Sex + Money

The two most impactful healing journeys you can take are:

  1. Healing your relationship with money

  2. Healing your relationship with your sexuality

If you're going to hire a coach to support you with a life transformation - the best investment you could make is to hire someone to help you in one of these two areas.

The reason for this is because both sex + money are a source of some of our deepest wounding and shame. 

Shame disconnects you from yourself and it disconnects you from others. Shame happens when you have a belief that something about your desires, your current experience or your past is wrong and that if you shared it with others they may not like you, and as a result, you wouldn't belong.

Instead of sharing, you create a false sense of self and relate from that safe space instead of from your authentic truth.

This isn't optimally healthy and can lead to feelings of anxiety, avoidance, and fear.

When you begin to unravel your story and heal shame you create space to open up to others and feel more aligned in your life.

A bonus with working in the realm of sexuality is that when you liberate your sexual energy you also liberate your most powerful creative force. 

Sexual Energy IS creative energy. It's literally the energy that created YOU.

This is potent medicine for anyone who wants to live a full, rich, vibrant, and turned on life! 

I choose to coach in the realm of sexuality because of the ripple out effect healing in this way will have in multiple areas of your life. Also, it's incredibly fun to invite my clients into the ultimate mindset shift: 


Awakening your sexuality offers you an opportunity to explore healing your relationship to your lover(s), your relationship to your body, your family of origin, your relationship to authority, culture and spirituality (and even your relationship to money and success). 

This is a holistic modality of healing that invites you into a deeper relationship with your body. All of your belief systems, trauma, habits, and core wounds are held in your physical body. Any impactful and lasting healing modality MUST address your body, something that is implicit in sexual awakening work.

You can't heal with mindset alone. You can't heal with meditation alone. You can't heal with embodiment alone.

You need all three - and all three are found in The Freedom Cycle. 

The Freedom Cycle is my 4 step healing process that I'll be sharing in the Radiant Woman Coaching program. This is a holistic approach to pleasurable healing.

CONNECT with your body 
HEAL your core wounds 
AWAKEN your pleasure potential 
DEVOTION to your soul essence 

I'm feeling so much positive energy and receiving a lot of interest in Radiant Woman. I’d love to have you join us! Spaces are limited and doors close on January 23rd! 

Click here to learn more and send in your application to join us on January 24th for the 5-month pleasurable healing journey you've been waiting for.

Check out the IGTV video I posted yesterday sharing my thoughts on this topic.



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