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Private Yoga  - online or in person

$100/hour — We will work together to develop a practice plan that suits your lifestyle and wellness goals.   During our time together I will offer you guidance on your practice, support with alignment and safety and help you feel confident starting your at home yoga practice. 

Desire Coaching 

$150/hr— Align with your Core Desired Feelings using Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map as your guide.  I will skillfully support you through the entire Desire Map process over 6 intensive coaching sessions.   Already know your Core Desired Feelings but want support with creating a life in alignment with how you want to feel?  I can help you with that too! 

nourish coaching

$150/hr — Do you desire to rid yourself of body shame once and for all?  Nourish Coaching combines the tools of yoga, meditation, breathwork and gentle transformational coaching to help you feel a genuine sense of love for the skin you are in.  Maintain your success long term by joining our supportive online community. 


$125/hr — Feel good being seen with this photo /coaching session package.  I will help you dissolve your fear of being in front of the camera helping you to feel at ease and confident while having your photo taken.   

social media content creative jam

$300 — We will spend a full afternoon together over tea discussing your social media presence, brand message, and content plan to help your online content resonate more powerfully with your ideal clients.  After our coaching session, we will co-create your visual content with a photo session that is in alignment with your brand’s image and  core messages.   This package utilizes the tools of Danielle Laporte’s Fire Starter Sessions to help you gain powerful clarity and confidence being visible with your brand. (subscriptions available) 


premium integrated sex coaching

$200/hour — After our initial consultation, we will decide on a custom coaching package that is suited to your unique desires and goals.   If you want to intimately know deep orgasmic bliss, sexual spiritual awakening and authentic wholeness, this package is for you.   Deep dive into an integration journey utilizing sexual energy as your catalyst for profound transformation and healing.