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Chocolate Meditation

You had me at Chocolate!

You’re invited to join us in this, “come as you are” experience - no white robes required! Wear your jeans and a ball cap - bring your bestie, your favourite mug and an open mind to experience meditation like you’ve never experienced before!

If you’ve been curious about the Cacao Ceremonies you’ve seen offered at various studios and spaces throughout Regina, this is your opportunity to learn more in a warm, welcoming setting that will encourage you to be yourself, feel comfortable asking questions, and not worry about being a “newbie” when it comes to ceremony, ritual or any other kind of Spiritual or esoteric practice.

Join us for a meditative experience where we’ll be indulging in a cup of delicious drinking chocolate that has been steeped in ceremonial tradition from seed to finished product. The ceremonial cacao we’ll use for our meditation was grown in Bali and transformed into a rich, sensory enhancing drink that has become a popular way of experiencing deep meditative presence through ritual and ceremony in the modern world.

This practice of drinking chocolate in ceremony can be traced back to the ancient Mayan and Aztec culture. Cacao was a central aspect of ancient Mayan and Aztec life, not just as a beverage or food, but as a vital piece of their economies and an integral part of their religions, appearing in numerous spiritual ceremonies—even death rites and sacrifices.

Ultimately, a Chocolate Meditation is a way to become fully present with yourself. It’s a way to connect with your body, and your emotions. We want you to experience the pleasure of a cacao drinking ceremony - and to learn about the many benefits of inviting more ritual and conscious presence into your life.

To enhance our experience Heather will be helping you choose the perfect essential oil to add to your cacao to enhance the meditation sensations and amp up the healing qualities of your drink. Yes, essential oils can be safe to consume, not to mention delicious! Essential oils work with your body’s chemistry to create a unique experience of physical and emotional support.

Robin comes to this workshop as an experienced yoga + meditation instructor, and Tantra Teacher. She has a special gift for distilling complex spiritual practices and making them feel accessible to anyone. She believes in using terminology and guidance that feels familiar and understandable to everyone. Because of her own practices and experience teaching, Robin is also able to invite her students into a deep experience without confusing them with complex philosophy or esoteric references.

Heather, host of the new (incredibly inspiring and entertaining) Wellness Ninja Podcast, is dedicated to helping people become their own health experts. She believes that everyone is unique and so the approach to better health is unique to each of us. Through her wellness practice, her podcast and her classes, Heather helps you gain different views on health and dives into the root causes of illness rather than just fixing things with a bandaid solution. Heather’s true skill lies in encouraging you to get curious about your health and life, and to have fun and laugh while you work your way through the muck to greater joy.

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