You’re doing Instagram all wrong... again.

Last December, I released my Instagram Alchemy guide which has since been one of the most popular workbooks I’ve created for this blog.  It’s perfect for anyone who is ready to get started on Instagram as well as someone who is ready to up their game on the platform. 

The guide was born out of a Fire Starter Sessions Creative Jam Instagram coaching package that I offered to women that included some mindset work, an Instagram training and a photo shoot specifically for their Instagram feed!  I had so much fun with those packages, and from what I learned offering those packages I was able to build out my most recent coaching package: Magnetic. 

Magnetic is for women who are ready to manetize success in their lives, but for some reason they find themselves holding back or procrastinating on doing the work they know needs to happen to get them closer to their big vision.   Overwhelm, fear, and worry about what others think are often the big contributors to the freeze many women experience when they want to build something but are struggling to get started.  

I wanted to offer a program that bridged the gap between practical knowledge & business strategy.   It’s usually in that gap that we fall into negative thought patterns, fear or worry.  That’s why I loved offering the Instagram coaching package so much!  It allowed my clients to embrace Instagram with ease because not only were they ready with all the practical knowledge they needed, they had also done the mindset work required to fully dive in.  

I’ve seen all of the women I’ve worked with blossom sharing their businesses on Instagram, posting authentic content that resonates with their super fans. 

“Authenticity is magnetic” ~ Danielle Laporte

This is what one of my clients had to say about her experience with Instagram Alchemy coaching, 

“The Fire Starter Sessions coaching with Robin helped me gain clarity on who I am as an entrepreneur, what my core messages are and what I want to share with the world. This training helped me develop my "brand" that feels genuine and true to me. The photo shoot was a fun way to capture and showcase my inner light, not only for business purposes, but also for myself. I highly recommend any type of coaching with Robin - she will guide you with ease to greater awareness, clarity and flow in your life and your business.” - Janelle

If you are finding yourself in that gap between having the practical knowledge to start your business and the business strategy you know you have to take next, Magnetic is definitely for you. Check it out here: 



If getting more traction on Instagram is your jam, make sure you download my newest Instagram Alchemy workbook!  There have been some changes in the Instagram Algorithm lately that you’ll want to be sure you’re aware of and they’re all included in the workbook.  

Some things to note: 

Instagram will only show your posts to about 10% of your following, determined by whom they feel are your most engaged followers.  If those people engage within the first hour of your post (a comment more than three words long), your post will be pushed into more feeds.   You also must respond to comments with a four word or more comment within the first hour in order for it to count! 

Instagram wants you to use all areas of the platform and are really favouring stories and live.  Make sure you are using these features!  In fact, make sure you are using all of the Instagram features - they will share more of your posts if they see you are an engaged user. 

Gone are the days of the 30 hashtag comment (quite frankly, I’m happy about this one)!!  Instead, post 4 or 5 relevent hashatags in the body of your post to get the most reach. 

Videos in your feed will be favoured over stills, Instagram wants the platform to be more video based. 

Automatic scheduling through platforms like Hoot Suite and Later are now available!  YAY! 

I’d love to hear what you think about the recent changes to the algorithm and how you’re going to strategize your Instagram posting to reach more of your superfans! 

If you’d like to download the Instagram Alchemy workbook you can do so here: 



Happy posting!!