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Offerings from the Sacred Fire with Sundance + Jade

  • Soul Garden Yoga 1010 Water Street Indian Head, Sk (map)

Offerings from the Sacred Fire is a unique ceremony experience merging together the healing modalities of Sundance Robson and Jade Kozowy. You will gain access first hand to this Sacred Fire experience through an intimate Cacao Ceremony, Gong Bath Soundscape, Breath Meditation & Conscious Conversation.

CACAO CEREMONY: A Cacao ceremony is an opportunity to connect to yourself and open your heart through a spirit filled chocolate drink. Because of cacao’s ability to increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra, it aids in any transformational shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of who you are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space. Whatever your path, the intention is yours to set, The Spirit of Cacao assists in creating insight and awareness to move towards that goal.
We will be using two different Cacao strains one raw cacao from Guatemaula and one raw from Bali.
The amazing thing about using ceremonial grade Cacao from two different countries and continents is the blending of two different ceremonial passages. Historically the way Shamans perform ceremony in Guatemala differs from the way ceremony is performed in Bali which has an effect on the spirit that goes into the bean; while also considering the soil on two different continents and the Forrest’s that shade the plant so she can grow depending on location. 

SOUNDSCAPE EXPERIENCE: Following the Cacao ceremony we will be immersing ourselves into a Gong bath and soundscape intuitively created and guided by Sundance Robson using a 38” Pastie Earth Gong harmonically attuned to the pitch of the earth. A 31” Pastie symphonic gong, a 29” Sabian Chinese Gong, Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic healing drum and other instruments from Central and South America. 

BREATH MEDITATION: Through an intuitively guided meditation that explores the body through breath, Jade Kozowy will bring you into a space of body regeneration & healing. She will get your mind into a space of enough clarity for you to be openly receptive to the innate healing energy waiting to be received by your body. 

REIKI HEALING: Through the gentle energy of Reiki & the healing powers of touch many deep wounds may be healed and released. When energetic healing & physical healing are combined the MIND, BODY, SPIRIT connection is initiated and activated. Reiki will be transferred through physical touch & distantly.

COMFORTABLE & CONSCIOUS SHARING: An activation of the throat chakra through conversation and sharing. Healing through speaking your truth and sharing your story. Group guidance and coaching through the 3 principals model.

More information about the Gong:

What is a GONG ? And what does a GONGBATH aid in ?

The Gong is ancient instrument that can be traced back to 3500 B.C.

A gong bath is a form of sound therapy and sound healing where the gong is played to bring about meditative states while being deeply rejuvenating for our bodies and nervous system. This is very transformative in helping you with unblocking emotions.

A gong bath means that you are bathed in sound waves.
One of the positive things about a gong bath is although it’s a group experience it’s still a very private experience.

There are many great benefits that come with participating in a gong bath:

-Creates deep relaxation and clears the mind

-Immediate reduction of stress and anxiety

-Stimulates the glandular system and improves function

-Stimulates circulation

-Organizes emotional energy

-Aids in breaking addictive behavior

-Regenerates neurons and their interconnections

-Regenerates the nervous system

-Clears the aura

-Opens and aligns the chakras

-Clears the sub conscious mind from negative thought patterns

-Helps repair damage to the nervous system caused by stimulants (i.e. coffee) and stress.

***When, Where & What to bring***
Soul Garden yoga
To keep the Offering more intimate & personal spaces are limited
$40 - $60 Sliding Scale Energy Exchange (non refundable)

Please send your payment upon registration via etransfer to or drop cash off at the studio. Your spot won’t be held until your payment is made.  

Optional: You will need to bring along a yoga mat, blanket and pillow for your comfort. Water bottle for hydration and a journal for recording any insights. We will have extra mats, and blankets available for anyone who needs one.

You can connect Weekly with Offerings from the Sacred Fire on Wednesday Evenings 7:15pm – 8:30pm Wilkie Wellness- Holistic Offerings - 2614 6th Ave, Regina SK. This weekly offering provides you with Breath Meditation & Soundscape.

Check out our Page Offerings from the Sacred Fire to stay connected & learn more about The Sacred Fire. Any questions & comments are welcome through our page and/or email. Our goal & mission is to assist you through this shift of energy within yourself and within the planet right now. Blessed to connect.

Sundance Robson
-Gong Practitioner and Sound Healer  
-Three Principals Understandings Coach (universal mind, universal consciousness, universal thought)
-Level 3 Reiki Practitioner
-Initiated Ceremonial Cacao Facilitator

I am a transformative Healing Practitioner, Ceremonial Alchemist and Coach. The only way for you to really understand what I do is to experience it. I started my journey within the realm of Sound Healing in 2015 after I attended a cacao ceremony and gong bath, having come to a spiritual plateau in my life I experienced a conscious awakening at the event. Ever since then I have continued to embark on my path riding on what has felt like an all encompassing free fall into surrender. Having the opportunity to work within my constantly expanding practice I have never been so passionate about anything else I have ever done. My Transformative Healing, Ceremonial Alchemy and Coaching Practice relies on my understanding of The Three Principles behind which our state of mind rests. The understanding of these principles, universal mind, universal consciousness and universal thought contributed as the biggest catalyst for my own personal transformation. This is the energetic flow that graces us as presence. A path to spiritual satori or enlightenment I feel an authentic responsibility to share experientially a way for people to once again re-experience themselves in the same way they would returning home for the first time.

Jade Kozowy Rmt
-Registered Massage Therapist
-Meditation Instructor
-Level 3 Reiki Practitioner

I am a Registered Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner by day and a Meditation Instructor by night. My passion for the healing arts started when I was very young, I always knew I was different and that I had a gift to offer others. Since 2016 I have been offering & teaching meditation classes. Last fall I secured a space at Wilkie Wellness where I started teaching my Weekly Meditation Sessions and opened up my professional massage practice. Throughout my 6 years working in the energetic & healing realm, the space that I have been able to provide others has guided them into profound shifts of consciousness. I have always felt deep down that I am here to help facilitate this shift happening on the planet, my heart has always been open to others healing & awakening needs. My meditation style has always been very deeply personal and original, when I walk into a class there is no knowing where spirit will take us and what words I will be infused with to share to the meditators. The meditation guidance I offer is a mix of traditional and non-traditional. Beginners and Non-Beginners will both get an experience that will either inspire them to start a practice or deepen the practice they already are connected to. I have always been a strong believer and an example of being your own healer, and that there is nothing that you cannot heal within yourself. I believe all a person needs is a small spark or insight into the power they hold within there own minds & bodies to heal themselves. The gift I can give you and the gift I have always given to others is to be that gentle catalyst that encourages that spark to ignite the fire within you. Through the simplicity & silence of my own daily meditation practice I have found clarity & self healing. Being able to tap into self healing has made me feel liberated & free, I would like to provide you with the same healing power that we all have 100% access to.

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