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Because you know that there’s so much more to life than what you’ve experienced so far.
More pleasure. More Love. More connection. More authenticity. More sexiness. More fun.
And you’re ready to dive in. Fully.

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You’re ready to sit in the drivers seat of your life. You’re ready to go after your desires so that you can experience your life to its fullest potential.

I see you in this desire, and I’m so excited to support you in awakening to what’s possible in your life.

This amazing, beautiful life of yours has taken you to some pretty incredible places. You’ve worked hard, you’ve reached some big goals. Yet, the feeling that you’ve just scratched the surface what’s possible for you sits at the back of your mind.

You sense that you haven’t fully LIVED yet. There’s something missing - that one piece of the puzzle that would let you fully surrender to all of the goodness you’ve created in your life so far. That one thing that would let you feel both deeply connected to yourself and to others while also being completely free to be exactly who you are. Unapologetically.

Personal development and healing have been a big part of your journey so far: yoga, meditation, self help books, retreats, workshops and trainings You’ve stirred things up, gotten uncomfortable, stepped into vulnerability. It’s been a lot of work to get where you’ve gotten, and you’re realizing that you’re still not where you most want to be.

There have been times that you’ve asked yourself if all the personal development is worthwhile? Maybe this is all there is. Maybe you should just settle.

And you have. For a while.

But, the nagging feeling always returns and you start to feel anxious and unsettled, you compare yourself to other women, you self soothe with food, wine, or work. You hold back in your relationships, or you settle for something less that what you truly desire.

I want you to know that the kind of life you crave IS possible. A life that feels deeply connected and ecstatically free.

It’s not only possible, it’s inevitable when you decide to open yourself to your most powerful healing tool: YOUR TURN-ON.

Yesssss....My body was vibrating on an entirely new level after working with Robin. She effortlessly guided me to a deep sense of clarity and aliveness in my mind.
— Alisia Ray

I see you, and I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

As someone who has lived a good portion of her life tied up in the external expectations of others - worrying that others won’t like me, worrying that I’m not “doing enough” to really belong, I found myself in a cycle of overworking + people pleasing that was burning me out. It left me little time for self-care, pleasure or the opportunity to truly build a strong relationship with my husband. I just didn’t know what to do - other than to work harder, do more, achieve more and avoid the pain of realizing that numbing myself with distraction wasn’t working.

In 2016, in the middle of leading a 200 hour yoga teacher training, I burned out. I was exhausted.

I didn’t want to teach yoga anymore. I was fed up with all of the work that I felt like I had to do in order to feel like I was living a successful and happy life.

I was ready to give up on my dream of being an impactful and successful teacher when I first started to explore the Tantric philosophy and Tantra.

Around this same time I was at a Tantra yoga retreat and before I went to bed one evening, I found myself scrolling social media and saw an advertisement for a Goddess Masterclass.

I signed up and took the class. Right after the class I felt so convinced of the message that I bought myself the key tool shared on the class.

A Jade Egg.

Why had I never heard of this magical green crystal egg before? This because the Jade Egg is one of the best kept secrets of the ancient world that’s only just come to light in the west since the 1980’s.


  • I fell madly in love with my body

  • I began to teach yoga in a new and powerful way, reclaiming my passion for teaching and sharing the practice

  • I had, at the age of 40, my first orgasm without the use of a vibrator (!!!)

  • My experience of pleasure expanded in ways I never imagined was possible - experiencing vaginal, cervical, + cosmic, altered states of orgasmic consciousness

  • I embarked on a personal journey that would eventually lead me to the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality - and a 600 hour Vital + Integrated Tantric Approach (VITA™) Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching program

  • I spent a week in the Mexican jungle receiving the embodied transmission of the Jade Egg practice from my teacher, Layla Martin

  • I started an online coaching business and found immediate success sharing the power of sexual energy with my clients

My life literally LIT UP in the space of 1 year and my healing, my pursuit of happiness, and my personal growth has continued to be exponentially sped up by tapping into my sexual energy. This pleasurable healing work needs to be shared with more women and I feel deeply honoured and so excited to be sharing this revolutionary approach to personal development with you!

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Robin - in just one session, you have shown me the power that lies within, simply by nudging me forward, holding space for me to both laugh and break down, and holding up a crystal clear mirror to where my body needs me to go. Thank you, thank you, thank you - and to think this is just the start! These next 6 months will absolutely transform my life, and I’m very grateful for the work that you do (accessible, gentle, and ultimately powerful)
— Jade Egg Client

Are you ready to transform your life?

Welcome to

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Return home to your body.

Return home to your soul.

Return home to your sensuality.

Return home to your wholeness.


This is the path to genuine connection and true freedom and I'm so excited to share that I'll be teaching you how to get there in the Radiant Woman Online Coaching program starting in January 2020.

If you're ready to shed all of the habits, thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in an identity that feels inauthentic.  

If you feel disconnected from your body, shut down around your heart and distanced from others.

 If you want to feel more pleasure in your life.

If you know there’s more to life, and you feel like you’ve tried ALL the things to get there with only marginal success.

This is the program you've been waiting for.

