Taking the easy road to manifesting my desires...

Five years ago, in 2013, I went to Wanderlust Festival in Whistler and decided that teaching at festivals was absolutely, 100%, without a doubt going to be how I wanted to share my teaching in the future.   I set a goal at that time, that in 5 years time I would be teaching at my first festival.

Years passed, and while I didn’t see a lot of movement in the direction of my goal I still held to it.  I also set two more goals - and I remember so clearly having a meeting with the local lululemon store where I laid out my goals with clarity and purpose.  I still remember where I was sitting when I told her, and the book in which I had recorded my dreams.

The other two goals were to teach yoga to a large group of people (ideally, with the support of a dj), and to become a lululemon Ambassador.

Last week, I was able to put a check mark on the last of these three goals as I taught two classes at Sask Soul Fest.  But, this isn’t so much what this post is about.   Yes, it’s about manifesting but it’s more about my relationship with how I feel about my manifesting abilities.  It’s also about offering you some inspiration as you voice your desires.

Prior to last week, I thought I was actually terrible at manifesting.   I figured I needed some serious help, I even signed up for Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Manifesting Meditation Series (admitting fully, I always sign up for these things and all they do is clutter my inbox). 

Then a friend of mine told me last week that I was a “badass manifestor”… because I told her that I had reached these three goals.   Then came the powerful reframe.   I set a goal, and met it within the time frame I had created for myself but I didn’t think I was good at manifesting because it didn’t turn up quickly, or easily and I put no hustle into the action steps that I took to make it happen.  

I think the recognition that it can be easy, it’s not quick, and it may not always show up exactly as you imagined (I actually assumed I’d be teaching at Wanderlust) shows us that we ought to simply just trust the flow of life and trust our abilities to have our desires met.  And, that that’s actually enough.

Where I think we go wrong:   I think we are all a product of our culture.   We have high expectations.  We expect delivery on our desires.   Want a brand new Vitamix blender tomorrow?  A few clicks on Amazon and you’re desire is met!  We like things quick, instant is even better. 

So, when we create a vision board, or set the intention to manifest our desires - it’s almost like we expect this will be exactly like putting in an order through Amazon or at the drive thru window.  We want timely delivery and exactly as we ordered.

This is also where we really go wrong in our desire to bring our dreams into reality.  Because, all that impatience and expectation around what we want is certainly messing with our ability to actually be clear around noticing the supporting forces that are aligning to take us in the direction of our desires. 

You see - when I set those goals, there was no sense of urgency, no real impatience.  I set a nice long timeline for them and I just kept on doing my work in the best way possible.  

I’ve set other goals, I’ve done manifestation rituals, I’ve tried all sorts of things with mixed results.   Usually, if I was REALLY impatient and overly attached to the outcome, there was no amount of sex magic that could make this desire a reality.

And in the background of all of this - I have always kept my three long term goals in mind and I kept taking every opportunity I saw to make them happen without fear or worry that it wouldn’t.   I kept going into lululemon to visit and shop, I kept looking for opportunities to create yoga events,  I kept applying to teach at festivals.  I kept believing that, as sure as the sun rises, these goals would be met.  No pushing, no striving, no magic rituals... just steady, strong belief and slow easeful action.

And, ultimately it didn’t matter if my goals weren’t met.  Because, I didn’t futurize my happiness.  I didn’t place my worthiness on the meeting of the goal.   I didn’t say, “When this happens I’ll….. “.   I simply just relaxed into knowing that this is what I wanted.   

And when it happened, I made sure to feel ALL the gratitude.   To really allow myself to be present with the achievement and the supportive forces and people that came into my life along the way.

So - in the end, I’ve got 10 ideas you can try right now to start becoming a manifesting badass in your life: 


  1. Set seemingly unrealistic and unimaginable goals and give yourself plenty of time to get there but don’t expect them to show up exactly as you imagined, be willing to allow your desires to come to you in abstract or unexpected ways.
  2. Tell everyone your desires.   Seriously.  If someone will listen to you, tell them what you want.  Be bold.  Write it down and claim that shit!! 
  3. Believe that this will happen.   James Wedmore had this great show on manifesting that said that you’ve gotta believe it will happen in the same way you believe the sun will rise every morning.   This is pure faith.   And be intensely grateful when it does.
  4. Keep going, keep noticing those moments that are moving you closer to your desires and trust that if you take decisive action you’ll get there.   Like I said, I kept applying for festivals, I started a yoga events pop up business, and I kept on going into lululemon to shop. 
  5. Relax, Visualize, do sex magic.   But, this is not because you are desperate, this is because you know it’ll keep you focused - you’re going to get there, in time.   
  6. Decide how reaching your goal is going to make you feel.   Close your eyes and feel it as real.   Keep doing that - except don’t make feeling that way contingent on your goals.  Make it your day to day reality.   Make choices moment to moment to cultivate feeling the way you want to feel.  There doesn’t need to be a “when this happens I’ll finally be….” as part of your manifestation process. 
  7. Trust yourself.   If someone says you’ve got to do it one way, and it doesn’t feel right to do it that way, then do it the way that feels good.   Dont sell yourself out on the way to your dreams, because you may not ever get there if you take a wrong turn.
  8. Watch for the red herrings.  Seriously.  Those “too good to be true” moments are epic and often completely in alignment but you will know when they are not. There will be a whisper in the back of your head that says, “this isn’t it” and if you trust yourself you will step cautiously forward.  I remember being asked to teach at a festival a couple of years ago - for no pay.  I said “no” at first but then I got worried that I was missing my chance and that the festival would be this huge success and I would be missing out.   Turns out the festival was a complete bomb, they cancelled everthing but some local bands and the vendor fair.  I taught my class to precisely 3 people (two of which were distracted children) and the overall vibe was disorganized and frustrating.   Trust your gut!! 
  9. Practice some sort of embodiment practice like yoga.   Learn how to feel your body, so you know when opportunities are a full “yes” or  “no”, being able to trust your body will help you to trust your intution.
  10. Stay connected to love.   Stay connected to those who want you to succeed and make sure you ask for help when you need it.  Aligning forces in pursuit of a goal will always produce better results!   

Ultimately, I’m telling you to live with presence, awe, gratitude and awarness and to dream big.  The rest will follow.   As sure as the sun will rise.

My next 5 year plan?  You better believe I have one:  open a temple space for tantric practice + creative pursuits for both women and men, take additional trauma healing training, create a foundation to support reconciliation through healing of sexual trauma in both indegenous and non indegenous populations in Canada, and teach or speak internationally. 

Tell me your desires.   You can email me back, or post to the comments on my blog.   Claim them, then sit back, believe, take intentional action when opportunity arises, and then watch it all unfold for you!