Unshakable Love - Introduction

I stood at the top of the mountain, arms raised to the sky, light rain falling on my skin and tears streaming down my face.   At this moment, I understood something in my body that I'd been trying to intellectualize for years.   This is what it felt like to be fully alive, fully present, fully embodied, and completely immersed in the world that surrounded me.   Standing on the top of the earth I was ready to step into life with a deep knowing that would eventually lead me to allow a kind of self-love I never imagined was possible.  I call this kind of love Unshakable Love.

This pivotal moment on the mountain happened at Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Whistler, BC in 2012.   I had ventured up the mountain, defying my fear of heights, to attend a class with Meghan Currie.  The overall tone of the festival felt heavy due to the passing of Wanderlust instructor, Ryan Leier's daughter, Grace, shortly after her birth the month before.  There was sadness mixed with a poignant celebration of life at the heart of many of the classes that year.  Meghan's teaching on the mountain that day reflected this tone as she invited us to examine the pinnacle of our purpose for being at any one place at any given time, and I felt her message of deep gratitude sink into my bones with every breath.

I left the mountain that day with the essential truth of yoga as an embodied knowing - and a deeper appreciation for how our experiences on the mat can influence how we move through our life off the mat.  I knew what it felt like to be fully enraptured in a single moment - allowing for that one moment to feel like it transcends time and space.   I also had a blueprint for sharing how we can experience life in that same way.

Meghan's guidance on the mountain emphasized slow, body aware transitions and after having taught yoga for 2 years, I found her inspiration seeping into my classes. I began to navigate practice as a series of poses linked through fully present, fully conscious transitions that invited complete embodiment.  Although it's a bit of a yoga cliche to teach the practice on the mat as a metaphor for life - this wisdom never fully made sense to me until I experienced it in my body and that point, I began sharing yoga in this way.    The expansive expression of the postures representing the expansive moments in our lives like births, graduations, and weddings.   The space between the postures representing the rest of life - the seemingly mundane day to day experiences like going to work, walking the kids to school, or making dinner.  Both important, but my focus was now on the everyday life that happens between the moments of expansion and this idea became central to how I was practicing and sharing yoga as a tool for living skillfully.

This appreciation for everyday life was foreshadowing how I would eventually discover Tantra and realize in that discovery that there was an entire philosophical and spiritual tradition that saw Divinity in all aspects of our lives, even the most mundane.  Tantra revealed a deeper purpose to how I share my work in the world because I wanted to invite those who interact with my work to know the bliss that's available to them in the ordinary moments of life.

The time between the mountain top and the burnout that would eventually lead me to discover Tantra was a rich battleground for the clashing energies of the deeply ingrained and destructive habits and patterns of my past with a new and loving understanding that was awakening within me.   Old habits most certainly die hard and those years were not without drama, mistakes, tough decisions and big realizations.  

I believe that we come to teach because we've done things the hard way.  We've learned the hard lessons, we've made HUGE mistakes, we've tried everything, and we've kept going.  We come to teach because our work to get where we are today is worth sharing and worth distilling into some key points that will make it easier for others to navigate the path.

In my case, the path leads to finding Unshakable Love, and I can't wait to share what I've learned with you so that your journey to loving yourself, loving your body, and loving your life feels a lot less tumultuous and A LOT MORE pleasurable than it was for me.

Over the next few months, I'll be sharing my story with you.   I'll dive into my life history and all of the moments that led me to the top of Whistler Mountain that day.   Meghan asked us to think about why we found ourselves in her class at that moment in time and I'm going to deep dive into why I was there - and everything that came before and everything that came after that turning point to help you see that it's possible to love yourself. It's possible to look in the mirror and feel your heart expand with pure love because all you can see is your true radiance. It's possible to overcome wherever you feel you're at right now so that you can get to where you most want to go.

It's possible because I did it.   And so can you.