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your most vibrant, turned-on life begins now!

Because you know that there’s so much more to life than what you’ve experienced so far.
More pleasure. More Love. More connection. More authenticity. More sexiness. More fun.
And you’re ready to dive in. Fully.

Robin supported me on my healing journey in ways I’d never imagined possible.  Energetic shifts we’ve facilitated during our sessions using various tools have brought about tangible results - discovering deep wounds, feeling and integrating the experiences and then moving forward past them, shifting energy to proceed on a divorce that’s been stuck for nearly 3 years, allowing new endeavours (2 jobs) and people to come into my life.

Life + Sex Coaching

“You deserve to look in the mirror and feel your heart expand because all you can see is your true radiance. “

Why hire a coach? You hire a coach to get results, to achieve a goal, to break through a plateau, to create powerful shifts in your life, etc. Coaches are really good at helping you find clarity for your goals and then supporting you through the action steps you need to take in order to achieve them.

Coaches are also incredibly good at reflecting things to you that you probably wouldn’t have ever thought of yourself. This is why it’s always better to hire a coach over trying to do your self development work alone - a coach will be able to take you deeper, further, faster than you could go on your own.

The training program that I took to become certified as an Integrated Sex Coach is groundbreaking in its approach to client support. While many coaches only work with the mind to create cognitive change - I work with the mind (both the subconscious and conscious mind), the spirit and the body. It is understood that in order to ignite lasting change for you, we must address your experiences holistically rather than just in your mind alone.

The reason why I work with sexuality specifically is because it is a powerful catalyst for change and growth in most women. Sexual energy is deeply healing as well as the source of much of our deepest wounding or pain. You may have a successful, happy life on all fronts yet be unfulfilled and unhappy sexually. This creates an inauthenticity that impacts your capacity to be a fully realized woman.

I believe that sex coaching and Tantra are well positioned to become the new yoga, it won’t be long before many people recognize this HUGE piece of their self development work has been missing until now.

Ultimately, we are created of sex. We are, at our core, sexual beings, and we live in a culture that has a mixed up, messed up relationship with sexuality and pleasure. We also live with the results of this: passionless marriages, lack lustre sexual experiences, painful intercourse, difficulty with orgasm, deep shame, and trauma.

For too long, women have been victims of a culture that devalues, shames, and distorts our sexuality and experience of pleasure. Healing our sexuality is about reclaiming our agency and our erotic power.

This big, beautiful, life is meant to be lived, to be experienced fully, it’s meant for taking risks - indeed it is the most grand seduction of all.

If you think coaching is for you, please click the button below and fill out the form to book a Connection Call with me. On our call you’ll get clarity about what’s really going on for you sexually, and in all other areas of your life and develop an action plan to move forward with confidence, ease, pleasure + deep embodied self-love. You’ll leave the session feeling lighter, more alive and ready to dive into the life you know you’re meant to be living.

When you decide to say YES to working with me as your Life + Sex Coach you’ll receive:

Desires Based Inquiry - We’ll go deep into your desires and discover one clear, life changing goal for our time together.

Body Mind Mapping - You’ll learn how your body contains vast amounts of information about the state of your subconscious mind. Studies have shown that observation alone can begin a powerful healing journey and Body Mind Mapping is a practice of gently observing the reality of your body’s experiences moment to moment. I’ll hold space for you while you listen to the wisdom of your body at a level of awareness you’ve never experienced before.

Laser Focused Tools - Based on the information we get from the Inquiry and the Body Mind Mapping I’ll plan out a transformative coaching journey for you. We’ll be working though everything that’s currently holding you back from your desires. The tools I use are unparalleled in the coaching industry and are specifically designed to bring your body and mind into deeper integration so that you can have what you most desire with ease and pleasure.

We will explore:

  • inner child work

  • healing the mother and/or father wound

  • powerful mindset work around beliefs you hold around your ability to achieve your goals

  • powerful mindset work to transform your experience of feeling worthy and deserving of your desires

  • powerful mindset tools that will unravel belief systems and conditioning in both your conscious and subconscious mind

  • body mind integration tools that are based in Tantric and Taoist tradition that are unique to Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality Coaches

  • communication tools to strengthen your relationships and awaken your throat chakra

  • emotional intelligence 

  • customized tools for your unique personality and desires

We may also make use of some of the following modalities and Coaching tools if we agree that these tools would support your desires:

  • Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map system

  • Danielle Laporte’s Fire Starter Sessions for Soulful Entrepreneurs and Heart Based Leaders

  • Allow Your Success Coaching utilizing the principles of the Law of Attraction

Blueprinting Tools - These are practices that will transform the old narrative in your body into one that’s in alignment with your goals and deepest desires. Getting your body is on board with your desires is crucial for lasting transformation, and probably why everything you’ve tried in the past (from self development books, courses, workshops and therapy) hasn’t worked! You’ll receive my unique transmission for these practices during our call and will have access to audio or video recordings so that you can continue to impact change for years after our coaching sessions together.

Accountability - My sole purpose is to hold your desires as we work together. I hold a space of unconditional love and encouragement while also keeping you accountable and on track to have exactly what you want. You will have access to my personal email to send me questions or you can access me via unlimited voice messaging support at any time you feel you need guidance or encouragement.