I'm done with manipulating your fear.

Unleash your wild feminine.

Step into your power.

Transform your money mindset.

Make millions.

Get Empowered.  (Are you empowered yet?)

Be Transformed.

Healed. (Always healing.)

If you want to be happy, do this one thing. (no wait, do this instead!) 

3 steps to uncovering all the reasons why you’ve never been successful before today. (or is it 5 steps?) 

I’m tired of it.

I’m tired of my social media feeds telling met that I’m not wild enough, rich enough, powerful enough, healed enough, or happy enough.

I’m tired of downloading fucking PDF's, of joining challenges.

I’m tired of Facebook ads playing on my insecurities.

I’m tired of comparing myself to others or feeling like my already weak resolve when it comes to FOMO is being capitalized upon.

I’m tired of feeling like if I want to be a successful coach, I have to market in this way. It's so exhausting... 

I’m tired of disconnecting from my intuition.

A month ago, I walked into my yoga studio to clean it up so that I could transform it into my office.  I was done offering classes, I was ready to move on.   As I tidied and purged and cleaned the space, a strong feeling, call it a desire, came through that I needed to open again.

And so I did.  And it feels good.   I feel in service again.   

On Sunday, I held a Cacao and Vision Board workshop and two people had registered.  Normally, I might have felt like a failure for only attracting two people to the class.   If I were to believe what I read on Facebook, I must have a poor money mindset to only have attracted two participants.

Instead, I set out 4 spots.  I knew there would be four. 

And there were.

Maybe I was offering from the wrong headspace all along.   "Offer in service, Robin", my intuition told me. 

This month, I’m offering $5 Jade Egg classes online.   A money mindset marketer would implore me to charge what I’m worth.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, these classes are so transformative, the actual value is FAR out of reach for your average woman in Canada who still earns only $ 0.87 to a man’s $1. How do you put a price on this kind of transformation?  How much are you wiling to pay to awaken your erotic power?

Awaken your erotic power.

All the buzz phrases.  The catch words.   The hooks.

I need to go deeper than the hooks and buzz words.

What would it look like to be unleashed, empowered, filthy stinking rich, transformed, healed, awakened, turned on, happy, and successful?

How would it feel?  What would change in your life?

Who would you be?

Close your eyes and feel it.

What’s stopping you from already feeling that way right now?  

Is it because every time you turn around, a marketer is telling you that you need to buy their product or take their course or hire them in order to “up level” your life, and scale your business?

(side note: they did a study, turns out your level of happiness won’t improve much after you hit the $80 - $100 grand mark for income but it will change when you feel like you belong and are connected to a community, you know, because… love...) 

What if I told you that you had everything you needed right now?  Already.   You don’t need another fucking course. 

You don’t need empty promises, and surface solutions.

All you need is you, and the capacity within yourself to see that you are magic.  You are whole.  You are love. You are worthy.  You are light.  You are dark.  You are unleashed, empowered, filthy stinking rich, transformed, healed, awakened, turned on, happy, and successful. 

Your true nature is all of this and everything else that you desire.

And so the question remains…. 

As a coach who has been trained to be among the top 1% of sex coaches in the world, as a coach who’s tools go deeper than anything you’ve ever experienced, and as a coach who has a longing to be in service of each individual woman’s recollection of her innate wholeness - How do I market in a way that isn’t playing on your insecurities, your weaknesses, your pain points?

How do I remind you of your greatness without manipulating your fear?

How do I invite you to work with me without disabling your agency and your power in the process?

I don’t think you need a PDF.   I don’t think you need a challenge.   I don’t think you need to feel a false sense of FOMO because I’m playing on your vulnerabilities.

I want you to say YES to my invitations because you KNOW you want to work with me, you desire to experience what I have to offer.   Your soul is calling you into your wholeness not from a place of lack but from a profound place of readiness.  

So that when I ask.  You’ll know.  

I had an idea for a new offering a couple months ago.   These ideas come as whispers and my creative soul listens and makes them real.   My offerings are always rooted in a deep longing to be in service and to create experiences that are memorable, purposeful, and steeped in value. 

This offering, called “Free Range Creativity”, is inspired by my love of the Saskatchewan Prairie.   As I was sitting on my deck this morning, I had a moment of deep understanding  about why I live in Saskatchewan.  There’s a contrast in the seasons that creates such a profound sense of appreciation for the warmth, abundance, and beauty that we get to enjoy every summer.  There is no month where that is felt more than July when everything is in full bloom, the sun warms and nourishes you deep into your bones, the evenings are drawn out and warm.

This summer, I’m sharing an offering that holds the same energy we feel in July on the Saskatchewan Prairie.   This is an offering for women who feel committed to going deep inside themselves so that they can begin to share their gifts, their wholeness, their authentic selves with the world.

Here’s the link to check it out, and if you feel a clear YES to this offer, please listen to that impulse and sign up.   I’m promising you a day built with pure love, deep integrity, and desire to be in service of your wholeness.   I can’t wait to share it with you.