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I’ve never been an organized person.   I’m a creative.   Organization is like soul death to me.   I thrive in a little bit of chaos, it excites and compels me to think differently.  Often chaos is a necessary component to my creative process.... most of the time (read on if you are curious about when chaos is good, and when it hinders my process) 

There are definitely times when disorganization is useful (i.e. when I’m in the creative flow, and I’ve got papers strewn around me, books piled up creating a fortress of magical manifestation for my ideas) and there are times when when it is highly destructive (I haven’t looked at my bank account in days, my clothes closet is a nightmare, and I can’t find the stuff I need to do the things I want to do).

So, I’m learning to manage the mess.   To create systems of organization that are firmly rooted in pleasure & natural rhythms rather than a dictator-like regiment.  To recognize that my external reality is always a mirror for my internal reality and when the energy can’t flow around me, it’s not going to flow through me.

For creative women like me... and maybe like you, chaos is necessary but it’s also got to be channeled as a continuous flow of energy.  Stagnant or disintegrated chaos is no good for anyone.  Order creates ease.  

I actually never thought I’d say that... order creates ease.

A couple of weeks ago, I cleaned out the fridge.   The next day, as I made the kids lunches for school... my whole body relaxed, it felt so pleasurable and easeful knowing exactly what I had to work with, and where it was.  There was a spaciousness in this experience that I had never been conscious of before now. 

And so... I set out to organize everything.   My whole house.   It’s almost done, and as I worked through the chaos that had been created over the past year of expansive growth, learning, and healing I noticed that what I was doing was a process of putting my psyche back together.  The bits of mess around my home were a representation of the disintegrated parts of me that had been called forward over this past year so that they may heal and integrate.   It was as though I was completing the healing journey by creating order in my home. 

I’m messy by nature.   I love mess.   It’s sexy.   But, it’s got to have a quality of intentionality to it.   Or, its just disintegration.  I see that now. 

As I step forward with my work, and in particular because I work at home, I am seeing a greater need to manage my time because lack of organization around time leads to chaos, and not in a good way.   

Danielle Laporte writes about time management in The Fire Starter Sessions.  She isn’t a fan of time management systems, and I have to say... I’m fully on board with her.   She compares them to diets.  They don’t work.  Too restrictive.  Too many rules.   Not enough wiggle room and definitely NO pleasure! 

So... what’s a creative woman supposed to do?

You gotta get stuff done.   Just like you’ve got to have your refrigerator cleaned out so you don’t send your kid to school with goldfish, cheese cubes and a couple of carrots for lunch.  

Here’s what I’ve been doing up until now... maybe you can relate. 

Wake up.   Coffee.  Try not to get sucked into social media. 
Practice (provided I didn’t go down the Instagram rabbit hole)
Scroll Social Media for an hour... oh SHIT, it’s been an hour??
Consult my mental “to do” list and maybe write some of it down... get overwhelmed and stop writing it down. 
Start a project.
Start another project.
Scroll Social Media... write an email.
Start a project.
Start another project.
FUUUCKKKK..... I totally FORGOT about the deadline I had today, work like a mutha to get it done (damn, I can really kick out some serious focus when I need to!)
It’s 3:30????  Go get the kids.
Supper (If I’m lucky, I’ve planned for this and have the groceries in the house)
Work on one of the projects for a while.
Get the kids to bed.
Write the email I was supposed to send out tomorrow.
Go to bed... and remember that I wanted to get outside, but totally forgot.  And CRAP, I totally forgot to do the laundry and now the morning is going to be HELL.  

It’s chaos.  And not in a good way. 

Now... if we can just come back to that diet analogy again.   If time management systems are like diets in that they don’t work.   What will work?

When it comes to food and eating healthy, what does work is cultivating presence.   Mindfulness goes a long way when making food choices especially when  you are in touch with how you want to feel. Is eating this bag of Doritos going to make me feel vibrant and healthy?  Likely not.   It’ll make me feel sluggish, headachy and bloated.  So, opt for the celery sticks and hummus. 

So... when it comes to managing my time.  How does what I am currently doing make me feel?  It makes me feel anxious, harried, scattered, and stressed.

How do I want to feel?  

Joyful.  Easeful.   I want to feel in FLOW.   I want there to be pleasure in my work, pleasure throughout my day and I want it to feel easy and enjoyable.  

So - I came up with a solution and have put together a few of the time management tools I’ve seen around the internet combining them with my own “non negotiable" which is creating pleasure and ease each and every day.   

Introducing: My Desired Week.  A workbook for Creative Women who want to hustle AND stay connected to their natural rhythm, their gentle ebb and flow, and most importantly to their pleasure. 

I’m super excited for you to get your hands on this freebie and start to craft the week of your dreams.   I’ve taken a lot of things into account when creating this book (I’m a podcast nerd) including what you are good at, what you enjoy, what is non negotiable, what brings you pleasure, how you want to feel, and what work will move you forward in the most effective way each week. 

Click here to download the “My Desired Week” workbook.

Once you’ve worked through the questions and created your ideal time tables, make sure you post about it on social media and tag me (@robinhiltonyoga) so that I can celebrate the creation of your #mydesiredweek with you! 

Have a wonderful week but before you go, let me know what you thought about this post in the comments.  Could you relate to how I currently manage my time?  Are you also a creative person who thrives inside of a flowing chaos but collapses when the chaos becomes stagnant or disintegrated?   What time management systems have you used in the past?  Have they worked for you? 

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Until next week... happy planning (with pleasure!)