What would happen if you stripped everything away, and discovered your WILD + DIVINE nature?


Awakening your erotic power is like turning on a switch to your capacity to create the life you most desire.

You cannot awaken fully to your true potential and your authentic wholeness until you awaken to that from which you were created.

You cannot awaken fully until you feel the depths of your capacity to experience eros - passion, love, romance.

Falling in wild, passionate, divine love with yourself is the greatest gift you’ll ever offer to the world.  

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anais Nin


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Yoga + Tantra 

Join me for yoga classes either at my studio in Indian Head, Argyle Park Community Centre or at a pop up class with Queen City Yoga.

When I share yoga, I share it through the lens of Tantric Philosophy in which we recognize that our lived experience is REAL, and it is an opportunity for awakening to our true nature.  

I teach with a focus on mindful movement, body awareness and exploration of habitual patterns in both the mind and the body.  

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Premium Tantric Sex Coaching 

I offer revolutionary coaching for both women and couples who want to explore their spiritual sexual nature.   

My work goes beyond what you may have experienced with coaching in the past.  While I offer amazing transformation working with mindset alone, I have found time and time again working on the emotional and physical body offers lasting, profoundly healing transformation. 


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The Jade Egg

Discover the power of pleasure and your sacred nature of your sexuality through Tantra + Jade Egg Coaching + live online or in person offerings.

You will learn how to circulate and utilize sexual energy as a tool for healing, and spiritual exploration and awakening.   Discover how profound states of orgasmic bliss are the key to finding your innate Truth.  

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Robin Joy

My desire is to create spaces of deep integration, soul recognition, pleasure invitation and joyful celebration for all of the women I work with either 1:1 or in a group setting.

I guide through yoga practice, meditation, breathwork, jade egg practice and transformational coaching.


"“Yesssss....My body was vibrating on an entirely new level after working with Robin. She effortlessly guided me to a deep sense of clarity and aliveness in my mind. I reached out to her during a time of confusion and stuckness in my life and career. I felt safe and nurtured in the process, allowing me to see past my mental blocks. I feel so much gratitude for the time I spent with her.”"

— Alisia Ray, Owner Halo HEALING therapy/Sports Therapist NFL + Sexual Trauma Coach


A life of pleasure, ease & bliss is possible.

Imagine what it would feel like to be deeply connected and present with what you do every day, to love your body fully, to feel expansive orgasmic bliss, to deepen all of your relationships, to know your wholeness.