This program gives you permission to stop treating your healing journey as something that needs to feel arduous and heavy.

 This program is your invitation to stop the fixing and begin to explore healing through pleasure.

This program asks you to step out of your usual patterns, side step your over thinking, and get into your body to do the pleasurable healing work that will allow you to finally feel the freedom of simply. just. being. yourself.


This mindset shift is everything: Healing + Lasting Transformation CAN FEEL GOOD.


During this 5 month intensive program I'm going to introduce you to the VITA™ Method Pleasure Tools that have changed my life.


You'll learn how to work with:


The Jade Yoni Egg

The philosophy + practices of Tantra with The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach (VITA™)

Gentle Trauma Release Methods

VITA™ Conscious Connected Breathwork.

and so much more

You'll experience, first hand, that the path to profound and lasting healing can be deeply pleasurable and celebratory.

If you're seeking an authentic life full of pleasure + genuine human connection, this program will take you exactly where you want to go.

Spaces are limited in this program, click the button below to send in your application today!

I touched myself in ways I never have before and felt myself awakening to some sensations that I’d either forgotten about or haven’t explored in a long time. I liked being guided through how to explore my sensuality and pleasure myself in a way that wasn’t focused on climaxing. I don’t really know what I like and I haven’t taken the time to figure that out on my own.
— Jade Egg Client


The process we'll be using for this program is called The Freedom Cycle. 


The Freedom Cycle is your roadmap to real intimacy through establishing genuine connection and true freedom in your life. Each time around the cycle you'll deepen your relationship to your body, increase your capacity to feel pleasure and eliminate any conscious or subconscious blocks that are holding you back from having genuine human connection and meaningful success in your life.


We'll be exploring the Freedom Cycle month by month in the Radiant Woman Coaching program giving you tangible tools to support your sensual awakening.


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Month One - CONNECT

Discover the deep wisdom of your body through gentle, sensation based practices. You'll discover that your body contains a wealth of wisdom that will deepen your capacity to authentically show up for yourself, your passions and the people you love.

This month will include 2 online classes, weekly practices + meditations, and 1 private 60 minute personalized VITA™ method coaching session with me.

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Month Two - HEAL

Uncover the subconscious and conscious conditioning that's holding you back from allowing real, unfiltered intimacy in your life. Learn how to be deeply compassionate with yourself while also integrating lifelong wounding with a laser focused clarity. Learn how innately worthy and deserving of pleasure you are.  We'll also be diving deep into body image healing this month for anyone who desires a more loving relationship with their body.  This is something I've seen HUGE success with supporting my clients in finding.

This month will include 2 online classes, weekly practices + meditations, an impactful pelvic floor healing yoga + Jade Egg practice, and 1 private 60 minute personalized VITA™ method coaching session with me.

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Month Three - AWAKEN

Building on the solid foundation of month one + two, this month we'll dive into pleasure practices designed to awaken your body to it's most expansive pleasure potential.  You'll learn what it means to be multi orgasmic + learn how to have full body ecstatic experiences. While we'll be using the Jade Egg as a key pleasure tool throughout the program - this is the month you'll start to really expand your body's pleasure capacity utiliing this powerful ancient Taoist sexual practice.

This month will include 2 online classes, weekly practices + meditations, and 1 private 60 minute personalized VITA™ method coaching session with me.

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This course is a poweful deep dive and I wanted to offer you some time for integration and recalibration.  Shifting can happen really quickly and having this stabilization month during our program will support your nervous system to integrate and uplevel in a very sustainable way.

You'll have a 60 minute personalized integration based VITA™ Method Coaching call with me this month along with several grounding and soothing practices to support your pleasurable healing journey.

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Month Five - DEVOTION

After taking time for integration, we'll dive into our fifth month of the Freedom Cycle.  During this month we'll be exploring how you can use your sexual energy to experience heightened states of awareness.  You'll learn how to practice Sex Magic, the practice of using pleasure as a gateway to magnetize your big dreams and desires.   You'll also learn about Sacred Sex so that you can use pleasure as a way to access your Divine Nature.

This month will include 2 online classes, weekly practices + meditations, and 1 private 60 minute VITA™ method coaching session with me.

Robin supported me on my healing journey in ways I’d never imagined possible.  Energetic shifts we’ve facilitated during our sessions using various tools have brought about tangible results - discovering deep wounds, feeling and integrating the experiences and then moving forward past them, shifting energy to proceed on a divorce that’s been stuck for nearly 3 years, allowing new endeavours (2 jobs) and people to come into my life.
— Private Coaching Client


What you receive when you sign up for the Radiant Woman Coaching Program:

  • 1 - 60 minute VITA™ Method Private Coaching Call on Zoom per month 

  • 1 - 2 hour Freedom Cycle class with Q&A on Zoom per month 

  • 1 - 2 hour Jade Egg Practice Transmission with Q&A on Zoom per month 

  • Access to Audio practices + workbooks designed to facilitate and support your Pleasurable Healing Journey 

  • Access to my accountability app and optional group chat for anyone registered in the Radiant Woman Coaching program 

  • Unlimited Voice + Text "On the Spot" Coaching on “Telegram" throughout the program

  • Access to my self-coaching course Soothe + Nourish Volume 2 to support your journey through the Freedom Cycle

  • 100% genuine nephrite Jade Egg or access to the Manifesting with Pleasure bundle if you already own a Jade Egg


My name is Robin - I'm a Life + Sex Coach, trained in the VITA™ Coaching Method, specializing in Jade Egg Coaching.

