Sometimes it all needs to fall apart so we know what really matters...

Can we start this post with a big huge hallelujah that Mercury is no longer in retrograde AND that it appears that spring is finally upon us!  It’s been one hell of a winter and I can say that I feel like I’m crawling my way out of a cave after months of hibernation.   Today, I am feeling an aliveness buzzing through me and a renewed energy for my passions. 

It’s not been an easy few months.  I kicked off January heavily promoting my first big Desire Map full workshop and then went straight into launch mode for Magnetic.   There was a lot of putting myself out there vulnerably again and again.   By the time the launch period for Magnetic ended, I was feeling raw and exposed and quite rough around the edges. 

I posted on Instagram a few days ago about the experience of launching Magnetic, which ended up being one of the most humbling and difficult learning experiences I have had to face as an entrepreneur.   The irony of it all, the program was a support program to help women feel confident and held as they lauch their big dreams into the world.   It was to provide exactly what I was going to need over the month following the cart close date. 

The reality of Magnetic was that it launched to crickets.  Not one single person registered.   This was a passion project, and soemthing I had poured my heart and soul into.   Needless to say it was incredibly painful and I went through all of the emotions… from despair to anger to wanting to quit to being okay with it all and then cycling through it all again. 

What followed were many days of holding myself with all the emotions.   I sought out support of coaches and friends and I really honoured what I was experiencing.   I took the time to consider what was missing in my launch that caused the results that I got and I moved through it day by day, moment by moment utilizing the very same tools that were a big part of the program content.   

At the same time that all of this was happening, I also started B-School with Marie Forleo.   I took B-School slowly and have been spending a lot more time with the material over the past couple of weeks as I’ve started to feel better about the launch and ready to move into my next projects. 

I’ve learned so much in B-School but what I really learned was that entrepreneurship is a marathon and not a sprint.   I was running this marathon at a sprint’s pace, and it simply just wasn’t going to work out for me.   I decided to slow down and look at my business and look at what I know I’m really really good at and then build from that space.   I realized that my passion is and has always been yoga, and in connecting people with their bodies so that they could live more freely and fully.   This is why I wanted to start coaching in the first place - to be able to take women more deeply into their bodies than I could ever do while guiding a yoga practice.  

I’ve been simplifying lately and connecting back to my “why” and to the roots of how I want to serve as a Yoga Guide, a Desire Map Facilitator & an Integrated Sex Coach.   I love working 1:1 with clients while supporting them with their desires and I love teaching live classes and workshops.   

So, this is what I’m going to do more of.   

I’ve got some great projects underway and I look forward to continuing to connect to my core desired feelings of: joy, flow, ease, nourished and shakti as I grow my business. 

You can visit my offerings, workshops & yoga page to see what I’m up to.

It’s all about connecting back into the basics and I think we’re all ready to do this.   We’re ready to unplug from our smart phones, to read a book, call a friend, make a connection, to do something interesting,  to fully dive in and live our lives.  We’re ready to crawl out of our technology enhanced hibernation so that we can start connecting again.  

This is why I’ve been spending a lot of time this week in my yoga classes reminding my students of the foundation of their practice.   I call this the 5 Elements of Holistic Yoga - it’s a simple way of understanding how to approach yoga practice and all aspects of our lives in an embodied & mindful way.   The 5 elements of Holistic Yoga are: relaxation/grounding, feeling sensations in our bodies, moving, breathing and observing.    When all of these elements are considered, the practice becomes a practice for experiencing life in the moment. 

This week, I’m encouraging you to think about what really matters to you.  What are you over complicating in  your life?  Where are you rushing when you could slow things down?  How often do you take five minutes to sit down and just… breathe?

Take a moment and share about your Mercury Retrograde realizations in the comments and let me know how you’re going to slow down this week and connect to your “why”.