How to have more sex.


Don’t worry - it happens to everyone!

You get into a routine, or life gets busy and being creative in the bedroom or with your self-pleasure practice falls to the wayside.

The other day I was coaching a client on how to have a conversation with her partner about trying new things in the bedroom and decided to follow my own guidance later on that evening with my husband.

We set up a beautiful ritual space and opened up the conversation around three key questions. We held space for each other’s ideas and agreed upon some new things we’d like to try.

The result: more closeness, more excitement and rejuvenation of energy into our relationship.

And the sex that resulted? So good.

I loved this practice so much that I ended up including it in Soothe + Nourish Volume 2 as a way to support the awakening of sexual energy in your body. Inside Soothe + Nourish Vol 2, you’ll receive daily journaling prompts to guide you toward using your sexual energy as a way to fuel your big dreams, desires, and creative endeavors without burning out.

If you’re reading this and feeling like it’s time for a shakeup in the bedroom, keep reading! I’m going to share the three magical questions AND give you access to a free sample of the epic workbook I created for Soothe + Nourish Volume 2.

You can journal your responses to the three questions, or you can set up a date night with your partner and dive into a juicy conversation about what you’d like to explore in the bedroom. Communication is key to having a vibrant sex life, and being open to sharing your desires then listening to what your partner wants can be a HUGE turn on as well!

Question #1

What do you want to explore sexually?
Some Ideas: tantra, role-playing, kink, swinging, threesomes, orgies, new positions, kama sutra, oral, anal

Question #2

Is there a technique or tool you’re curious about?
Some ideas: expanded orgasm, jade egg, penis massage, pussy massage, dildo, anal plug, female ejaculation, multiple orgasms (for both men and women), domination, submission

Question #3

Is there an area of your body you want to explore or learn more about?
Some ideas: G-Spot, A-Spot, anus, cock, balls, breasts, erogenous zones, mouth

Once you’ve answered the questions, decide on ONE thing you will try either alone or with your partner. Create a plan to make it happen. Decide ahead of time what you need to make your experimentation fun and comfortable.

When you do the experiment, be open to the very possible human moments you might experience like laughter, discomfort, intense pleasure and excitement, shame, shutdown, fear, deepening love, etc.. Know that whatever the experience is - it’s just that and nothing more. The important part of the experiment is that you showed up for your pleasure, whatever the outcome.

You’ll also want to notice what you feel when you initially dive into journaling or discussing these questions with your partner. Do you get excited? Do you feel turned on? Do you feel afraid or even shameful?

If you feel afraid or shameful, that’s okay. Honour how you feel and remember that only YOU get to decide what is right for you sexually.

You can’t have better (wilder) sex without being willing to move outside of what feels comfortable. The thoughts of self-doubt or resistance are normal, but you don’t have to let them hold you back.

Amping up the pleasure is possible! Dream big, Queen, because on the other side of your fear and hesitation are epic and altered states of reality where the pleasure + excitement you can feel is totally cosmic and out of this world!

These 3 questions are only a very small part of the amazing course I just released, called Soothe + Nourish Volume 2. The course is a 6-week journey of sensual exploration that will connect you to your sexual energy and teach you how to nourish your life, creativity, and body with this exquisite and potent energy source.

As a special gift for you today - I’m sharing an excerpt from the Soothe + Nourish Volume 2 Workbook. In this workbook sample, you’ll receive the three journaling prompts that I shared above plus two powerful action steps that you can take right away to awaken your sexual energy + turn on.

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