My lifelong passion is in supporting women to be their most authentic selves, to let their guard down so they can shine brightly and confidently in all areas of their lives but most importantly in their capacity to experience the deep joy of embodiment and sexual pleasure.

I’m known for making esoteric practice feel accessible and enjoyable for everyone, creating welcoming environments for self development, holding impeccable space, and skillfully guiding my clients and students toward rapid transformation with “just the right amount” of push. Nothing thrills me more than to create profound spaces of healing, connection, and sisterhood for women like you.

I'm married to the love of my life (25+ years and still growing together), and I've got three beautiful, quietly confident preteen/teen girls. I live in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada and I enjoy the simple pleasures of life: walks on the prairie, sipping a cup of hot cacao, wild and uninhibited sex, and foot rubs from my husband.

I can’t wait to get to know you as we share the Radiant Woman journey together in January!

About the Zoom Coaching Calls + Classes 

Every month I'll be inviting you to a private coaching call to support your journey through the Freedom Cycle. This is our space for laser focused coaching that will directly impact YOUR individual outcome. Every woman will be joining this program with her own unique desires and this call will be your space to be held, coached, and guided towards an outcome that is perfectly tailored to your needs. We'll meet once a month throughout the program.

There will be two online classes offered each month as well:

The first class will introduce the phase of the Healing Cycle that we'll be working with that month and outline the daily practices + journalling prompts you'll be invited to engage with.  You'll also have an opportunity to ask questions or receive on the spot coaching during these calls.  These calls are offered to the everyone enrolled in the Radiant Woman program and will be held on Zoom Webinar.

The second class will be a live Jade Egg Teaching + Transmission practice where you'll be guided step by step on how to work with the Jade Egg.   From care and safety to experiencing the power of the jade egg through a led practice - this is your opportunity to immerse yourself in learning how to use this powerful healing + awakening tool from a qualified teacher.  You'll also be given an opportunity to ask questions or receive on the spot coaching during these calls.  Again, these calls are offered to everyone enrolled in the Radiant Woman program and will be held on Zoom Webinar (which means that you can see me, but I don't see you - privacy is ensured!).

You'll also receive access to recordings of the classes for review and just in case you're unable to attend at the scheduled time. 

About the Accountability App

Staying connected to the program between calls can be challenging when life gets busy which is why every woman enrolled in Radiant Woman will receive access to Nudge App as a way to communicate with me, track progress and observe the overall impact of the program over time.

Because I'll be sharing this program with several women over the 5 months we're together, Nudge app also offers an opportunity for you to connect to each other.  

The Nudge group chat will be a judgement-free safe space for you to connect and get to know the other women who are on (and have been on) the same journey as you are, share your celebrations and your struggles, ask questions and receive the invaluable support of Sisterhood.   I'll be checking into the group a couple times daily to answer questions, offer support, offer journalling or discussion prompts and share about my own pleasurable healing journey. 

The Nudge group is completely optional and is offered as a bonus opportunity for those who love to have the support and accountability of a loving community.

About the Audio Recordings + PDF Workbooks

Everything you'll need to be successful in this program will be available to you on the private Radiant Woman Course portal on Teachable.  Teachable is a user friendly course platform that will allow me to keep all of the content we cover in one place.  You'll receive access to this platform in January and will have access to it after the course ends so that you can continue your journey staying connected to the practices for years to come!  

Class Schedule*

January 24th New Moon - Bonus Welcome Call + Celebrations 8pm CST (Saskatchewan)

February 5 - Connect Class Q+A 8pm CST

February 19th - Jade Egg Transmission 8:30pm CST

March 4 - Heal Class Q+A 8pm CST

March 18 - Jade Egg Transmission 8pm CST

April 1 - Awaken Class Q+A 8pm CST

April 15 - Jade Egg Transmission 8pm CST

May - Integration Month (there will only be private sessions this month)

June 6 - Devotion Class Q+A 8pm CST

June 21 - Jade Egg Transmission + Solstice Ritual 9pm CST

*dates and times subject to change

Your investment in the Radiant Woman Coaching Program will be: 


 (Canadian Residents add 5% GST) 

payment plans are available

It may seem strange to some people that I have hired a sex coach but I don’t give a fuck because after almost a decade of counseling, listening to sex expert podcasts/interviews, buying countless books on healing trauma and sexuality, I just haven’t really known where to start or what to focus on. It has felt too overwhelming with all of the other areas of life that I am constantly juggling. Working with someone who has waded through all of that on their own and come out empowered to guide others has given me so much hope. I know now that I’m not broken and just need to keep putting energy into creating and finding my own pleasure
— Private Coaching Client

If you’re ready to join the Radiant Woman Coaching program, please fill out the application form below. You’ll receive a reply within 24 hours with more information on how to book a free consultation call with me.