Picture this scene:

You’ve just sat down with a delicious cup of your favourite tea - the scent enticing you, and the warmth soothing your soul. You’ve got your favourite cozy sweatshirt on, the fire is crackling in the fireplace and you’re looking out your large picture window at landscape that can only be described as awe inspiring. It, quite literally, takes your breath away. Until, your lover walks into the room that is. You gaze over at your lover and feel your whole body tingle, and soften in response to their loving smile, and twinkly eyes. It’s the middle of the day, the sun is streaming in the windows and you can’t believe it yourself, but something has overcome you and you’re suddenly passionately kissing your lover and tearing off your clothes. It’s like you’re possessed by a wild animal - feeling naturally at home in your body as you drop into uninhibited raw, primal bliss with your lover.

After making sweet sweet love for what seems like hours, you find yourself feeling more relaxed, more at ease and happier than you’ve ever imagined possible. As you look out the big windows you notice that the colours of nature seem brighter, and you feel more deeply interconnected with the world around you. You have a profound sense of “knowing” that you are not your thoughts, your are not your conditioning but instead you are something deeper, something far less fleeting.

You’ve just discovered your…

Wild + Divine nature.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if this was actually the way you lived your life? With this amount fullness, wild abandon and intentional pleasure? It almost seems ludicrous to think that because of cultural conditioning, outdated belief systems, and fear women (and men) have allowed themselves to settle for so much less than our fullest expression of pleasure, life and love.

What have you been settling for in your life?

  • sub-par sex?

  • unfulfilling relationships?

  • painful sex?

  • sex without orgasm, or only clitoral orgasms?

  • no sex at all?

  • body shame, and fear of being seen naked?

  • lack of desire in long term relationships that are otherwise really good?

  • stress and anxiety?

  • unhealed sexual or emotional trauma?

  • isolation from real Sisterhood?

When you could have:

  • cosmic out of this world sex

  • happy, healthy relationships that heal and nourish both partners

  • wild, passionate, deeply pleasurable sex

  • vaginal, cervical, and whole body orgasms

  • a healthy, abundant sex life

  • genuine body love - and shame free nakedness

  • long term relationships that feel like new relationships in the bedroom

  • relaxation and presence in every area of your life

  • genuine, supportive and loving friendships with women

I don’t know about you - but I’m no longer willing to settle for a half lived life. As cliche as #YOLO sounds, it’s exactly what I’m talking about here! You don’t have to have sexual hangups, and body image issues that hold you back from truly stepping into the life you know you can have. You don’t have to have shitty relationships, or a sex-less relationship with the man you love. You don’t have to feel shame about seeking what makes YOU feel good, and then going after it! Having a healthy, happy, guilt-free life is your birth right.

You don’t have to settle for anything less than what you most desire.

I became a sex coach because I wanted to help women like you live your life to the fullest.

I want you to have unshakeable confidence, genuine body love, healthy and fulfilling relationships and I want you to believe that the best sex is always yet to come! There’s no peak on the mountain of possibility when it comes to exploring the landscape of your sexual desire and capacity to feel pleasure. When you move through all of the fear, pain, trauma, conditioning and habits to meet your sexual wholeness - you open the doorway to endless pleasure and bliss, on your own or with your dream partner!

Hiring a coach to support you in this area of your life is, without a doubt, the best investment you’ll make in your lifetime. It’s not only an investment in your personal well being, but also an investment in your relationship, your family, your career and in all of your creative pursuits and passion projects.

Healthy sexuality fuels every aspect of your life, allowing you to live more comfortably in your body magnetizing the opportunities and experiences you most desire. Knowing how to live in a state of bliss is the most powerful attractor there is!


 I can help you.

When you decide to say YES to one of my premium Wild + Divine coaching packages, you can expect:

Desires Based Inquiry - We’ll go deep into your desires and discover one clear, life changing goal for our time together.

Body Mind Mapping - You’ll learn how your body contains vast amounts of information about the state of your subconscious mind. Studies have shown that observation alone can begin a powerful healing journey and Body Mind Mapping is about gentle observation of the reality of your body’s experiences moment to moment. I’ll hold space for you while you listen to the wisdom of your body at a level of awareness you’ve never experienced before.

Laser Focused Tools - Based on the information we get from the Inquiry and the Body Mind Mapping I’ll plan out a transformative coaching journey for you. We’ll be working though everything that’s currently holding you back from your desires. The tools I use are unparalleled in the coaching industry and are specifically designed to bring your body and mind into deeper integration so that you can have what you most desire with ease and pleasure.

We will explore:

  • inner child work

  • healing the mother and/or father wound

  • powerful mindset work around beliefs you hold around your ability to achieve your goals

  • powerful mindset work to transform your experience of feeling worthy and deserving of your desires

  • powerful mindset tools that will unravel belief systems and conditioning in both your conscious and subconscious mind

  • body mind integration tools that are based in Tantric and Taoist tradition that are unique to Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality Coaches

  • communication tools to strengthen your relationships and awaken your throat chakra

  • emotional intelligence 

  • customized tools for your unique personality and desires

Blueprinting Tools - These are practices that will transform the old narrative in your body into one that’s in alignment with your goals and deepest desires. Getting your body is on board with your desires is crucial for lasting transformation, and probably why everything you’ve tried in the past (from self development books, courses, workshops and therapy) hasn’t worked! You’ll receive my unique transmission for these practices during our call and will have access to audio or video recordings of them so that you can continue to impact change for years and years to follow our coaching sessions.

Accountability - My sole purpose is to hold your desires as we work together. I hold a space of unconditional love and encouragement while also keeping you accountable and on track to have exactly what you want. Premium clients have access to my personal phone number to text me questions during office hours and can request email support at any time of the day.

If you’ve never had this type of support in your life, I can only tell you that it’s one of the best things you can give your nervous system as a modern woman. Relaxing into a coaching container like this is exactly what you need right now, and I can’t wait for you to experience the magic that will happen simply because you’re being fully seen and known deeply for exactly who you are, without judgement.

Support Tools + Care Packages - I believe there are not many things better than receiving a “brown paper package tied up with string” in the mail. Every month, I will carefully curate a beautiful care package for Premium and Group Coaching Clients containing support tools for your coaching journey, and sexual awakening. Packages will include items like a jade egg, a crystal or stone dildo, candles, tea, chocolate, palo santo or sage, essential oils, crystals, books, journals, cozy socks and so much more. All packages are delivered in person or via courier to your door, with love, at the beginning of every month.