3 money mindset tips that could change everything.

Have you ever found yourself wanting something so badly that you did everything in your power to make it happen? 

That is exactly what I did when I decided to take Layla’s Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching program.   I remember when I first saw the price tag ($10,000), I had a moment of pure sticker shock and complete fear and doubt that  that I’d be able to pay for it.  There’d be no way I could find enough cash, credit or anything to make it happen.  Never mind adding in the two bonus week retreats in Mexico and Palm Springs on top of it. 

I applied anyway.   Uncertain about the money but 100% certain that coaching women around their sexuality was a deep seated desire of mine.   There was a payment plan, and I figured I could make that work for sure. 

I am  happy to say that I graduated a couple of weeks ago AND I managed to go on both retreats as well.   I made it work.   

I have made some big changes over the past year to my money mindset.   I used to say a lot of, “I can’t afford that”  from a feeling of lack,  and I now say, “that’s not a priority” or “I will find a way to get the money for this”. 

I’m by no means perfect around money mindset (I’m undoing 40+ years of lack mentality here...) but I can now say that I’m pretty darn good at manifesting abundance when I want to.  Like always, when I’ve found something that works for me and my business, I want to share it with you.  This week I’m going to give you my top three money mindset tip so that you can shift your perspective and self talk around money too so that you can start saying YES to all of the things you desire in your life. 

Tip #1: Have a money mantra (or 5) and recite them daily, write them on post it notes around your house, use them for meditation, say them out loud when you workout, go for walks or dance. 

I’ve created a Money Mantra worksheet for you to download this week so that you can get started on shifting your money mindset right away.  

To create a Money Mantra - you have to begin by looking at your limiting beliefs around money.  These may be ideas that you’ve had since childhood, or things that people have told you about money that inform how you view the flow of money. 

Some of these limiting beliefs may be: Money doesn’t grow on trees, Being rich isn’t spiritual, Rich people are greedy, You have to work hard to have money, I can’t afford nice things.   I shouldn’t spend money just in case I need it for a rainy day.  Money is the root of all evil. 

Think about the things your parents said to you about money as you were growing up, notice what you say to yourself when you want to buy something, or consider how you behave with your money (are you a scrooge or do you mindlessly spend money).  

Your mantra will simply just be the opposite of your limiting beliefs.   

My limiting belief was: Money doesn’t grow on trees.   

I flipped it to this:  Paper grows on tress (money is made of paper), and like a tree, money grows  when it is nurtured and given attention. 

Other flipped perspectives might be: 

I can be rich AND spiritual. 

Rich people are generous. 

Money comes to me easily. 

I have more than enough money to have the nice things that I desire. 

It is safe to spend my money. 

Money is the root of good things. 

Why this works: We all know that where attention goes, energy flows.   Your most repetitive thoughts form your reality.   So, if you are thinking that you don’t have enough money, you aren’t capable of earning money easily or you don’t deserve money that will be your reality.   When you flip your perspective and begin to believe your new Money Mantra you will start to open yourself to the possibility of a new relationship with money.  You may be more attentive to your budget, you will notice opportunities that you had missed before, and you will have the mindset that will move you in the direction of abundance instead of lack.   

Tip #2: Create a ritual around your relationship to your money and your budget.   You can use my Ritual Creation sheet for this project.   

Why this works: When it comes time to do your budget, pay your taxes, check your bank accounts etc you can create a ritual for yourself to make your experience more meaninful, resonant and impactful for your subconscious mind that LOVES ritual and deems anything done inside of ritual to be important.  

Tip #3 Enquire about your relationship to money.   Dig into why you feel the way you do and decide if you need to establish any new boundaries or have a conversation with your money so that you can reframe your relationship.  

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how you can ask your partner, friends and family for more support in your life and I gave you a worksheet and audio recording to use so that you could gain greater clarity around how to ask for support for your work. 

When I first encountered this exercise when I was doing my training, I actually used it to dig into my relationship with money.  It really showed me how I was demonizing money and creating an adversarial relationship with something that had never even done anything negative to me.   I was blaming money for all of my problems with budgeting, abundance, lack mentality etc.   It was a profound perspective shift that allowed me to shift my view of money to being my friend and ally instead of my enemy.  

I’m going to encourage you to try this same thing.  Head on over to the relationship clarity blog post, download the worksheet and enquire about your relationship to money.  When you’ve finished the worksheet - you can do one of two things: 

  1. Write a letter to money based on what you discover in the worksheet, and then imagine or journal how money might respond to what you’ve said.   See the conversation through, noting how you shift your relationship to money in the process.  Notice how you go from blaming money for your problems to seeing how you can begin to take self responsibility for your actions around money going forward. 
  2. Have an actual conversation with money.   You read that right!   You’re going to sit down and put some money on a pillow or imagine money on a pillow in front of you and talk to it.   During this conversation, you'll speak your mind, then pop over to the money pillow and respond to yourself as money.  Keep going back and forth until you feel resolved.  Although this feels strange and kind of weird to do - I can assure you that speaking out loud to money then embodying it and giving it a voice can help you feel a deeper sense of compassion and overall self responsibility around money moving forward. 

Why this works: Looking more closely at your relationship with money will help you to take greater self responsibility instead of blaming money for the lack of abundance in your life.   You will begin to take action based on serving your relationship with money instead of expecting money to do all of the work for you.   This is key to shifting your money mindset and will help you with taking action to cultivate more abundance in your life.   You may also find that some of the information you uncover in this exercise can help  you write your new Money Mantras. 

One of the things that I see again and again is that women are holding themselves back from their greatness because they worry too much about money.  The place to begin shfiting the idea that money is in control of your life is by addressing your money mindset and these three simple steps can be profound game changers when it comes to how you view money.   I’d love to hear how these went for you.  You can comment on this post, or share your new Money Mantra on social media and tag me in it! 

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Download your Money Mantra worksheet here: