The Seductress Speakeasy Series.

The Seductress Speakeasy Series.

So... a podcast was like, on the far off horizon.   You know, something that I may do - - one day. The idea has been banging around in my mind but nothing really solid was forming.  

Until I started planning my upcoming Webinar series that will be starting on March 5th.  As I was planning, I kept thinking of how cool it would be to keep these webinars going as a podcast series… because they are going to be THAT freaking amazing

I am so excited to introduce The Seductress Speakeasy Series that will be coming to you LIVE via Zoom between March 5th & 15th. 

Ten days of delicious conversations with women who have been practicing and coaching with the exact same tools I use in my coaching practice.  We will talk about how awakening to their inner Seductress and the power of pleasure  has completely transformed multiple aspects of their lives from their work to their relationships to their self image.

I know that it’s sometimes hard to imagine how good something could be if you’ve just got one person telling you that it works (me).   But, when you start to compile the evidence around the tools and techniques we’ve learned inside the Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching program with Layla Martin, it becomes quite apparent that every woman needs some of this magic in her life! 

And, luckily there are 165 of us ready to do this work with women all over the globe… and over 200 more currently in training!  This is big.  

Like, huge. 

The trickle out effect of so many women awakening to their turn on is going to be tangibly felt in the lives of thousands upon thousands of people.  Layla lovingly referred to us as pioneers in the coaching industry and I think she’s right.  Our tools and techniques put us in the top 1% of Sex Coaches in the world! 

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when researching Speakeasies that many of these spaces were owned by women - fearless rebels just like so many of the women I have met over the past year of training.  

What is a Speakeasy anyway?

During prohibition, illegal establishments that sold liquor were given the name “Speakeasy” because the conversations about the taboo subject of selling alcohol had to be hush hush. The term originated with saloon owner Kate Hestler who ran an unlicensed bar in the 1880’s, often telling her rowdy customers to “speak easy”... ahhhh, a true seductress. 

Many Speakeasy establishments were owned by women and were places where men and women of all races were able to mix and mingle easily.  

The Seductress Speakeasy Series will introduce you to women who have a strong vision for their future, who are building soulful businesses, creating lasting epic relationships and transforming their lives in so many ways through the power of pleasure. 

This series is a space of open, honest conversation around sexuality (no hush hush here) and pleasure without judgement or shame. All experiences are embraced, welcomed and celebrated.

All of the Seductress Speakeasy conversations are completely free and I can promise you that you’ll leave feeling inspired to take action towards living your life fully alive, and in pleasure!  

Here is the schedule, sign up for as many as you’d like to attend: 


Monday, March 5th
10am CST
Caralee Guigon

Caralee is a Sexual Empowerment Coach for women and couples. She is going to share the story of her own journey toward healing sexual shame around her desire and how it has impacted her relationship, her confidence and her capacity to step boldly into her vision for her business.


Untitled design-34.png

Wednesday, March 7th
2pm CST
Ruth Sowter

Ruth Sowter is the founder of Intimacy for Intrepid Souls. Ruth has a lot to share about choosing the right tools to support our goals and will tell us about how she magnetized a new partner and healed her body image through pleasure practice.


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Thursday, March 8th
10am CST
Rachel Halder

Rachel Halder is Sacred Sexuality Specialist and Empowerment Coach and author of “Sexy, Holy and Whole”.  Rachel’s deep wisdom will inspire you to embrace self pleasure as a way to live your life more fully, freely and abundantly.


Untitled design-38.png

Monday, March 12
2pm CST
Marianne Vankatwijk

Marianne is a Sexual Empowerment Coach and Jade Egg expert.  She will be sharing how she found the confidence to launch her brand of Yoni Yoga to her community and receive recognition for her work in the media and by other coaches.  She will also share how these tools have helped her relationship to grow. 

Untitled design-35.png

Wednesday, March 14th
2pm CST
Kristin Wright

Kristin Wright is a Sexual Self Love Coach. The magic Kristin has magnetized into her life with this work has given her a better relationship with her body, her partner and her business.


Untitled design-37.png

Wednesday, March 14th
9pm CST
Honey Hariri

Honey is an Integrated Sexuality and Couples Coach.  She will be talking about how she has awakened pleasure in her body and has grown in her relationship through conscious connection with her partner. 

I can’t wait to talk to these amazing women and share the power of the work we do with you!  I think you’ll be amazed at how profoundly deep the healing can be, and how much growth all of us have had over the past year while learning at the Tantric Institute for Integrated Sexuality.  

Like I mentioned earlier, you may very well be witnessing the birth of an epic podcast celebrating women in their creative power, pleasure and passion!  Mmmmmm… yummy!  

Let’s make that happen, okay?

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