What's missing from most self-help systems

Do you ever take a moment and congratulate yourself on your successes? 

Last night as I was teaching the final Freedom Cycle call to the 2019 Radiant Woman program participants, I had a moment where I realized what I was doing.  I was teaching a system that I had created and it was flowing through me in the most aligned and easeful way.  I knew right then that I was doing EXACTLY what I'm meant to be doing.  This information is meant to flow through me.  It felt so good, and is definitely a success that I want to celebrate with you today! 

I originally conceived the idea of the Freedom Cycle last summer when I was creating my signature coaching program, Radiant Woman. I wanted a way to share the process I use with my clients that clearly illustrated the journey they'd go on while working with me

I knew The Freedom Cycle was good when I started to piece together Radiant Woman and everything I wanted to share fit into the process perfectly.  What's even more exciting is how the Freedom Cycle came alive when I began to teach it inside the program and use it as a way to explore pleasurable healing with my clients.  It took on an energy of its own and has evolved into a very tangible and impactful framework for coaching and teaching clients. 

As we approached our final month in the 2019 Radiant Woman program - I was expecting to share Devotion as just another step in the cycle.  I knew that the healing done previously would allow for a deeper connection to spirit or self and that this phase of the Freedom Cycle was an important part of the journey, but what I didn't realize is that "Devotion" is the destination. 

This realization came to me through the process of supporting my clients as they move through the cycle and through a very real lived experience of my own.

Over the holidays, my dad was diagnosed with serious illness and we all faced the reality that we might have to say goodbye to him much sooner than we're ready for. 

As I held the pain of this diagnosis on one hand, I also recognized that on the other hand there were so many things happening that I felt grateful for and that felt joyful and deeply pleasurable in my life.

I navigated through the holidays using the practices that I share with my clients and was able to stay connected to a deep well of joy and gratitude while also recognizing that the human experience contains all emotions - even the ones that are hard to feel and that our capacity to feel so deeply is what makes being human so beautiful. 

You may be feeling something similar given the state of the world right now.  Social media and the news has become almost apocalyptic with images of destruction and despair.  From the climate emergency to unrest in the Middle East, it's becoming increasingly difficult to not feel hopeless and helpless in a world that seems to be experiencing devastating turmoil.   Much of this is asking us to face some very dark realities about how humans are living on this planet, and it's uncomfortable and often overwhelming.

Yet, what I'm realizing is that in order to navigate our way through this we have to recognize the polarity of the human experience and hold both the pain and the joy at the same time.

That's what Devotion is.  

Devotion is a living practice.  It's an embodiment of the healing work you've done to get there. It's what's missing in most self-help strategies. 

Devotion is the day to day living of the healing we've done so far.

Devotion is an active practice.  It means connecting to something bigger than yourself (God, nature, desires), taking really good care of your vessel (nourishing your body) and committing to loving fully and as best you can in each and every moment. 

When it's difficult to do any of those things it's a clear sign that we need to do more connecting, more healing and more awakening. We need to revisit the previous phases of the Freedom Cycle to heal on a deeper level.

The Devotion phase of the Freedom Cycle leads us to the deepening of our ability to show up in our lives vulnerably, without holding back, so that we can feel the freedom of having genuine intimacy and connection.

This means having a clear strategy to navigate taking care of what matters the most so that you can live in a world that's uncertain as much as it is blissful, harsh as it is breathtakingly beautiful, and scary as it is magical. 

My questions for you today are - how are you devoting to what matters the most in your life right now?  How is your heart? How are your relationships? Are you taking care of your vessel? 

And, what can I do to support you? Reach out and book a free Exploratory Call with me if you'd like more information on the Freedom Cycle or if you'd like to learn more about Radiant Woman.  Doors close on the Winter 2020 program in two weeks.



  • We need to celebrate our successes more often, what are you celebrating?
  • I'm celebrating the end of the 2019 Radiant Woman program and the evolution of the Freedom Cycle 
  • Devotional practice is where it's at and is what's missing from most self-help systems
  • It's possible (essential) to feel joy in an uncertain world
  • Radiant Woman is closing in 2 weeks, I can help you navigate towards your desires pleasurably without bypassing the reality of what it means to be human.  Book your call today if 2020 is your year to take control of your dreams and make them happen. 

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