Read this and start building your super sexy & seductive email list today!

Read this and start building your super sexy & seductive email list today!

I’m sure you’ve heard it before.  

It’s all about the list. 

You’ve got to have the list.   

I’m talking about email lists and if you are an entrepreneur then I am certain you’ve been told, on more than one occassion, that you have GOT to have an email list. 

It’s solid advice, especially if you don’t have a brick and mortar store and most of your client contact happens on the internet.   Having an email list gives you a way to directly connect to your clients when you’ve got something to share with them.   It’s also a really great way to build a relationship with your tribe. 

My relationship with newsletters and email lists is a long and sordid tale.  I can’t even begin to describe the state of my back end when it comes to mail chimp.   Which made me wonder if I could provide you with adequate support around builidng an email list. 

But, when I come to think of it,  my less than stellar history with email lists makes me even more qualified to tell you what to do because I have definitely lived what NOT to do.

Stuff like, 

Adding people to a list, and NEVER ever following up or sending email.

Semi sporatic or incredibly rare content via email.

Low value, spam newsletters. 

Poor tracking, zero segmenting, little to no organization. 

Yeah… and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.  You could say that when it comes to list builing mistakes, I’ve made them all!  Yet, I’m still at it and I’ve begun to research what it takes to have a really great, effective and value added email list.  I’ve begun implementing many of the tools I have been learning and my list is transforming, my consistency has been spot on, and I’m feeling the love for my list again. 

Indeed, the whole thing has been like a juicy love affair….

I started off about 6 years ago with Mail Chimp and built up a decent list of about 150 yoga loving peeps.

Then the allure of Constant Contact called me in - and I wandered over with my 150 yoga lovers. 

I didn’t love the user interface and to be honest, just didn’t feel the need to pay monthly for an email provider.  So, back to Mail Chimp I went, still with my 150 peeps which was growing slowly.   

Then I discovered “Go daddy” email and it was so easy to use.  It felt efficient and easy to keep track of my contacts.   My list grew to over 350 people throughout various avenues of attraction from yoga to coaching.

Then, my old flame came back into the picture.  With… automation. 

Ooohhh yeah, the free version of Mail Chimp supports automation.   Something that meant I could set it and forget it on a few of my email campaigns.  Now, that’s sexy. 

I migrated back to Mail Chimp with my 350+ subscribers and mulitple lists. 

(there was that one time with Drip, but we won’t go there...)

Like I said, the back end of my mailing lists isn’t pretty.  I went segment crazy over at Go Daddy and I’ve got little email list babies running all over the place.  It’s not okay.  I’m just warning you now - before you start to build your super sexy and seductive email list - and this is KEY #1 -  Get clear on your WHY.  

KEY #1: Why are you building an email list? 

Who are you hoping to attract to your brand via email?

Why are you emailing them?

This clarity up front will ensure that the back end of your List provider looks clean, is organized and you’re not missing out on sending really valuable content to people along the way because you’re not totally sure why they are following you.  

You’ve got to know why your subscribers are on your list, and you are delivering them amazing, valuable content every single week. 

Key #1 is so valuable, I feel like I need to repeat this.  

Get clear on your WHY.

(I’ve made you a really handy cheat sheet for this so that you can ensure that your email marketing strategy makes sense right from that very first email you ever send)

Now…. why email marketing?

Email marketing is one of best ways for you to reach your clients where they are hanging out.  I also want to preface this entire article with an admission of my own about my personal inbox.  

The thing is, I’m pretty much numb to my inbox these days.   I get so many emails, and there are only a few that I will consistently open.  I open them because I know they will offer interesting and valuable content, and the rest?  I delete them.   Or, sort them into a “read when I have time” folder (that folder is basically where emails go to die).

I don’t think I’m alone in this - with an average open rate of 34% in 2016, more people don’t open emails than do.   Which means that if you want your email marketing strategy to survive these statistics, you have got to send quality content to your list, so they look forward to and open your emails! 

Ask yourself, What value are you offering?  

What can you GIVE??

Ultimately,  when we collect an email address, we’ve been given access to  our client’s personal domain (their inbox) and for that we ought to feel deep gratitude for every single email address on our list. 

Every day I get emails in my inbox that are playing the MORE MORE MORE game and when I read them, there’s nothing of value.   No story, no connection, no humour.  Nothing.  Just a sales pitch. 

Then, there are some emails I get that I KNOW when I open them there is going to be something good to read… EVEN if they are selling me something in the email, there are emails I open just for the pure joy of reading what they have to say.  

This (like all of your content) isn’t about what you can get from your subscribers.    It’s about how you can SERVE them.

KEY #2: How can you serve your subscribers?

Will you offer free weekly content?

Will you offer them the inside scoop, first dibs, a look behind the scenes?

Why would someone WANT to be on your list?  What’s in it for them?  

Once you know your why and what for your email list, the next thing to consider is who you are serving.  Who would be interested in what you have to share via email? 

Who is your ideal audience for your super sexy, seductive email list?

Ultimately, these people should also be your ideal customer avatar. 

Wait… what?  You don’t have a customer avatar yet?

(if you do, you can pat yourself on the back and move on to the next key, unless your avatar doesn’ t have a name or a story with pictures yet, then you might want to dive into more work with your avatar) 

The key to being able to put out consistent content that LANDS with your clients is knowing exactly who you are speaking to and the best way to do this is to develop an ideal customer avatar. 

KEY #3 for building a super sexy and seductive email list: know who your ideal customer is and create an avatar for them.  

This is actually SUPER fun, it’ll help you attract exactly the right kind of people to your list (and your brand) and it’ll make writing emails so much more of an intimate and pleasurable process. 

