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My primary intention with this work is to support women in their journey toward feeling confident and comfortable with being seen in their power and their pleasure.   This isn’t a new thing for me.  I studied Women’s Studies in University because I felt incredibly drawn to understanding and engaging with feminism and women’s issues as a career.

In 2007 began to practice, study and eventually, teach yoga.   Through yoga, I rediscovered my body and I began to explore the possibility of a liberated life through practice.  

My self awareness grew.   My confidence grew.   And it all led me to Tantra. 

Summer 2016 was pivotal as I celebrated the graduating class of my first 200 hour yoga teacher training program at my studio, Surya Yoga; and I enrolled in Layla’s Sex, Love and Relationship coaching program.

It’s been a whirlwind of synchronicities, ups, downs, deep belly laughter, soul stirring sobs, and immeasurable pleasure over this past year.  

If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s this:

Life is, indeed, a seduction.   

I believe that women are amazing, multi talented, powerful beings (as are men) and they’ve got some powerful ideas to share, paths to carve and roads to pave.  Women are the true mavericks of a changing world as we become pioneers in our own sexual liberation and thusly, the liberation of men as well. 

The feminine is rising.  

And, we’ve got some pretty heavy armour to tear off.  The conditioning we face when it comes to our sexuality is powerful, but not insurmountable.   We’ve grown up believing in shame, believing in hiding, and believing that being sexually liberated was not safe. 

We’ve grown up believing that we should be seen (but,only if we maintain a particular standard of beauty ) and not be heard.   But, we’ve got a lot to say and a lot that needs to be heard.

My work is about helping women find the confidence to step into their power and be seen FULLY with their gifts and in their orgasmic bliss.   My work is about doing this in a deeply easeful and pleasurable way.   No more striving.  No more competing.  No more believing we aren’t good enough, beautiful enough, thin enough, educated enough.  

I’ve created a community on  Facebook that will be the hub of this support that  I offer women.   It’s for any woman who wants to be seen in her power. 

She’s a multi passionate creative light worker at heart and she’s connected to her soul truth.  She’s guided by love. 

Want to join?  

It’s all lead to here.   And, it’s all leading somewhere.   

Join the Seduction.