You deserve to love your body.

You deserve to look in the mirror and feel your heart expand with love because all you can see is your true radiance.

No more negative self-talk. No more changing your outfit 15 times until you find one that feels “okay”. No more obsessing over the number on your scale.

No more hiding. No more shame.

It’s time.

You deserve to know what it’s like to feel unshakable body love.

You deserve this kind of FREEDOM, and so much more.

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Unshakable body love is possible. Even in a world that’s determined to remind you of its unrealistic, and often unattainable body standards…


And, let’s just make it clear: The way you feel about your body right now is NOT YOUR FAULT.

You’ve grown up with the message that unless your body looks a certain way, it’s not considered beautiful.

You’ve also:

  • inherited messaging from your parents who were either striving to achieve this same standard of beauty or who were looking out for your best interests when they cautioned you about the foods you chose to eat and the way you chose to move (or not move) your body

  • consumed media that has only ever shown (until very recently) ONE type of body: white, thin, and tanned

  • faced bullying from peers or negative comments about your body

  • internalized negative messaging about your sexuality resulting in shame and embarrassment when it comes to your body’s experience of pleasure

  • had very few body positive role models while you were growing up

Every woman has a different story.

Yet, the result is always the same: a profound feeling of disconnection from her body.

Disconnection shows up in many ways, you may even recognize some of them in yourself:

  • feeling disconnected from your natural rhythms (you spend more time thinking, less time feeling)

  • feelings of anger and frustration when weight loss attempts fail

  • increased stress and anxiety or depression

  • avoidance of activities like going to the beach, speaking in front of an audience, posting selfies on social media, applying for a promotion at work, going to networking events or parties, finding love, going to the gym or a yoga class

  • difficulty with integrating and healing trauma

  • struggling to manage your emotions in a healthy way resulting in emotional eating and a negative relationship with food

  • dampened intuition around how you nourish your body with good food and movement

  • disconnection from your sexuality

  • feeling anxious about the opinions of others

  • feeling cut off from genuine, healthy friendships with women

  • struggling in relationships due to lack of confidence and anxiety


I want you to know that I’ve walked this road. When I was in grade 9, I was told that my thighs and calves were “too fat” by a boyfriend.

Until that point, I had a decent body image.

From that point, I never felt like my body was good enough.

This resulted in years of dieting and food restriction, forced exercise (resistance was strong, guilt was stronger), lack of confidence, and poor boundaries.

I believed that the only way I would heal my body shame was to lose weight so that I could have the body I desired.

And, even when I lost weight I still believed I wasn’t good enough.

The truth is that I would have never been good enough because this was never about the size of my body - it was about my belief in my worthiness which I had mistakenly tied into the way that I looked.

My healing only happened when I realized that my body is so much more than I believed it to be, and I am so much more than I thought I was.

When I discovered that my body is capable of immense pleasure and that it is the earthly expression of my Divinity - it became very difficult to speak to myself in an unloving way. With practice, I found myself admiring my post baby belly in the mirror and feeling a sense of overwhelming love for the miracle of embodiment, and the pure JOY of being alive.

Gratitude soon replaced self doubt and negative thought patterns.

Intuition soon replaced guilt and shame.

I had discovered unshakable body love, and I knew exactly how to take women, like you, on the same journey I had been on so that you can also experience the freedom of looking in the mirror and feeling nothing but heart expanding love for your body.

photo by Jamie Woytiuk

photo by Jamie Woytiuk

When you work with me to heal your body shame you will:

  • learn how to navigate a world that wants you to dislike your body by understanding who you truly are and that you’re innately loveable and worthy

  • genuinely love what you see when you look in the mirror

  • feel more connection to your body resulting in ease and natural motivation to make healthy food and movement choices

  • have shame free and celebratory nakedness

  • stop holding back sexually or in other areas of your life because of how you feel about your body

  • discover your inner and outer radiance and not be afraid to let it shine

  • live more comfortably in your body

  • go after and easily magnetize the opportunities and experiences you desire from a space of confidence, pleasure, and authenticity

You’ll also:

  • buy the dress (and wear it confidently)

  • get naked with the lights on

  • take a chance on love

  • go after your BIG dream

  • stop settling for anything less than what you deserve

  • start taking better care of yourself: you’ll eat more nourishing foods, you’ll hydrate well, you’ll move the way you love to move

  • feel less anxious and more free

  • dance like nobody is watching - and you won’t give a f**k if someone is

  • realize that you were always loveable, and you’ll know the reason why that’s true

… and so much more

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If you’re like me…. you also like to know the HOW and WHAT behind big promises like this. Keep reading to learn more about how I map out my Body Love Coaching sessions, and what you can expect when you work with me.

 I can help you.

When you decide to say YES to working with me as your personal Body Love Coach you will receive:

Desires Based Inquiry - We’ll go deep into your desires and discover one clear, life changing goal for our time together.

Body Mind Mapping - You’ll learn how your body contains vast amounts of information about the state of your subconscious mind. Studies have shown that observation alone can begin a powerful healing journey and Body Mind Mapping is about gentle observation of the reality of your body’s experiences moment to moment. I’ll hold space for you while you listen to the wisdom of your body at a level of awareness you’ve never experienced before.

