You deserve to be seen. When I photograph you, it’s my mission to convey how I see your unique power and beauty through my images.


Being seen with your business is more important than ever, now that social media has become a central part of how we share our work with the world. Having a cohesive online presence through social media communicates who you are, what your business is about, and how it feels to work with you. Social Media that effectively tells your story and attracts your ideal client is about more than just hiring a photographer, it’s also about doing the inner work to understand who you are marketing toward, and why you want to help them.

I work with small women owned businesses, like yours, to craft a look and feel for your brand that not only attracts your ideal client but also turns them into super fans who believe in your brand because they feel like they know you. Your brand photography communicates a story to your followers that motivates them to continue to follow what you do, eventually purchasing from you.

When we work together, you’ll have the option of having a photo session alone or adding on training for how to effectively use Instagram for your business. You’ll leave with a month, or more, of content that accurately reflects your personal brand as well as that of your business. So many businesses mistake social media as an advertising platform, but it’s not that. It’s a SOCIAL platform. This is a place for you to show your clients who you are so they can “like”, “know” and “trust” you. I’ll teach you how to share yourself without feeling salesy, icky, or inauthentic. Through our session you’ll come to have an embodied understanding of your personal brand that will allow you to confidently and effectively share yourself on social media.

Photo Shoot + Instagram Training


  • 2 hour photo session

  • 75 minute coaching call on finding your brand voice and sharing it on social media

  • workbook to create your first month of content that connects

  • minimum of 30 edited images for you to use on social media, your website or print media

Photo Shoot Only


  • 2 hour photo shoot

  • pre coaching on how to effectively represent your brand

  • minimum 30 images for use on social media, your website or print media