What I do when the avocado mint square gets stuck to the pan.

How you do one thing is how you do everything and this past week I had a very real experience with this! It began when a friend asked me, "How is it that when you have an idea for your business you don't even hesitate to create it and put it out there?" and I replied, "I have a story to share with you".

I told her about how I planned to do the cooking for the Soulful + Sensual Retreat that I held at my studio, Soul Garden Yoga, this past weekend. This is the first time I'd offered a retreat in this space, and there was a part of me that felt very pulled to creating the entire experience rather than hiring a caterer to prepare the food.

Of course, the very moment I made the decision to make the food myself, I received a DM on Instagram from a Chef I deeply admire who was asking about attending the retreat. Instead of going into "OMG, I can't do this!" mode - I took it as a sign that this was an opportunity for me to challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone and dive fully in to preparing the food!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE cooking - but I'm not a home chef, and I couldn't ever compete on The Great Canadian Baking Show! I might be more suited to "Nailed it" on Netflix! Nonetheless, this was a challenge I was ready to face and so I asked for some expert advice from my friend and Holistic Nutrition Coach, Kaylee Woolhether. She suggested fruit for morning snack (YES! I can do this), a soup or stew for lunch and then a higher fat item in the afternoon. I was feeling even more confident now...

So, I created a menuRose Tea Based Cacao to start the day, Fruit + Trail Mix snack, Oh She Glows Sweet Potato Curry with Basmati Rice and Naan for lunch, raw avocado mint squares for dessert and pita/veggies with hummus and dairy free artichoke spinach dip for afternoon snack

Too Ambitious? Maybe. 

The day before the retreat I wanted to get everything done, but I procrastinated until 9pm (this is not unusual when I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone) and then I dove in. I overcooked the pita chips for the dips, I mixed the avocado mint filling for the square in the food processor and forgot the syrup and then had to pour it all back in to add the sweetner, I almost forgot the garlic in the hummus which I first tried to blend without putting the blade in the processor first, and I got waaaayyy to tired to prepare the curry that evening. So, I went to bed.

The next day - I woke up early and got the curry into the crockpot (totally forgetting to "season with salt and pepper to taste” ) and took my square out of the freezer to cut it up - but it was STUCK in the pan. With some elbow grease and a few choice words, I managed to salvage 9 small pieces and the rest were put aside for the family to eat.

Miraculously, I got everything done and the food ended up being a hugely successful part of the retreat experience. While it was a lot of work - it was an incredible opportunity for me to be conscious about how I approach discomfort. 

This is what I learned: 

First. I dive in and say "yes" way before I know I can pull it off.

Second. I procrastinate until the very last minute - I also like to give myself timelines for things. I annouce a launch date, or tell someone my goal so that I can't back out of it. 

Third. I accept imperfection. Even when I want it to be perfect, I understand that I'm learning.

Fourth. I use my new mantra for everything, "I can do hard things!"

Five. I dive in, fully. And hope for the best.

And when an admired Chef says, "I am always grateful to have someone cook for me" while also complimenting the dishes I had presented, I knew I'd done something right.

So, today my challenge to you is to look at your dream list of desires,dreams and goals. What are you putting off diving into because you're afraid it won't be perfect? How are you holding yourself back from having experiences that challenge you or allow you to create something special in the world?

I implement quickly because I'm okay with imperfection, I'm getting really good at failing, and I know that I'm capable of doing hard things. This is why I very rarely hesitate to put my ideas into action. 

Dive in. Take risks. Show up for your life. 

Even if your square sticks to the pan... it'll still taste delicious and it'll bring a smile to someone's face!

By the way, I'm having another retreat at my studio in Indian Head, Sk in July if you're interested in joining me for some high vibe food, Desire Mapping, yoga + Sisterhood. Click here to sign up. 

Have a great week! 




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