Want to know what happens when 14 women gather in the forest?

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere - I hope you're also enjoying the onset of the summer season. One of the things I love about living in Saskatchewan is the feeling of finally being able to go outside and enjoy the warmth of the sun, the fresh smell of the trees + flowers, and the bliss of being in nature without wrapping up in a million layers to stay warm! Summer represents a special kind of freedom for me, and I think having such short warm seasons on the Canadian prairie really instills a sense of deep apprecation for this time of year.

A few days ago I was wandering along a treed forest path at Pure Awareness Retreat Centre after co-facilitating an intense and deeply transformational breathwork ceremony for a group of 12 women who had joined us for a weekend of re-wilding and connecting to the Divine Feminine. As I walked, I was surrounded by trees, I could feel a cool breeze on my skin, and the birds were singing. I felt deeply content and alive and decided that I wanted to take my shoes off and walk through the woods in bare feet.

At first it was a little bit uncomfortable - I had to walk slowly and carefully as I navigated the forest floor. At times there was the soft sensation of moss, other times leaves crunched under my feet and the odd pine needle would give me a jab. But, as I wandered along I felt myself feeling less cautious, and more comfortable. I took some chances, picked up speed and found myself navigating the forest with ease and grace.

When I stopped to put my shoes on again, I discovered that the forest floor had provided me with my own woodsy + stylish pair of shoes. The tree sap from the pods that had poked my feet earlier had stuck to the bottom of my feet and the crunchy leaves stuck to the sap had created a barrier between my sensitive feet and the ground. 

During our Unshakable Love workshopat the retreat my co-host, Kaylee, talked about how creating new habits for ourselves is like navigating a path in the forest. When we're used to doing things a certain way - the path is clear and well carved out. Kind of like how the path felt for me as I sped along in my running shoes. Creating new ways of being means forging new pathways in the forest - which means there will be some brush to clear away - or maybe it's more like navigating with sensitive bare feet. It's slower, a little bit painful, sometimes very pleasurable (ooohh, I live for the feeling of stepping on a bed of fresh moss or a muddy puddle, mmmm.... ), and often requires more mindfulness and presence. Yet, over time it does get easier and the path becomes gentler and more natural. My trust in the forest to not hurt my feet is like the trust you have to have in yourself to navigate a new path in your life. The progress forward doesn't have to be quick and sometimes it'll be uphill, sometimes it'll be windy but in the end the key to success is to just keep going.

There were many times during the weekend that some of the women were reluctant to try the practices we had planned for them. Most of the women were new to the type of embodiment work that I teach or the ceremonial practices that Kaylee shares - many hadn't been to a cacao ceremony, or had experienced the power of conscious connected breathwork, or had worked with the chakra system or had experienced the intuitive free flow movement of ecstatic dance. We gave every woman the option to say no to what we were teaching and every woman said a big bold and often very vulnerable "YES" to themselves and to these new experiences.

Our intention was to create a container of safety that allowed women to explore the less travelled path - to explore what it meant to embody the Divine Feminine, to feel her many iterations as something that is innate to who we are as feminine identified creatures. We extended an invitation to these women to feel themselves as Divine, Wise, Truthful, Loving, Powerful, Sensual + Wild. To know that they could call on any one of these energies at any time to help them walk the new path that led to a life that felt more in sync with their authentic wholeness.

When women gather, we create magic. We support mutual growth and healing and we see what was once lost is now returning. The Divine Feminine is indeed rising and I'm so deeply honoured to have a role in ushering in a new age of healthy balance between divine masculine + feminine energies.

What new pathways would you like to carve out for yourself? What old patterns need to be released so that you can courageously step forward into a new way of being that is in full alignment with your soul?

If you'd like support to figure that out, I'm hosting another gathering of women at my studio this Sunday. If you're close by and want to join us, you can find more information here.

If joining me live isn't an option for you - I'm always availble for a free strategy session to help you dig deep into your desires so that you can feel clear on what path is going to lead you home to who you know you're meant to be on this earth. I'll be at the end of the road, holding a light to illuminate the path as you walk forward. You can apply for a free strategy session here.

After finally getting my feet cleaned up (seriously, layers of sap and leaves is no joke!!) in a GORGEOUS outdoor shower, I spent the evening celebrating the power of sisterhood and the beauty of the Divine Feminine through ritual, ecstatic dance and a long, restful sleep under the stars wrapped in the coziest blanket I've ever sleep underneath.

In the end, trusting the path led me to bliss, pure joy and a deep knowing that I'm indeed touching in on my soul's purpose through the work I am so blessed to be able to do every day. 

I hope you have an amazing week + please feel free to reach out and connect with me anytime. I'm always here to answer questions, listen to your experiences and share in this amazing journey of living your most soulful and sensual life.


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