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Online Jade Egg Classes - $5 special!

I am super excited to announce that I’m incredibly close to completing my Jade Egg Coach certification from Layla Martin.   I’ve been busy studying, and learning about this incredible tool and am so excited to share it as part of my coaching packages for women who are ready to embrace their erotic power.  

As part of my certification, I am required to complete 10 Jade Egg sessions for clients either individually or as a group.   I’ve got 8 sessions to complete and feel drawn to offering these as led group sessions on Zoom.   If that intrigued you at all.... keep reading! 

Here’s the details! 

If you’ve bought a jade egg from me, if you have an egg that you bought elsewhere, if you’ve used your egg once or twice,  haven’t used it all all, or if you’re a daily practitioner.... you’re welcome to join in and experience my flavour of Jade Egg teaching!

It feels a lot like yoga.... but way sexier! 

Each class is $5 so you’ve got a little bit of skin in the game... but it’s super affordable, like crazy affordable actually!

The one catch is that there will be no recording or refunds so you must attend live! 

Some contraindications and solutions:

It is not advised that you practice Jade Egg during pregnancy - you can still join in and experience the practices without inserting your egg.

It is not suggested you practice while menstruating, same as above you can still join in and experience the practice without inserting your egg.

If you don’t own an egg... you can still join in and experience what these practices are all about, AND still get a huge amount of benefit from joining in while also deciding if the Jade Egg practices are for you. 

You can purchase a Jade Egg on Amazon - you’ll want a drilled egg, medium sized, genuine nephrite Jade.  

You can sign up for 1, many, or ALL of the practices below! I have requested a non refundable payment up front, if you would rather pay by etransfer - please contact me  and I’ll register you and you can pay via etransfer instead. 

May 24 2pm
Jade Egg Healing Practice
Cleanse and Detox using the power of the Jade Egg, begin the process of healing and clearing trauma, past lovers, current lovers and feelings of stuck-ness in your sexuality.

May 28 2pm
May 29 2pm
Jade Egg Full Moon WILD Practice
Embrace your WILD side and howl at the moon. An exploration of an often neglected, but incredibly powerful part of our sexuality.

May 30 8pm
Jade Egg Power Practice - Weight Lifting with the Jade Egg
Feel your inner power, develop a relationship with your pelvic floor, strengthen and relax equally for pelvic floor balance and stability. You’ll need a string (unwaxed, unflavoured dental floss) and a weight - kegal weights, fishing weights, small sachet of rice.

June 1 8pm
Jade Egg Sexy Practice
Unleash your inner sex Diva. This yummy practice will have you tingling for days!

All participants will receive a free thank you gift that will include a link to audio recordings of the energy practices that are suggested as a supporting practice for the Jade Egg including: breast massage, the microcosmic orbit, energy refining, and bone breathing. 

I will be asking for reviews, comments and suggestions in a survey after the classes are finished! 

Please contact me  if you have any questions! I look forward to sharing these practices with you!