The Jade Egg

The Jade Egg is an ancient Taoist practice for women originating in the 3rd Century AD.  It is a deeply healing and pleasure building practice that can support the healing of health issues, and build inner pelvic strength.   The Jade Egg practice is central to my coaching and teaching because it so powerfully connects women to their bodies.   It awakens, and sensitizes women into their own innate sexiness in a gentle and nourishing way.  

The Jade Egg also: 

  • helps strengthen the pelvic floor and return sexual vitality post birth

  • improves thinning walls, lubrication and libido during menopause

  • assists with healing and releasing somatic trauma in the body

  • improves libido and sensation

  • improves vaginal innervation and proprioception 

  • can create the conditions for a g-spot or cervical orgasm

  • and so much more!! 

When you purchase a Jade Egg it is important to ensure that the egg you have chosen is genuine jade.   All of the eggs sold in my store are 100% Genuine Nephrite Jade and have  a certificate of authenticity.   When you purchase a Jade Egg from me you will receive detailed care instructions and access to a practice recording.  

I am currently developing many exciting Jade Egg programs to support you as you dive into using this incredible tool for sexual health, vitality and healing.   Enter your email below if you would like to receive information regarding my upcoming events & programs including 1:1 and group coaching, Masterclasses, online courses and so much more to help you discover your capacity to feel deep, blissful pleasure!