The one mindset shift that could change everything.

Today is my 3rd wedding anniversary.    Three years ago, I married a man that I met when I was 19 years old (for those who are curious, this was 25 years ago).  We didn’t fuss over a big wedding, we knew we wanted simplicity and ease and it was exactly what we created.  

I remember so clearly being so fully present all day long and it was one of the few days in my cell phone addicted life that I had felt so completely in the flow for such an extended amount of time. 

I long for more days like my wedding day.  I always imagined that I would have more days like this  when I finally reached my business and life goals. 

It seems almost crazy to write that out.

It was as though I had put a condition on my presence.   I have been living my life entirely future focused for quite some time now, and so everything that I most wanted in my life I was imagining only happening in the future when my desires had all been met. 

Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast (The Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore) about Manifesting and the guest, Kathrin Zenkina, offered some incredible advice on manifesting.  Kathrin told her own personal story of finally having enough of incurring debt and unfullfilling work and decided she was going to manifest the life that she wanted.  She started an instagram profile @manifestationbabe and began to manifest (easily) within the course of 2 years, a multi six figure coaching business, the life of her dreams, a loving relationship and more. 

I felt incredibly inspired listening to this podcast and made me stop and think about how I was expecting things to show up in my life.  I’ve set goals.   I’ve got my Core Desired Feelings.   I also make choices to feel the way I most want to feel.   I thought I was doing it all right… but I was missing one key piece of the puzzle: 

Act as if.   Act as if all my goals have been met.   Embody the person who has all that I desire. 

Because I was living a life so future focused, I wasn’t living now. 

I was saying, “when I’m rich I’ll….” and “when I’m busy with my business I’ll….” ALL THE TIME.

And so on our anniversary day, my husband and I sat down with some Balinese Ceremonial Cacao and our shared vision and talked about what it would mean to act as if we already had the things we most desired. 

It was in this small mindset shift that I realized just how much I had been cutting myself off from living in the here and now. 

Some things I am going to finally stop doing

Stop worrying about money. 
Stop mindlessly scrolling Facebook.
Stop telling my kids that I’ll spend time with them AFTER I do “this one thing”. 
Stop working in the house when the family is around. 
Stop having zero boundaries around my work time.
Stop going to bed too late. 

Some of the things I am going to start doing:

Prioritizing time with my partner, my family, my friends.
Read more. 
Practice yoga more. 
Self Pleasure more. 
Laugh more, play more, love more…. 
Exchange more coaching sessions with my peers (to LOCK this mindset shift into my body!!)

All those things that I’ve been waiting to do because I’m expecting some ideal life situation to just magically roll around.   I’m going to start doing them now.  

What would change for you if you “acted as if” you had all the things you’ve always wanted in your life?   

Today, I’m inviting you to sit down and journal about it, and then download the “Stop Doing” sheet from Danielle Laporte’s Fire Starter Sessions below and fill it out. Then take action.  

What changes can you make right now that will get you closer to your desires?  

No more living for tomorrow, how can you live RIGHT NOW? 

photo credit: Todd Rennebohm, Mood Photography