Am I spiritual enough for you?

One of the best parts in White Hot Truth by Danielle Laporte is when she talks about Spiritual Glamour.   In her words,

 “Spiritual glamour-pusses always find a way to insert their esoteric resume into the conversation. “I’ve been meditating for twenty-five years,” or “My work with the orphans….” or “Parmesan Yoga Wannawanda is a personal friend of mine and when I was yachting with him, he told me…” We get it.  You’re buds with an Enlightened Master, so you must be special.

 Spiritual glamour uses spirituality as short hand for clout.  I got a download and my Spirit Guides directed me to… Hey, just because your guides said so doesn’t make it more accurate.  I heard in a meditation we’re supposed to work together.  Well, that’s not what I’ve heard.   I’m “getting” that you should…. I’m getting that you should not give me your opinions masked as esoteric counsel on high.  And, now I have to disagree with you and all of your Spirit Guides.”


The reason why I love this part of the book so much is because it reminds me of my own tendency to claim “deeper wisdom” when speaking about how I intuit my actions in the world.   I mean, who doesn’t love saying “I just got this great download”… directly from Source. It sounds pretty spiritually badass doesn’t it? Download, intuition, messages from our Spirit Guides …. those of us in spiritual circles like to claim the good stuff is sourced in the cosmos.

Part of the way I speak is modern esoteric vernacular - and I know that the people I’m speaking to understand what I’m trying to say, which is “I just got this great idea, and it feels bigger than myself”.  The other part of this is that I see that I’m playing a “role” of a spiritual sounding guide and teacher - absolutely, I’m without a doubt a spiritual glamour puss from time to time.

 I see this kind of thing happening all around me in yoga, Tantra and spiritual self help circles.   And, I absolutely participate in it.   From dressing a particular way, to having a particular cadence in my voice, to instagramming my ritual practices for everyone to see.

Often, I’m celebrating and sharing the goodness that comes from connecting to Spirit.  And sometimes I’m seeking validation. Am I spiritual enough for you?

 So – how do we switch over from leading the “spiritual life” on the outside, to actually experiencing it on the inside?   I believe that deep spiritual awakening can happen to anyone, and it can happen at any time.   It doesn’t require a specific set of instructions or practices or even level of awareness for it to occur.

In fact, the entire country of Canada just opened its doors to many a “download” to come through the cannabis plant. Intentional or not, you know there’s some serious wisdom being dropped in living rooms across the country right now.

This week in my yoga classes, I’ve been gently cracking hearts open with a deep shoulder opening practice, because my favourite trick to opening your heart is to stretch all the spaces around it.   And, it’s going deep for a lot of people.

At the end of every practice I remind my students to stay open.  To notice when the vibrancy they’ve cultivated in their heart center diminishes or contracts.  I ask them to consciously feel the world from this space, instead of through their intellect.  To be spiritual without all the gadgets, tricks, tools and gimmicks.   To simply. just. FEEL. It‘s in the feeling that we can awaken to the truth of who we are - and I can promise you that none of the spiritual poserism we cling to matters here.

This is a core piece of Tantric philosophy.  That our awakening happens through our capacity to be embodied, living, breathing, authentic humans - enlightenment is possible through the very ordinary living of our lives.

Ritual and ceremony are also core pieces of Tantric practice and are essential for opening the doorway to a sacred understanding in our subconscious minds.   But, I want you to know that it doesn’t actually matter if anyone else knows about it.   It’ll still work even if you keep it to yourself, or “do it wrong”. It’s all about intention.

Everything that I share as a coach, guide, mentor, and teacher is based on the core belief that we can do more as humans.  We can feel more, we can love more, we can experience more, we can share more  - and that how you practice prayer matters less than how you connect to your body, to your sensuality, and to your capacity to FEEL your way through life moment to moment.

This week, I’m inviting you into a few unique opportunities to experience deep embodied spirituality with me, check theme out:

The first is a workshop on the 6 keys to Having Sacred Sex inside my Pleasurable Living for Creative Women Facebook group.   Join me on Friday morning at 10am in the group to chat all things Holy + Sexy.  Join my Facebook group here.

The second is a live Zoom class where I’ll share a “Tantric Sex for One” practice that will explore all 6 Keys to Sacred Sexuality through an embodied experience.  Sunday morning at 8am.   Yup, Sunday morning!  I can’t think of a better time to feel the Universe in your pussy….  This class is free for all Wild + Divine members and is $15 for anyone who wants to drop in.  Register here.

Learn more about becoming a Wild + Divine Online Jade Egg + Tantra Studio member here.

The final opportunity that I’m inviting you to attend is a LIVE experience for anyone who lives in or can travel to Regina on November 4th.  This workshop, called “The Diamond Goddess”, is an exploration of Shakti through her many forms as felt in each of the 7 chakras.   This is an immersive, movement based ecstatic Tantric practice with a live DJ and cacao ceremony.  

As you’ve read above, I believe spirituality is more about showing up in your body and isn’t about “looking the part”.  If you’ve thought about coming to the workshop but worried you wouldn’t be spiritual enough, or new age-y enough to try ecstatic dance or drink cacao in ceremony,  I’m going to tell you that I’ll create a safe, welcoming space for anyone who wants to experience the Divine Feminine in all of her forms.  From light and angelic to primal and wild.   This is your opportunity to set yourself free and be OPEN fully to experience.  Register here.

I’m intentional about how I share with you.   My goal isn’t to make you wonder in amazement at how deep and spiritual I am.   My intention is to let you see that you have within you, all that you need to have a meaningful, rich, and deeply connected life.  My deepest longing, and what I am in service of, is that you know who you are.   Like, really know. 

As always, this post isn’t about me broadcasting my thoughts into the ether hoping someone will read them.  This is about starting a conversation.   I want to hear from you.   Post in the comments and let me know what you think about Spiritual Glamour and what helps you to feel deeply connected to your Soul.  Let’s talk.



Photo Ben Owens Photography for lululemon