You’re all fired up!

You’re ready to dive into your first offering -

you know you WANT to teach The Desire Map!

Ever since you first read the book, you’ve felt a kinship with the work and a deep longing to share the magic of living in alignment with your Core Desired Feelings and having Goals with Soul.

But, you’re feeling stuck.

Maybe even a bit afraid.

Something is holding you back from taking those first big steps towards creating your first offering.

I have two things to tell you about this.

  1. I’ve been there.

  2. I can help you overcome all of this and start doing the work you know you were meant to do in the world.

I’d love to hop on Zoom for a free 60 minute Strategy Session. I’ll ask you some really good questions about how you REALLY feel and get to the bottom of what you need to do in order to begin creating offerings as a Desire Map Facilitator. You’ll leave the call energized and ready to take action!

Book your call below (limited spaces are available):