Our best pleasure tips, just for you!

I have so enjoyed my conversations with my Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching colleagues over the past two weeks!  I’ll be sharing the full videos over the next few weeks on Youtube, but until then I wanted to share these incredible pleasure tips with you. 

The six women featured in this video have all taken the same training as I have, learning the tools that I will be sharing in my coaching programs like Magnetic.  I asked each of them to share their favourite tools or practices and I've put them together in one place!  Consider this your go-to reference guide for easy to use pleasure tips that will soothe your nervous system, wake up your turn on, cultivate flow & creativity and build powerful intimacy with your partner.  

We begin with Caralee Guigon - a Sexual Empowerment Coach for Women & Couples.  Caralee shares about her favourite breath practice as well as an intimacy practice we both love to do in our relationships: Fears, Loves & Desires.  You can connect to Caralee on Instagram.  

Ruth Sowter, Founder of Intimacy for Intrepid Souls shares one of my favourite practices to help improve self love & pleasure: Breast Massage.  You can find Ruth on her website. 

Rachel Halder, a Sacred Sexuality Specialist & Empowerment Coach shares a Taoist practice for moving energy called the Microcosmic Orbit.   This is such a wonderful practice to help restore energy flow in the body and is the gateway to delicious full body orgasms.  Rachel is launching a Jade Egg Intensive right away, you can check it out here. 

Marianne Vankatwijk shared 3 of her favourite practices with us: sensual touch, shaking and sensual breath.  All simple, access anytime practices that are incredibly powerful.  Marianne also has a Jade Egg program starting up soon, you can learn more about it here. 

My good friend & abundance sister, Kristin Wright, shared her morning abundance routine with us! This is an epic ritual that is definitely making me think I’ve gotta up my morning ritual game!  I love the deliciousness of what Kristin describes.  She also offered us a bonus practice you can do every day when you get out of the shower to overcome body shame.  Kristin is launching her 1:1 coaching packages right now, and you can catch more of her magic in her free video series for unleashing your inner wildcat.  

Finally, Honey Hariri shares a wonderful intimacy practice to help you learn how to ask for what you desire from your partner.   She also shares her quick and easy hack to access her turn on, anytime... including during traffic jams! Honey is launching her private coaching offerings for couples and individuals who want to work on relationship, you can learn more about her work here. 

Finally, I share my favourite tip for staying connected to practice all day long, which comes in handy when inspiration strikes and you find yourself hyper focused on work and forgetting that a world exists around you! 

I want to say a genuine heartfelt thank you to all of the women who joined me on the Seductress Speakeasy Series.   As I said when I announce this series, I think it would make a great podcast.  That idea is definitely still floating around in my mind - these conversations were so much fun to have and I look forward to sharing more of them in the future! 

Take a few moments and watch the video and let me know what practice you’re going to try today!