Why your wildness is a spiritual practice.

What a week... what a month... what a YEAR 2020 has been so far!  I don't know about you but this year has been a MASSIVE shake-up for me - and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down.  

How's Mercury retrograde going for you?  I'm feeling all sorts of clarity and upheaval this month and along with it, I'm getting some really clear guidance on what to teach inside my community.  It's been WILD seeing the synchronicities this week as I've been creating content for my upcoming course, my keynote talk at RISE, and sharing teachings in my yoga classes. 

A couple weeks ago I invited 10 women to join me in beta testing my upcoming Jade Egg course.  The response was so INCREDIBLE and I can hardly wait to share this course with them!  

As I chatted with one of the women in the program yesterday, I had a massive realization - well, there were many a-ha moments on that call and ultimately those moments are what prompted me to share this with you.  I realized that most of the women who joined the beta test are empathic, many are healers, and several of them have a direct connection to the messages that flow from spirit.  How cool is that?

These women felt a pull because they are listening to intuition.  Some know exactly why they reached out, and others have been drawn to my messaging for a while and finally took the plunge when this opportunity came up to work with me.

Empathic, spiritually inclined, high vibe, intuitive women reached out because they felt called to their bodies.  I think that this is ultimately why any woman decides to listen to the messages that flow through me. This is probably why you're reading this right now.

Some women already know that the grounding of their wisdom happens in their body and some don't have a conscious awareness of this - but something calls them to this work (because, intuition!). Which one are you?

There's a fundamental teaching that flows through all of my work: our bodies are where we experience our connection with our divinity.  What flows from that awareness are feelings of acceptance & even profound love for our human form.   I think we all crave this kind of connection to our tangible, real, vulnerable, raw human form.  I know I do.

Many empathic, spiritually inclined women who feel drawn to energy work, or who listen to intuitive messages often feel disconnected from their bodies because they are very connected to the upper chakras in order to channel energy or spiritual wisdom.   I've met many healers who experience chronic pain, burnout, or illness.  I've met many healers who have found relief for trauma through energy work & spiritual practice but who have not yet been able to process the trauma from their bodies and find themselves feeling the ongoing physical and emotional impact of that.   Again and again, I encounter women who find themselves taking on too much energy from other people because they struggle with setting clear boundaries.

Poor boundaries might be due to unresolved trauma, disconnection from a full-bodied "yes" or "no", or unquestioned habitual behaviors that cause them to let others encroach on them before they notice it's happened.  Connecting with your body is the first step to changing these patterns and learning how to conserve your energy. 

We have these bodies for a reason.  Our souls have chosen this journey, in this time, in this form because there is something very profound and real to experience in our humanity through our bodies.

And here we are.  Cut off, disconnected, traumatized, in pain, fearful and boundaryless.  How?

We've forgotten our power.

We've forgotten that we are WILD. 

Almost every time I take a woman who desires to awaken her sensuality through a visualization of what that might look like - she sees herself outside.  She's in nature.  In the trees, on the beach.  She's FREE, and she's WILD.

Women are so wise.  We have ancient wisdom flowing through our bodies, connecting us to our past - to a time when our sexuality wasn't shamed and to a time when our connection with nature was revered and worshipped.  We know we are part of the natural world and being sexually alive and vibrant is our natural state. Nature is always turned-on, reproducing, alive & incredibly sexy.  Nature reminds us that wanting to be sexual isn't shameful or wrong, it's completely natural. 

Sexual energy IS life force energy.  It's creative energy.  It's what created you.  It's powerful.  Pleasure is your body's superpower.  It's also how you really know desire, it's how you stay connected to your purpose, how YOU create YOUR life, and how you magnetize your dreams. 

When you can understand that your spirit is not different from your body - your body is a physical manifestation of your soul - you'll know why it's so important to have a relationship with your body.  My friend Cori Watson said it best when she said, "your body is NOT just a meat suit for your soul - it's so much more than that!".  

Your body is how your soul is experiencing the physical realm.  There's no separation.   Every emotion, every sensation, every thought is Divine.

This connection is important for every woman and especially for lightworkers, empaths, energy healers, intuitives, and mediums who are prone to injury, illness, and burnout.  The best work done on this earth is done through your body.  This is why taking care of your body needs to be a priority.   

Rest. Nourish. Seek Pleasure. Move. Play. Laugh. 

I'm so deeply honoured that so many wise women have found their way to my work and that you're one of them. 

You're the women who will usher in healing for humanity. 

You're the women who will remind us that it's through our bodies that healing for ourselves and our planet will flow. 

You're the women who are ready to reclaim wildness and tap into your true power.

We can do this together.  

Now, let's get WILD!! 




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