Consider this an art project, combined with a bit of English mixed with a splash of social sciences for good measure. 

Step 1:
Think about the life story of your ideal client.   Where did they grow up? What was their family like?  What did they enjoy doing as a child?  What did they do after graduating high school?  Are they married?  Do they have kids?  What TV shows do they love?  What’s their favorite food?  Do they have a MAC or a PC? What job do they have?

(grammar note - I use “they” as a gender free pronoun, but your avatar should be a singular person, not plural) 

Step 2:
Think about what your ideal client looks like.   What’s their personal style?

Step 3:
Dig into their problems.  What keeps them up at night? What problem do they wish they had a solution for? (that you can offer) 

Not sure about their problems? Reach out to a few people you think might be similar to your avatar and ask them about their problems or their desires.  Zach Spuckler suggests joining Facebook groups where your client avatar might hang out and simply just observe what they post about.   You get to be curious about your avatar so that you understand them and can really feel into how you can serve them with your work. 

Maybe YOU represent your ideal customer.  Totally nothing wrong with that either… you’ll have some great insight if that’s the case. 

Step 4:
Here’s the art project.   You can do this on PInterest or get some old magazines and make a collage.  Better yet:  DRAW or paint your avatar.  

You are going to CREATE them.   They can be a collage of different people, or maybe you found their exact match in some stock photography.    Get as artsy with this as you can.  Your customer avatar is going to be the foundation of all the email content you create (and well, frankly all of your content).   

Side note: I’d LOVE to see your creations!  Pop on over to my Facebook Community for Creative Women and share your avatar with us.  We can always offer you some additional feedback or maybe even deeper insight into your avatar. 
Now, that you have your ideal client avatar in mind.  

What would ATTRACT them to your products or services?

Step 5: 
There are a couple of things you want to consider here  - does your avatar know they have a problem and is aware of the solutions, or are they unaware there is a solution to their problem?

Maybe they don’t even realize they have a problem yet?

Consider why your ideal client avatar might want to buy from you. Then to attract them to you, consider what the next logical step they might need to take in order to feel like they could make a purchase from you. 

KEY #4 to building a super, sexy & seductive email list:  ATTRACT people to your list by offering them a solution to their problem or a way to go after what they desire.   


Your avatar is a mom who has a young family.  She’s really intersted in living a natural, holistic lifestyle and she’s always on the hunt for products to make her home healthier. 

You are a multi level marketer who sells essential oils and you know that using essential oils can be a part of making her home healthier.

She may not even know essential oils are for more than just making her home smell pretty.  

Simply just telling her to buy essential oils isn’t really the next logical step for you to take.  She doesn’t have a good reason to make that purchase yet.

You need to help her see how to use essential oils in her home.

You ATTRACT her by offering a DIY natural home care ebook that will give her recipes to start using safer cleaning products in the home (some of them including the essential oils you sell, some of them she can start right away without buying from you).

She wants the ebook, gives you her email address, you send the ebook (it sends automatically when she signs up - YAY for automation!!) and you’ve got her on your list. 

And while you are speaking to JUST one person with what you create for your avatar - you won’t be speaking about their specific story per say.  You are simply just helping their life be better by offering solutions you know your customer avatar might like.   You speak in a tone/language that will appeal to your avatar.  Your photos/images/copy all reflect things you know they will like.   They are your best buddy when it comes to writing for your business, and no matter what you write - if your avatar likes it, it’s going to work to attract people to your brand. 

People simply just want to feel understood.   When you understand your avatar, you understand your ideal clients and you can speak to them in a way that feels pleasurable, and easy.  But, more importantly they feel like you KNOW them and that is how you build the like, know and trust factor in your business which is essential for your success in selling. 

You've got a growing list.   What next?

You’ve gotta NURTURE your list.   This means CREATING for them on a regular basis.  Ideally once a week, at least once a month.   DO NOT ignore this step.   Once you have even just ONE email on your list, that email is GOLD and it deserves gratitude and nurturing.   

What are your core brand messages?

What do you want your future customers to know about you and your brand?

How can your brand help your ideal customer avatar transform her life and live out her desires?

Key #5 and the last element in creating a super sexy, seductive email list: Deliver amazing content so that you can NURTURE your list.  You have the priviledge of being able to show up in someone’s inbox.   I think you ought to show up with your A-Game, fully, completely and with amazing value.   

Create a calendar for your email content and deliever regulalry.  

This isn’t about selling.  

But, it’s also how you create enough trust, over time, to eventually ask your customer to buy from you when you are ready to sell.    Love them up.  Then, they will be ready to buy because they know about the value you can offer, they trust you to be consistent (you keep showing up, week after week) and if they are sticking around there is a connection to what you offer and that will translate into sales time and time again!   If they love your free content, they can be sure they will love your paid content too. 

This isn’t a relationship to take lightly.   It’s a long term strategy that is truly the way of soul based marketing, and pleasurable business creation.   Creating connections, making stuff that feels good to make and being in service will ensure you are staying connected to your pleasure, your desires and your vision as you grow your business. 

This week, I’ve put all 5 Keys into a workbook that you can use to map out how you will build and serve your email list.   I can’t wait to hear what you think, see your customer avatars, and celebrate your free content with you as you magnetize your ideal clients in an enjoyable, service based way! 

I’m going to be going LIVE inside of my Pleasurable Visibilty group this week on Facebook to tell you all about the tools I use for building my email list and give you some ideas that you could implement right away so that you can start offering value to an email list right away! 

Grab the Workbook below:

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How to actually manifest the life you desire.

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