Breathwork is a powerful practice that allows you to release on the deepest layers of your unconscious mind.  It has the capacity to facilitate  deep and powerful transformational healing if done regularly.  

When doing breathwork, it is absolutely okay to sound, move and express whatever is organically arising in you. 

I’ve also included a “sourcing” meditation that you should do prior to starting a breathwork practice so that you are familiar with the space in your body that feels safe + like home.  You can come to this space anytime you need to if you find yourself going into terror or retraumatization during your practice.   Intensity is fine, but please stay connected to your body and source if needed.  

When doing breathwork you may start to feel:

Tingles or Oxygenation of your body
Tetany - a clenching sensation around your mouth or in your hands and limbs
Like you’re hitting a wall.

Please know that all of these effects are normal and you can continue to breathe through them.

When you breathe you will breath through your mouth with a connected, deep breath.   This means there is no pause between the inhale + exhale and no pause between the exhale + inhale.

This practice will help to reacquaint you with your pussy.   This is amazing for any women who have disconnected with pleasure or want to build a more connected, deeper relationship with their pussies.   (long story short - this is AMAZING for all women!)

Please do not do breathwork before consulting a physician if you have epilepsy, seizures, serious mental health issues or severe asthma.