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The Diamond Goddess

In this workshop we’ll deconstruct every Goddess meme and idealized version of what it means to be “divinely feminine” so that we can embody her true nature as an untamed, wild, pleasure seeking, powerful force that is also deeply nourishing, healing and fully surrendered to the flow of life.   Bringing together the power of intention and exquisitely held space with a mesmerizing sound scape journey provided by Underground Sound Canada’s DJ Noor Mitri, you’ll move, breathe, feel and express the Diamond Goddess through her many forms in this Tantra inspired class.

Our two hour journey together will begin in ceremony with cacao + a guided transfiguration practice where you’ll embody the Goddess as an expression of Divine Light.  As we dive more deeply into practice you’ll be guided to explore your own relationship with the multi faceted feminine culminating in ecstatic dance then surrendering into bliss.  This workshop is open to both women and men who desire to experience an embodied understanding of the Divine Feminine.