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Uncategorized May 01, 2020

The Quarantine Diaries... day 5568954

How are you doing?

I've spent the last month alternating between wondering if this will end, pondering what the actual fuck is going on, eating all the baked goods, and taking some serious action in my life & business.

About a week ago, the province of Saskatchewan released a 5 phase plan to re-open the province.  I haven't been following the news - but I'm guessing that might be a bit premature as we see a spike in Covid-19 cases in the northern communities, and other scattered cases throughout the province.

When the plans to reopen were first announced, I was watching my social media to see what the reaction would be.  Most of it was positive, some worried, but there was one reaction that intrigued me.

I noticed that a few people weren't looking forward to a return to normal.  They've been enjoying being home from work, having time with their families, and being less busy overall.

If this is how you've been feeling, this is...

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I can't get this song out of my head...

"It's the end of the world as we know it... and I feel fine"

Over the past few days, R.E.M. has popped into my head.  Most recently at 3am this morning after getting up to pee in the middle of the night. I found myself wondering about what the lyrics to this song would sound like today & whatever happened to Michael Stipe and R.E.M?  I thought I should google that in the morning (I did - he's celebrating his 60th with some new music apparently)

Things feel pretty surreal right now.

Spending 10 minutes on Facebook feels like entering into an apocalyptic alternate reality where toilet paper is God & hand sanitizer is currency.

Just another thing in a long line of 2020 weirdness.  I've said it before, this is a truly bizarre year.

Anyway - today I'd like to offer you some ideas for managing your anxiety, regulating your nervous system, and connecting to your body in the midst of a global pandemic.

First.  To the Health Care...

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Love your period.

Last summer, I went to the doctor about my period.  I was going on day 10 of heavy bleeding that had started only 2 weeks into my cycle and I had had enough. Dr. Google told me that this is pretty normal for perimenopause but that it was a good idea to get things checked out.

The actual medical doctor confirmed my suspicions and, as a woman in her 40's, she commiserated with me about all of the changes our bodies were experiencing: weight gain, unusual sleep patterns, mysterious aches, and pains, chin hairs, & unpredictable cycles.

She gave me a couple of options that day - I could pursue an endometrial ablation which is the removal of the uterine lining which means I wouldn't have any more periods, but I would still cycle.  She also prescribed medicine that would slow the flow down because my hormones weren't kicking in to tell my body that it was time to stop bleeding. 

The next day my period stopped and I started paying very close attention to my...

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Why your wildness is a spiritual practice.

What a week... what a month... what a YEAR 2020 has been so far!  I don't know about you but this year has been a MASSIVE shake-up for me - and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down.  

How's Mercury retrograde going for you?  I'm feeling all sorts of clarity and upheaval this month and along with it, I'm getting some really clear guidance on what to teach inside my community.  It's been WILD seeing the synchronicities this week as I've been creating content for my upcoming course, my keynote talk at RISE, and sharing teachings in my yoga classes. 

A couple weeks ago I invited 10 women to join me in beta testing my upcoming Jade Egg course.  The response was so INCREDIBLE and I can hardly wait to share this course with them!  

As I chatted with one of the women in the program yesterday, I had a massive realization - well, there were many a-ha moments on that call and ultimately those moments are what prompted me to share this...

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The BEST kind of self-care.

There are so many ways to approach self-care, and it's so important to find something that works well for you, but one of the areas many women tend to overlook is their sexual self care.  When things get busy, it's often sensuality that gets placed on the back burner.  I've spoken to so many women who deeply desire to reconnect with their sensuality - because they know how good it feels to embody pleasure and they've realized how this part of themselves has been ignored.  Having a regular sexual self-care practice is one way to ensure that there is an ongoing intentional connection with your sexuality.

In a culture that expects you to be 1000% desirous all of the time, sometimes when you're "not in the mood" or feeling overwhelmed - it's easier to completely disconnect with your sensuality rather than focus on it. 

