Feeling stuck? Try these 5 things to rekindle your creativity!

As I sit down to write this week’s post I am feeling a genuine lack of creativity. 

I feel like all the things I want to say, are already being said so much better than I could say them.

I feel like thinking of something new to say might result in taking procrastination to a whole new level.

I am genuinely feeling stuck. 

Now, if we take a glance at the cosmos - my stuck feelings are not completely out of line.  From solar flares, to Mercury Retrograde and the full moon on the horizon, the scattered state of affairs inside my head is definitely par for the course.   So, first strategy is to just wait it out, things will change.  

What has been elping is something my Reiki healer said this to me the other day, “Pray for clarity”.  It's been my mantra on repeat for about 2 weeks straight now. 

I actually wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to carve out enough time to compose a blog post this week, but the stars did align (hallelujiah, it appears the Universe DOES have my back afterall!) and I’ve got a couple hours of quality writing time this afternoon. 

And so… here I am…. composing a blog.  With no real concrete idea of what I’m going to share. 

Praying hard for clarity indeed. 

Running out of things to say, or feeling uninspired  is a common fear that many women express to me in relation to becoming visible with their work. 

I always suggest preemptive practical action like making sure you work on your conent calendar when you are full of ideas (see last week’s post for more information on capitilizing on your creative cycles) so that when you feel stuck you can draw on past inspiration. 

But, sometimes even with a well thought out content strategy you end up feeling like I do today, wondering about what you could possibly have to contribute that hasn’t been done by someone else already, and probably better than you. 

You may even find yourself contending with the dreaded, “imposter syndrome”…. and, “maybe I should just start looking for a job” thoughts start to creep in. 

What do you do when you feel uninspired, or like an imposter?  How do you find your way back to confidence and clarity with your work?  And, on top of this - how do you do all of this and still maintain a public brand? 

I have two choices for this post right now, and you always have these choices as a content creator for your brand.   I can simply just continue sharing my lack of inspiration with you, because there’s actually some power in that.   I think it’s important to be authentic when you are a content creator.   Vulnerability is definitely a buzz word in the online marketing world, but I think that’s for a good reason.   Vulnerability shows your humanity.  By telling you that I am feeling stuck, uninspired and am battling imposter sydrome, you are able to see a more human side of me.   The reality of feeling this way, and sharing it with you without offering a solution can be a great way to connect with you.   

My other option is to share some thoughts on how I plan to move through this challenge of feeling uninspired, so that you may have a roadmap to follow for when you feel the same way.  This is my plan today.  

Of course, I’m not totally sure if this roadmap will take me exactly where I want to go.  But, hey I can’t really know unless I try, right?

So - let’s follow the energy of my intution and map out a simple 5 step plan for getting unstuck. 

Step 1. 
Admit that you are stuck.

If you are already really active on social media, and you find yourself in a situation where inspriation is nowhere to be found, it’s okay to step back and admit that in this moment you are feeling like you’ve not got anything to say.   Seriously, don’t force it.   It’s okay to be here.   There is nothing wrong with you, or the work you do.   

Admit you are stuck privately, or consider posting about it.  Either way.   Being honest and real goes a long way toward shifting out of the stuck feelings. 

Step 2
Feel all the feels

So, my go-to when I’m feeling stuck is distraction.   I will eat super unhealthy foods and scroll social media mindlessly when I let my subconscious self who wants to avoid all the feelings run the show. 

Today, I’m going to let myself feel the feelings associated with uncertainty and simply just allow myself to be present with what’s real right now.   Presence, compassion and acceptance go a long way toward creating a path for inspiration to return.  

Step 3
Connect to your Core Desired Feelings. 

I’m a Desire Map Facilitator for a reason!  I think clarity absolutely comes from knowing how I want to feel and I will assure you that “stuck”  and “uninspired” are not on my list of CDF’s.  After I let myself feel the feels, the next step is to connect to how I most want to feel and consider a few ways that I can feel that way instead.  One of my Core Desired Feelings is “Shakti”  - which I feel as an energetic pull towards my desires.   When I tune into the “shakti”, I am able to access an intuitive awareness that helps me decide on my next move.  

(eg. todays’ shakti pull was to write this post even though I wasn’t sure I’d have much to share) 

Step 4
Get outside, eat something healthy, exercise, self pleasure. 

Do something that nourishes your body and your mind and makes you feel good.  Yesterday, I went for a walk and just let myself feel the feelings of stuck while walking.   Today, I worked out and I’m going to make myself a green smoothie (and forget all about the boursin cheese and crackers I had for breakfast).  My husband also arrives home from a work trip today, and so I will spend some quality time with him and the rest of my family.  Today is about connecting to pleasure.  

Step 5
Gratitude and then do something that makes you feel creative. 

Being a creative person with ideas flowing in from all directions can be a bit intense sometimes and  I definitely feel a deeper sense of gratitude for it when I’m not currently feeling the same flow of creativity.   My tsunami of creative ideas has mellowed out to a gentle trickling stream, with lots of rocks blocking the flow. 

Now’s a great time to feel gratitude for my creative mind, and for the good things happening inside my business today.   I have a client call this afternoon and I feel deeply grateful to be able to support women on their journey towards reclaming their innate power through pleasure.   I also feel grateful that I have solid tools that can help me navigate through challenges. 

And of course, creativity is never truly gone and so I’ve also made plans this week to focus on a creative project that isn’t in direct relationshiop to my business but is more of a side gig that brings me joy.  I’ve booked in two clients for a photoshoot and I’ve been busy researching and learning new things about portrait and lifestyle photography.  I’ve been allowing myself to dream about growing my skills as a photographer.  This is helping me to remember my creative heart and will hopefully inspire my creativity to flow again.  

I guess time (and next week’s blog) will definitely tell if these strategies worked or not.  Ultimately, I’m willing to be patient and keep on with the above 5 tips until I feel like I’m on fire again.  There is no rush, it’s all part of the process. 

If you are interested in learning more about The Desire Map -  I have a Facebook group and I also have a fabulous 5 day email series that takes you through the first part of the Desire Map process.   Both of these are completely free!   Click the link below to join.