Wild + Divine

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been offering live online Jade Egg classes.  At first this was just to help me reach my 10 practicum sessions necessary to be certified as a Jade Egg Coach, and then I realized just how impactful these sessions are and how much I adore teaching them!  

And so.  Wild + Divine was born. 

Wild + Divine at its core is an exploration of our eroticism.   It is an invitation for women (and men) to recover their sexual wholeness through practice, workshops, + coaching experiences.   Wild + Divine combines the tools of yoga, Tantra, the Jade Egg + modern neuroscience/biology/psychology to facilitate an inner sexual spiritual revolution for your body + your mind. 

I believe that we cannot know our true nature until we know intimately that from which we were created.   Our core, fundamentally, is our sexuality.   No personal development program, no spiritual practice, no physical practice alone can be complete until we approach it through the lens of awakening to our original sexual wholeness.

On Friday June 8th at 8pm, we begin.

The foundation (or pinnacle, depending on how you look at it) of Wild + Divine is the Jade Egg practice.   I'll be teaching weekly classes live on Zoom and you're invited to explore a self pleasure practice with my loving, gentle, and passionate guidance. 

The schedule for Wild + Divine Jade Egg classes has been posted on my website (and below).  Classes are $10 each right now.  Once I have a feel for the demand, I'll offer a monthly membership (YAY!) as an option for attendance.

The extra awesome bonus about Wild + Sexy Jade Egg classes is that you don’t always have to attend live (though, I highly recommend it to really experience the magic of doing these powerful practices live alongside other women (virtually)).  You’ll also have access to view the recording of the practice for a week following the class.  

You don’t need to have a Jade Egg to do these practices although I do recommend getting one.   I will have eggs in stock in late June/early July but in the meantime, if you need one let me know and I can give you a couple options to purchase your egg. 

Our first class is Jade WILD.   This is an activating class that will help you to loosen inhibitions and feel more at home with your primal, whole, sexual self. 

Save your spot for Jade WILD

If you have any questions about the Jade Egg or about Wild + Divine, please don’t hesitate to contact me!  (you may even be asking yourself this very question right now, “so, do you see me nekkid gettin’ it on with my egg all up in my vag? during the live online classes?” ) I’d love to fill you in on how it works if you’re curious, you can go ahead and drop me a quick message and ask away! 

Finally, for those who like to go deep, I currently have a spot open for Premium Tantric Sex Coaching.  If you’d like to dive into awakening your sexuality inside the transformative container of Wild + Divine 1:1 coaching, I’d love to have a conversation with you.   Click here to book your free Clarity Call to see if coaching 1:1 is right for you. 

Practice, Practice.
Be Still.
Exist inside your body.  Pleasurably.
Approach her with curiosity.  Wonder.  Awe.
You are the Universe in motion.  Exploring herself.
Playful.  WILD + DIVINE.