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“Robin supported me on my healing journey in ways I’d never imagined possible.  Energetic shifts we’ve facilitated during our sessions using various tools have brought about tangible results - discovering deep wounds, feeling and integrating the experiences and then moving forward past them, shifting energy to proceed on a divorce that’s been stuck for nearly 3 years, allowing new endeavours (2 jobs) and people to come into my life.” - Private Coaching Client 

There are two things all humans desire:

Connection + Freedom

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Or, in other words, Intimacy.   

Intimacy requires unfiltered authenticity.  Intimacy requires that you set yourself free from any false notion of who you are. 

Real intimacy requires truth.

There is a tangible sense of freedom when you're willing to be vulnerable enough to say things like,

“I feel alone”
"I fucked up"
"I'm afraid"
“This isn't working for me”
"I'm not happy"

The freedom lies in your willingness to be honest.

This level of honesty means you're no longer engaging in trying to control or curate how others feel about you in an attempt to feel like you belong.

Brene Brown says that, "Belonging and fitting in are opposites"

This is because belonging is cultivated internally - not externally. Fitting in is an external construct.

Inside the admission of your truth is the doorway to connection.  The doorway to true intimacy.

The only way through that door is to hold up a mirror to yourself and take responsibility for how you feel.

To be real and raw and authentic. 

You don't need to fix anything.

You're not broken and you're not a failure. 

What you need is a heaping dose of self compassion, self-love, and truth telling. What you need to do is shed the all of the false identities you've created in an attempt to fit in and please others and return home to your authentic self instead.

Return home to your body. 

Return home to your soul. 

Return home to your sensuality. 

Return home to your wholeness.

This is the path to real intimacy and this is what you’ll discover when you work with me.

If you're ready to shed all of the habits, thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck in an identity that feels inauthentic.

If you feel disconnected from your body, shut down around your heart and distanced from others 

If you want to feel more pleasure in your life.

I want to have a conversation with you.

My approach is about giving you permission to stop treating your healing journey as something that needs to feel arduous and heavy.

I'll encourage you to stop the fixing and begin to explore healing through pleasure. 

This mindset shift is everything: healing can feel good.

When you work with me, I’ll introduce you to the pleasure tools that have been foundational in my own journey to find true intimacy in my life.

When you work with me, you'll have the opportunity to learn how to work with:

The Jade Yoni Egg

The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach (VITA™)

Gentle Trauma Release Methods

VITA™ Method Conscious Connected Breathwork.

Expanded States of Pleasure

Sacred Sexuality 

You'll experience, first hand, that profound and lasting healing can be deeply pleasurable and celebratory.

Let's chat! You can book a free consultation with me by clicking right here.

If you're seeking freedom and genuine human connection, working with me will take you exactly where you want to go, pleasurably. 

Let’s see if working with me is the perfect next step for you!

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“I was able to connect with my inner beautiful sex goddess... And she enticingly purrs...rrreow, yet is gently sensual and free. Smoother, more natural movements...not pre-imaged or worried about what I think a male partner would like. Simply authentically sexy!” -Jade Egg Client

When you decide to say YES to working with me as your Life + Sex Coach you’ll receive:

Desires Based Inquiry - We’ll go deep into your desires and discover one clear, life changing goal for our time together.

Body Mind Mapping - You’ll learn how your body contains vast amounts of information about the state of your subconscious mind. Studies have shown that observation alone can begin a powerful healing journey and Body Mind Mapping is a practice of gently observing the reality of your body’s experiences moment to moment. I’ll hold space for you while you listen to the wisdom of your body at a level of awareness you’ve never experienced before.

Laser Focused Tools found only in the VITA™ Coaching Method - Based on the information we get from the Inquiry and the Body Mind Mapping I’ll plan out a transformative coaching journey for you. We’ll be working though everything that’s currently holding you back from your desires. The tools I use are unparalleled in the coaching industry and are specifically designed to bring your body and mind into deeper integration so that you can have what you most desire with ease and pleasure.

We will explore:

  • inner child work

  • healing the mother and/or father wound

  • powerful mindset work around beliefs you hold around your ability to achieve your goals

  • powerful mindset work to transform your experience of feeling worthy and deserving of your desires

  • powerful mindset tools that will unravel belief systems and conditioning in both your conscious and subconscious mind

  • body mind integration tools that are based in Tantric and Taoist tradition that are unique to Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality Coaches

  • communication tools to strengthen your relationships and awaken your throat chakra

  • emotional intelligence 

  • customized tools for your unique personality and desires

VITA™ Method Blueprinting Tools - These are practices that will transform the old narrative in your body into one that’s in alignment with your goals and deepest desires. Getting your body is on board with your desires is crucial for lasting transformation, and probably why everything you’ve tried in the past (from self development books, courses, workshops and therapy) hasn’t worked! You’ll receive my unique transmission for these practices during our call and will have access to audio or video recordings so that you can continue to impact change for years after our coaching sessions together.

Accountability - My sole purpose is to hold your desires at the forefront as we work together. I hold a space of unconditional love and encouragement while also keeping you accountable and on track to have exactly what you want. You will have access to my personal email to send me questions or you can access me via unlimited voice messaging support at any time you feel you need guidance or encouragement.

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“Robin - in just one session, you have shown me the power that lies within, simply by nudging me forward, holding space for me to both laugh and break down, and holding up a crystal clear mirror to where my body needs me to go. Thank you, thank you, thank you - and to think this is just the start! These next 6 months will absolutely transform my life, and I’m very grateful for the work that you do (accessible, gentle, and ultimately powerful) ” - Jade Egg Client

Your Investment


(minimum 3 months)

  • 2 X 90 minute VITA™ Method Private Coaching Calls per month

  • Access to audio recordings of the practices given as homework

  • Voice and Text Support VIA Telegram


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My mission is to support you to feel deep joy through unwinding the conditioning that's holding you back from loving your body and claiming the pleasure you both desire and deserve to feel.

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