 

Like it or not.  We all participate in this culture.  We live it.  We allow it.   We too, push things into the shadow simply just to get by and not have to fucking deal with it... or,  because it’s easier to just. fit. in. 

And, it’s okay.   AND, it’s also an opportunity for healing. 

We do things because somewhere along the way our psyche wanted to protect us. 

We avoid pleasure because someone told us it was shameful.
We avoid feeling our emotions because someone said, “you’re okay, stop crying” 
We avoid taking care of the planet because we’ve been told that having more stuff is important.
We avoid walking in the cold (or heat), and we drive everywhere (or FLY to where it’s warm) because we’ve been told to expect comfort. 
We avoid dreaming our dreams because we’ve been told we have to just shut up and work so that we can retire at 65.
We avoid feeling our body because someone told us it was fat or ugly. 
We avoid our power because someone took it away from us. 

And you know what.   We’re probably going to keep doing the avoiding. 

AND, we can also seek liberation.  As a practice.   Tantra offers us the opportunity to live skillfully in the Kali Yuga.  Tantra offers us the opportunity to look at our conditioning, our patterns, our habits and our thoughts and make the conscious choice to examine, explore, and liberate ourselves from the darkness. 

And the only way to do it is to stop being afraid of the dark.   

It’s as much a part of who we are as the light.  

When we can be friends with the darkness, we can liberate all those pieces of ourselves that were lost along the way because we thought we couldn’t be ourselves.  Those pieces we just left in the shadows because they didn’t “fit in”.  (On a side note, just because they are in the shadows, doesn’t mean they aren’t actively impacting our lives.... they’re just doing it in disordered, destructive and sometimes diseased ways) 

Tantra is about finding your original wholeness.   Your dark AND your light.   Your energy AND your consciousness.   Your flow AND your go.  

All of you is welcome.   All of you is embraced.   Nothing needs to change and everything can change.  

And this is where we will begin our Journey to the Underworld.   I’ve created a guided meditation practice based on a teaching by Layla Martin that will take you on a Journey to the Underworld to seek out those lost pieces of yourself.   To help you come into greater integration, to help you be more of you.   

 You’ll meet your guides, and find your Ruler of the Underworld who can direct you toward retrieving a lost piece of yourself that will most serve your healing journey. 

I can’t wait to share this Journey to the Underworld with you on this powerful blue super blood moon today.

In lightness.... & dark.