What's really going on.

I've been thinking a lot over the past few weeks about the Law of Attraction, the nature of desire, pleasure, spirituality, life and manifesting.

You know, just your average day to day existential contemplation. 

It all began when I manifested something.  For a moment, I believed that I had complete and utter control of the Universe.  It was pretty fucking epic.

You see.   I wrote this amazing Manifesting Meditation for a BETA group I'm running for my upcoming Sex Magic course for women.  It was a combination of a few years of practice, research and study that led me to this combination of deep relaxation, ritual release work and visualization that one person described as, "how I imagine taking acid would feel".  You can actually get access to that recording if you haven't checked it out yet.  Here's the link. 

Anyway, I'm at the visualization part after having felt some serious fear leave my body during the release ritual and Danielle Laporte pops into my visualization for a cameo.   My thoughts went a little bit like this, "I'd really like to meet Danielle, have a good heart to heart conversation... I would love to make this connection".

If you read my emails regularly - this might sound repetitive.   I've told you this story before.

What happens next is pure magic.  I get an email from a woman called Mandy. She's organizing a conference at this most beautiful space in Alberta (that happens to look EXACTLY like images on my vision board).  It's called the RISE festival and Danielle Laporte is the keynote speaker.   Mandy wanted to know if I can teach a Desire Map workshop at the conference.

Wait.  What???

Ummm.... YA!!!  Of course I can!  (wanna come to the conference?  here's the link

So - I get on the phone with Mandy and tell her all about the manifesting, and she's loving it!  Then, she asks for my "story".

I have this funny relationship with storytelling.   I used to believe that my story was quite possibly the most boring story one could tell, and how could I ever have a keynote speech one day if I don't have one of those epic stories to weave into what I'm sharing?  But, I started to tell my story. and to my surprise, it sounded pretty impressive.

My story begins on the top of a mountain.  The rain is gently falling, my arms and gaze raised up to the sky, tears rolling down my cheeks, and a yoga mat under my feet.

(not bad hey?)

And what I pull out of this story is the life changing lesson that I learned on the mountain.   In it's most simple form - I finally got that yoga wasn't so much about the poses.   In it's more esoteric form - I understood the core essence of living joyfully.

Yoga isn't about the poses, it's more about the space in between the postures when you're in the flow. Likewise, life isn't just about the expansive, expressive moments either .   The real magic and joy in our lives happen in the moments between the highlights.  The mundane.  

Fast forward this story to 2016 and a serious case of burnout had left me disillusioned and disconnected from any sort of magic in my life.  Yoga poses?  Ugh.   Life?  too much fucking work.  Can I just sleep please?

During that season of burnout I started to learn more about Tantra, a philosophy that has since given me tremendous joy and peace.   Tantra, in it's essence invites us into the recognition that all aspects of our existence are an expression of our Divine Nature.  And so, in the midst of bone deep exhaustion, I saw there was Divinity in the burnout.   In the mundane.  I learned that my humanity itself was an experience of God, which allowed me to lean into my work as a yoga teacher and content creator with more passion than ever.

And along the way, I discovered the path of pleasure and sexual awakening as a way to explore the awe inspiring experience of embodiment.   I discovered Danielle Laporte's Desire Map as a way to consciously choose my relationship to my life - from the expansive to the mundane, knowing how I want to feel has been a potent form of clarity.  And, most recently I've discovered the teachings of the Law of Attraction to support creating a day to day reality for my life that aligns with my desires.  All of this impacted the way I share yoga with my students, bringing a new depth and authenticity to my teaching.

The very basis of the Law of Attraction is the idea that in order to have what you most desire - you must put yourself in the vibration of already having it.

And here we arrive full circle.  Because - if we live more consciously in the mundane, we're able to cultivate a life that feels more joyful, more expansive and more complete than if we were to live only for the "next big thing" to come.

I'm living proof of this.   I'm happier.   And my dreams?   They seem to be coming true. (They ARE coming true)

As for the Law of Attraction, you're not going to find me touting Universal Laws as absolute irrefutable scientific truth, nor will you hear me say that if your dreams don't come true, you're just not that good at manifesting.  You also won't hear me telling you to ignore how you really feel for fear you'll mess up your point of attraction.  You may be at the fulcrum of your reality, but you can't know your karma, nor can you know exactly what's going on in your subconscious mind, or your biology. Thinking that changing your life is as easy as changing your thoughts will likely leave you feeling pretty disappointed.  

That being said, what you can know, for sure, is how you FEEL and how you WANT to FEEL.  From there you can make choices to feel good more often.

My work as a coach is to support you to do exactly this.   Be that through your body, your heart, or your mind.   I am here to support you wherever you are on your journey to joy!  From figuring out how the heck you want to feel, what you're going to do to feel that way, to unwinding all the layers that are keeping you from going after and having what you most desire.  I'm here to help you discover life's most magical secrets, and my toolbox is pretty badass.  (spoiler alert: the magic you are seeking you already have).  

Conscious living is a practice, and it's a choice.   In the same way it takes practice to gracefully transition from posture to posture - it takes practice to gracefully move through life's inevitable ups, downs and plateaus.  

The words Meghan Currie said on the top of that mountain where this all began make a whole lot more sense to me now.  She said, "Think of the reason why you're here.   It's the reason you know.   But, you don't know.  But, you KNOW".  A profound moment that is held in time for me -  for it was the moment when I started to figure out what's really going on and It was the start of feeling very clear on how I serve.

You are more than your name

you are more than your frame
more than your DNA

You are more plenty than all that you have given birth to, 
And all those big big wishes!... 
you are even bigger...
imagine that (imagine anything)
and you are more.
You are gone gone gone beyond
the beyond of what started This All.

I pray you desire temples of peace
and benevolent tsunamis of love,
and that you realize your size
in relation to this universal declaration: 
I desire.

You are the core
and the more 

~Danielle Laporte "The Desire Map"


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