For women who are ready to invest in their desires.

You’re ready to invest in yourself so that you can start creating lasting transformation in your life. You want to have earth shattering sex, you want to love your body unconditionally, you want unshakeable confidence, and you don’t want to waste another moment waiting for the solution to magically appear. You know you’ve got to invest time and money in yourself because at the end of the day you want to feel confident that you’ve done everything you can to live fully, love freely, and express wildly!

The Details

All Premium Wild + Divine Coaching Packages include the following each month:

  • 3 X 75 minute private coaching calls

  • Office hours text message support

  • Unlimited email support

  • Personalized Trello board for accountability support

  • Personalized audio recordings

  • Monthly Care Packages delivered, with love, right to your door.

Option 1 - 12 Month Total Transformation
Investment: $1000/month*
Single Pay BONUS: $10,000 for the entire year ($2000 savings)

Option 2 - 6 Month Deep Dive
Investment: $1000/month
Single Pay BONUS: $5500 ($500 savings)

Option 3 - 3 Month Rapid Transformation
Investment: $1000/month
Single Pay BONUS: $2750 ($250 savings)

*all prices are CAD, GST added for Canadian residents