Laser Focused Tools - Based on the information we get from the Inquiry and the Body Mind Mapping I’ll plan out a transformative coaching journey for you. We’ll be working though everything that’s currently holding you back from your desires. The tools I use are unparalleled in the coaching industry and are specifically designed to bring your body and mind into deeper integration so that you can have what you most desire with ease and pleasure.

We will explore:

  • inner child work

  • healing the mother and/or father wound

  • powerful mindset work around beliefs you hold around your ability to achieve your goals

  • powerful mindset work to transform your experience of feeling worthy and deserving of your desires

  • powerful mindset tools that will unravel belief systems and conditioning in both your conscious and subconscious mind

  • body mind integration tools that are based in Tantric and Taoist tradition that are unique to Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality Coaches

  • communication tools to strengthen your relationships and awaken your throat chakra

  • emotional intelligence 

  • customized tools for your unique personality and desires

Blueprinting Tools - These are practices that will transform the old narrative in your body into one that’s in alignment with your goals and deepest desires. Getting your body is on board with your desires is crucial for lasting transformation, and probably why everything you’ve tried in the past (from self development books, courses, workshops and therapy) hasn’t worked! You’ll receive my unique transmission for these practices during our call and will have access to audio or video recordings of them so that you can continue to impact change for years and years to follow our coaching sessions.

Accountability - My sole purpose is to hold your desires as we work together. I hold a space of unconditional love and encouragement while also keeping you accountable and on track to have exactly what you want. You will have access to my personal email to send me questions or you can access me via unlimited voice messaging support at any time you feel you need guidance or encouragement.

If you’ve never had this type of support in your life, I can only tell you that it’s one of the best things you can give your nervous system as a modern woman. Relaxing into a coaching container like this is exactly what you need right now, and I can’t wait for you to experience the magic that will happen simply because you’re being fully seen and known deeply for exactly who you are, without judgement.


The Journey will Unfold like this…

You can choose to work with me for five months, three months or one month. The longer our coaching relationship - the more transformation you will experience in multiple areas of your life. The following outlines how I would typically lay out a coaching journey with you.

Month 1

  • Clarity on your desires around Body Love and establishing a clear goal for our time together

  • Meet your body lovingly through visualization, meditation, breath work, ritual and pleasure practices

Month 2

  • Healing your subconscious beliefs and patterns that keep you from loving your body

  • Gently awakening your body to sensuality and pleasure

Month 3

  • Your primal sexual wholeness - an easeful exploration of emotions, wildness, freedom, expression, and authenticity

  • Learn the anatomy of arousal

Month 4

  • Adding ritual and devotional practices to explore your true self

  • Exploration of sacred sexuality

Month 5

  • Exploration of your deepest longing and desires in your career, your relationship, money consciousness, visibility and friendships

  • Learn how to set feelings based goals using The Desire Map and then receive accountability for a month to go after what you most desire

  • Learn what Sex Magic is and how pleasure is a powerful manifestation tool


  • go deeper into your sexual awakening and begin working with The Jade Egg as a tool to heal and transform your capacity to experience pleasure and orgasm. Tap into the deep intuitive wisdom and infinite source of energy found in your sexual centre.

Of course, every woman’s journey is unique and we will course correct as needed when we work together. I’m here to support, and guide you on the path to YOUR desires and I can’t wait to get started.

Book your free Love Your Body Strategy Session today!

In this session you will:

  • get to talk about how you REALLY feel about your body in a completely non judgemental space (no more filter required, it’s time to get real)

  • explore the root cause of why you feel this way

  • dig into your desires around loving your body and figure out what you’d like to transform

  • map out a strategy to overcome these obstacles

  • leave the session feeling clear, refreshed, relieved and ready to love your body

These sessions are limited, and there may be a waiting list. The best way to find out is to quickly fill out the application below and send in your request for a session, I’ll get back to you almost immediately with availability.

You’re ready to invest in yourself so that you can start creating lasting transformation in your life. You want to love your body unconditionally, you want unshakable confidence, and you don’t want to waste another moment waiting for the solution to magically appear. You know you’ve got to invest time and money in yourself because at the end of the day you want to feel confident that you’ve done everything you can to live fully, love freely, and express wildly!

Your first step will be to let me know that you’re ready to work with a coach, click the button below to let me know you’re interested in Body Love Coaching. I’ll send you a link to book your Love Your Body Love Strategy Session, or get you on my waiting list for this session. I can’t wait to work with you.

Available Packages:

10 Session Package
Duration: 5 months
Frequency: 2 - 75 minute sessions a month
Exchange: $400/month or pay in full $1800

6 Session Package
Duration: 3 months
Frequency: 2 - 75 minute sessions a month
Exchange $425/month or pay in full $1150

Month to Month
Duration: 1 month
Frequency: 2 - 75 minute sessions
Exchange: $450

All pricing is in CAD and GST will be added on for Canadian residents.