How to actually manifest the life you desire.

Happy New Moon!  

Here we are - in the energy of the New Moon.   It’s time to manifest something big.  Because, when you work with the energy of the Cosmos - it’s like swimming with the current, rather than against it. 

What do you want to create?

What do you want to do?

Who do you want to be?

You’ve done all the preparation.  You planned out your epic year of awesome.  You have dreamed all the big dreams. 

Now, to just get started. 

Getting started is often the hardest part.   I’ve been sitting here for about 20 minutes procrastinating writing this post as a good example of that.   I know exactly what I want to say.. but taking those first few actions steps, even if it is just writing a few sentances can feel kind of daunting at times. 

Sometimes it’s fear holding you back. 

Sometimes you find yourself distracted by less difficult tasks (Whoa, did you see how much dust has collected on that baseboard? I better get out the duster) 

Sometimes it’s a matter of feeling overwhelmed by what you are about to do, and it feels difficult to know where to begin. 

And - if you are waiting for that perfect moment where all the stars align so that you feel totally ready to start - I’ll tell you that while those moments are totally possible, but you don’t need to feel that way to start taking action steps toward your dreams right now.  Like today.   

I’ve got an amazing month planned for this moon cycle.   I’m heading into launch mode for my upcoming group coaching program for women just like you who are ready to magnetize sucess in their lives. 

This week is the calm before the storm, where I get to set some powerful intentions and prepare myself for the exciting ride that I am going to be taking all of you on over the next month. 

It all starts with this new moon where you and I get to ask ourselves, “What do I want to manifest in my life right now?”

Then you set out on a journey to make it happen. 

This week is all about taking those first actions steps.   It’s about getting started.  In the easiest, most pleasurable way. 

Step 1.

Decide on your goal.  What do you desire?  What would you like to manifest this month? Tell someone about it. 

Step 2. 

Visualize your goal being achieved in a five senses reality.   I love doing this, and as a daydreamer it comes very natural to me.   Simply just close your eyes and imagine what you would see, hear, feel, smell and taste that would let you know that you had achieved your goal.  Stay connected to your visualization all month long. 

Step 3. 

Consider all of the obstacles in the way of you achieving your goal.  What needs to be done.   List it all.   Brain dump.  

Eg. My goal is to start an Instagram account. 

Obstacles: don’t have the app, don’t know how to use Instagram, not sure what to share on Instagram

Step 4. 

Outline all of the action steps you would need to take in order to overcome the obstacles. 

Eg. download the Instagram app, research how to use instagram, create a content plan for instagram

Step 5. 

Break down each action step into the smallest possible action needed to move forward. 

Eg. Create a content plan for Instagram could break down into: research what content is best on instagram, develop my ideal follower avatar (ideal client avatar), research how to create amazing content for Instagram, map out a plan for content, find photographs, find a content management platform that works for me, write my profile description, post my first post 

Step 6. 

Map your action steps out on paper and or in a project management softward program like Trello and then divide them out into 3 steps/day for the month.  (if you have more than one month of work - you may be able to get more than three things done a day - but you can also keep it really easy and extend your project over more than 30 days).

Step 7. 

Commit to a regular Manifestation Visualization practice like the Embodied Manifestation practice.  You can find my recording here.

Be sure to accomplish at least one day of action steps between each meditation. 

Step 8. 

Don’t give up.  Keep at it.   

I’ve been leaning into what it means to be a successful in business, and what it means to be a powerfuly, sensual woman and be successful in business.  There is a subtle difference between these two.   

Success without sensuality involves striving, pushing, and competing.   A recipe for burnout.   

Sensual, powerful women are successful through relentless passion, never giving up, staying connected to their vision, staying connected to their sensuality and pleasure while trusting that when they set the wheels in motion and plan for success it will happen.   They become magnetic, attracting all that they desire.   The are the Seductress of their lives.   Both seducing and being seduced by the world around them. 

So - you get started and then you keep going in the most pleasure filled way possible.  

I’m here to support you.  

If you deeply desire to connect with the part of you that is fully capable of seducing the success you are ready for, then you will LOVE my upcoming 5 Day Challenge: Enter the Seductress.  

We start on February 26th.

Registration begins today.  

Your first action step on this new moon toward magentizing your deepest desires.  

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For this week’s freebie, I’ve created a worksheet you can use to break down your new moon intentions so that you are never overwhelmed and you are always on your way to where you most want to go.   You’ve totally got this.  

The time to begin is now.