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New Moon Yoga on Katepwa Beach

Join me on July 12th for a New Moon + Partial Solar Eclipse Celebration on the beach at Katepwa.  We will meet at 8pm for a gentle + soothing Yin practice (weather permitting).  Please meet at the point, rather than our usual spot. 

This new moon is interrupted by a partial solar eclipse which will have the impact of this super moon lasting for 6 months.  We are seeing Cancer energy flowing in with this moon enhancing nurturing feelings of love, caring, creativity and healing.  

Utilize this new moon energy to commit to a relationship knowing that over the next 6 months relationships will find their perfect resolution, and you’ll be magnetizing new relationships toward you as well.   Your capacity to do this relies on being steady in your mind, and so we will focus on cultivating a steady, relaxed mind throughout our practice. 

You may also utilize the energy of this moon to tap into your creative side, allowing more creativity to flow into your awareness.  You’ll also feel capable of expressing this creativity to the world.  If you’ve got a project or idea, or have had a creative download you can use the energy of this mood to set a powerful intention to move forward with your projects, feeling safe and ready to fully express yourself.  Make sure you utilize the energy of this moon to get some of your ideas down on paper. 

This new moon is a perfect time to cement a relationship - and so I encourage you to bring your best friends or partners to this class and share in the bonding energy of this moon. 

Here’s the details: 

Time: 8pm
Location: Point at Katepwa
Exchange $10

Please register ahead of time, or simply just show up on Thursday.  


Later Event: July 15