Love your period.

Last summer, I went to the doctor about my period.  I was going on day 10 of heavy bleeding that had started only 2 weeks into my cycle and I had had enough. Dr. Google told me that this is pretty normal for perimenopause but that it was a good idea to get things checked out.

The actual medical doctor confirmed my suspicions and, as a woman in her 40's, she commiserated with me about all of the changes our bodies were experiencing: weight gain, unusual sleep patterns, mysterious aches, and pains, chin hairs, & unpredictable cycles.

She gave me a couple of options that day - I could pursue an endometrial ablation which is the removal of the uterine lining which means I wouldn't have any more periods, but I would still cycle.  She also prescribed medicine that would slow the flow down because my hormones weren't kicking in to tell my body that it was time to stop bleeding. 

The next day my period stopped and I started paying very close attention to my...

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The BEST kind of self-care.

There are so many ways to approach self-care, and it's so important to find something that works well for you, but one of the areas many women tend to overlook is their sexual self care.  When things get busy, it's often sensuality that gets placed on the back burner.  I've spoken to so many women who deeply desire to reconnect with their sensuality - because they know how good it feels to embody pleasure and they've realized how this part of themselves has been ignored.  Having a regular sexual self-care practice is one way to ensure that there is an ongoing intentional connection with your sexuality.

In a culture that expects you to be 1000% desirous all of the time, sometimes when you're "not in the mood" or feeling overwhelmed - it's easier to completely disconnect with your sensuality rather than focus on it. 

Here's something I want you to know.  Taking care of your sensuality doesn't mean having more sex, it doesn't even mean that you need to...

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