Here's something I want you to know.  Taking care of your sensuality doesn't mean having more sex, it doesn't even mean that you need to...

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What's missing from most self-help systems

Do you ever take a moment and congratulate yourself on your successes? 

Last night as I was teaching the final Freedom Cycle call to the 2019 Radiant Woman program participants, I had a moment where I realized what I was doing.  I was teaching a system that I had created and it was flowing through me in the most aligned and easeful way.  I knew right then that I was doing EXACTLY what I'm meant to be doing.  This information is meant to flow through me.  It felt so good, and is definitely a success that I want to celebrate with you today! 

I originally conceived the idea of the Freedom Cycle last summer when I was creating my signature coaching program, Radiant Woman. I wanted a way to share the process I use with my clients that clearly illustrated the journey they'd go on while working with me

I knew The Freedom Cycle was good when I started to piece together Radiant Woman and everything I wanted to share fit into the process...

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Why you need a sex coach.

When I first heard about the coaching profession, my first instinct was to question it. I couldn’t understand how hiring someone to help you sort out your life could be of any value - and perhaps it wasn’t even a legitimate profession. I figured there was enough self-help, yoga, and holistic diet plans out there that one could probably just sort things out on their own. I also believed that results won through hard work and self-commitment were bound to be more valuable results than just having someone else tell you what to do.
If I’m being totally honest, when I applied for Layla Martin's Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching program over 3 years ago, I still wasn’t fully convinced that coaching was the bee's knees. It wasn’t until we began our practicum coaching that I realized just how impactful being held in a container of coaching could be. It didn’t take me long to completely change my perspective about the coaching profession and I...
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It's not you, it's the moon.

Have you ever gone through a phase where you just didn't want to make love or workout, or do much of anything? You let things slide, like, that regular yoga practice you started a few months ago and you'd rather "Netflix and Chill" than book yourself in for that spin class you couldn't get enough of back in January.

Then there are times you feel like crying ALLLLL the time. Every time you look on Instagram you feel a wave of envy come over you as you start comparing your success, your life, and your body to the people you follow. You logically know everyone is just sharing their highlight reel, but you can't help but feel like everyone else's life is better than yours. Anxiety is running high and your self-esteem is running low.

What about those days where you're ready to make a change? You want to take on a new challenge and you've got ideas flowing faster than you can write them down. You're feeling ready for action and you can't wait to get started.

And then there are those times...

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Yoga for the Bedroom

For many women, sexual desire can decrease over the course of a long term relationship. Some say the solution will come from finding a viagra-like pill for women, but the women I talk to aren’t interested in this. Most women would much prefer to find natural ways to increase their libido so they can have better sex in their marriage.

What surprises many of the women I work with is that I actually teach all of my yoga students some of the most effective mindfulness tools that work great on the yoga mat and even better in the bedroom and that having amazingly connected, mind-blowing sex with your partner (or on your own) is only just a few Sun Salutations away!

This method of teaching yoga wasn’t something I learned in my yoga teacher training 10 years ago. It’s actually something I learned two years ago while training with Layla Martin to be a Sex Coach. These mindfulness tools that I teach and share with my yoga students are actually the 5 Elements of Holistic...

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Sex + Money

The two most impactful healing journeys you can take are:

  1. Healing your relationship with money

  2. Healing your relationship with your sexuality

If you're going to hire a coach to support you with a life transformation - the best investment you could make is to hire someone to help you in one of these two areas.

The reason for this is because both sex + money are a source of some of our deepest wounding and shame. 

Shame disconnects you from yourself and it disconnects you from others. Shame happens when you have a belief that something about your desires, your current experience or your past is wrong and that if you shared it with others they may not like you, and as a result, you wouldn't belong.

Instead of sharing, you create a false sense of self and relate from that safe space instead of from your authentic truth.

This isn't optimally healthy and can lead to feelings of anxiety, avoidance, and fear.

When you begin to unravel your story and heal shame you create space to...

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