Without these 3 things, the Radiant Woman launch would have been a bust.

Holy Moly.

August was a BLAST. I launched my new online coaching program, Radiant Woman, for the first time and it was a HUGE success!! 6 women joined this program! 6 powerful women are diving into a 5 month journey with me and I couldn’t be more proud, more ready or more excited to share what I’ve created with them.

This launch was a 5 figure launch - which feels MASSIVE for me after working so hard over the past 3 years to realize my dream of becoming a Life + Sex Coach with a fully booked schedule!

Today, I wanted to share the top three tools that led to my successful launch while also keeping me feeling balanced, focused and connected to pleasure during the entire launch period.

Game Changing Tool #1

The Content Planner - Seriously. This planner saved my life. I first met Kat Gaskin, the creator of The Content Planner in April at RISE conference where she gifted everyone in her workshop a free planner.

At the time, I knew this planner was pretty amazing but I had no clue how essential it would become in my business.

I’ve been following Kat on Instagram ever since meeting her and have been faithfully using the Content Planner to map out my content strategy, while also getting great Instagram + biz tips along the way!

The reason why The Content Planner was such a big part of my launch is because I was able to set some big goals, track my wins, and map out strategy and plan my content for the launch all in one place. On top of that, I was also able to stay up to date with the content I needed to create for my yoga teaching business as well! Thanks to The Content Planner, I kept up with daily posting to my Instagram, promoted two events, AND wrote emails for a 21 Day Meditation challenge for my yoga studio. Everything was laid out ahead of time in my planner so all I had to do was look in the planner each day and make sure I followed through on the plan I had created at the start of the month.

I’ve tried digital content planners like Planoly or Later - but I’m a pen to paper kind of woman and found that having everything in front of me (including a pencil case of gel pens and highlighters in pretty colours) worked amazingly well. I write my captions in Evernote and then copy and paste them into the Plann app on my phone which allowed me to map out a grid and format my copy before posting to Instagram. Easy peasy!

If you’re a content creator of any kind - you NEED this planner!

The 2020 Content Planner Pre-sale is coming up on September 12th -so you can get your hands on one! Kat has sold out every year since she started her business - this planner is HOT - you don’t want to miss out! Plus, the colours this year are TDF!!

Some things I love about my Content Planner:

  • It’s fillable (you can start using it as soon as you get it)

  • it’s got theme and content suggestion ideas

  • there’s a space for your yearly overview

  • there’s a big white space for journalling about your big dreams every single month

  • there’s spaces to write down your goals, brainstorm hashtags or collab partners

  • there’s spaces to track your numbers (because what you track expands!)

  • there are STICKERS!

Okay- I know you want to know how to get one of these magical tools, so here’s how you get in on the Content Planner pre-sale.

Step 1: Click here.

Step 2: Go to the FREE RESOURCES section and sign up with your email address to get one of Kat’s awesome free tools to help you rock your content! ( you must sign up in order to get access to the pre-sale!)

Step 3: Kat will send you everything you need to be among the first to get your 2020 Content Planner AND receive a special pre-sale discount.

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 6.41.16 PM.png

Game Changing Tool #2

Honeybook - I started using Honeybook last year after feeling completely disorganized as I started to work with multiple clients. Like the content planner, Honeybook is about creating ease and helping you organize the many moving parts of running an online service based business.

I use Honeybook to manage all of my clients, to send out emails (LOVING the batch email option for sending emails to the women who joined Radiant Woman), to send contracts and invoices, for client intake forms, to check my calendar and to create application forms for my programs.

I have all of my client proposals, contracts and invoices pre written as well as the emails I send most often. This is a HUGE time saver for me!

Honeybook also automatically bills payment plans for me - which is so convenient and saves me a lot of administration work!

Honeybook is ideal for anyone who manages clients: Coaches, Event Planners, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Virtual Assistants.

Check out Honeybook here and get 50% off your subscription!

Game Changing Tool #3

Sex Magic. An absolute essential!

What’s a good launch without a little bit of Law of Attraction combined with epic orgasms?

Having a clear desire for the outcome of the Radiant Woman launch helped me connect daily to my vision and to supercharge my vision I made sure I connected to it during my self pleasure practices.

Sex Magic isn’t just witchy woo woo magic - there’s actually a science behind why sex magic works! When you orgasm your brain is neuroplastic - that means you can influence the way your brain is wired when you’re experiencing peak state pleasure. Connecting to your desires during orgasm re-wires your subconscious mind in the direction of what you want - this is a form of self hypnosis. When your subconscious mind is on board with what you want you’ll notice more and more opportunities for success. This is probably one of the COOLEST practices out there for manifesting your desires and I believe it’s ESSENTIAL for anyone who is launching a big dream into the world!

I love Sex Magic so much I created two courses to teach you how to practice it! Check them out here.

Some cool things I manifested during the Radiant Woman launch:

  • an opportunity to work with an amazing marketing team (thank you Mandy + Michael) and some super badass last minute videos to share on the final week of the launch

  • a podcast/youtube interview (thanks Yvonne!) that I could share to get even more visibility

  • a nudge to check out the trainings I’ve bought in the past (yaaa! BSchool!) only to discover that I had a badass Facebook ads training that i hadn’t watched yet and I managed to teach myself how to run a really effective ad campaign

  • magic happened daily during the launch and I stayed connected to pleasure - feeling into a bliss state vibration throughout!

  • I took a 3 day vacation right at the end of the launch (which may seem like a crazy idea to leave my business at such a crucial time) - but, I trusted that the outcome would be exactly what I had dreamed it would be (and it was).

Of course there were so many more factors that went into this launch outside of these three tools - The epic Freedom Cycle quiz, months and months of creating content and sharing freely with my audience, live teaching at retreats and conferences, years of training, persistence and pure passion - but, if you’re anything like me you love a good game changing tool and that’s what the above three tools have been for me!

Which of these tools are you most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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