Manifestation Meditation

Before doing this meditation you should have a clear idea of what you want to manifest in your life. Ideally this is a specific goal or outcome that you can visualize. You will also want to have a sense of what emotion is holding you back from having what you want. This might be something like: fear, anger, jealousy, or anxiety

Once you’ve taken time to journal about your desires and the emotions holding you back, you’re ready to begin practicing the meditation. Practice at least three times a week, or every day. You can build up to doing the full meditation by starting with the induction/deepening process and then adding on the rest when you feel ready. Work with one emotional release and one goal at a time. When you feel you’ve genuinely let go of what’s in the way and you’re making significant progress towards your goal, you can begin to work with releasing something different. When you achieve your goal, you can begin this practice again with another goal.

Enjoy, and happy manifesting!!

Note: This meditation alone may not be enough for you to manifest your desires. This is one part of a larger approach that you should be taking to reaching your goals. In addition to meditating, you also need to be taking tangible action towards your goals and actively work on changing the habits that are not in alignment with having what you most want in your life.

If you’re interested in going deeper with this work, please feel free to add yourself to a waiting list for my upcoming Tantric Course on how to manifest your desires pleasurably and with ease.

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