Day #1 - Womb Healing

Today, let’s begin with a nice, long, slow deep inhale.   And then, and even longer, even slower exhale, and feel yourself arrive.  

You’ve just begun your five days of deep soothing and nourishing for your nervous system.   Over our next five days, you’ll start to down shift, relax and tune into your body so that you can hear it’s whispers and desires more clearly than ever before.

Today, we begin with a healing practice for your womb.   This practice will help you to connect to your womb, or the energy of your womb (connect to the energy in the absence of a physical womb) a space of creativity and deep grounding inside your body.

You can do this practice either sitting or lying down.

Start by feeling the heartbeat of your womb, the creative life force that pulses through your womb, or the energy of your womb.  After you feel the heartbeat, speak lovingly to your womb, “I love you” or anything else that you intuitively sense your womb needs to hear.

Then gather up both earthly and heavenly energies in your hands and swirl them together into a diamond healing light.   You’ll swirl this diamond energy from your hands into your womb clearing out any stuck, stagnant or toxic energies letting them drain from your womb deep into the earth.

Inhale deeply and expand your breath all the way down into your pelvis.  As you exhale, contract and squeeze all of the muscles around your womb squeezing out any remaining stuck, stagnant or toxic energies letting them flow into the earth.   When you inhale, feel fresh alive vibrant energy fill up your womb space.

Bring a big, bold smile to your face and send this smiling energy directly to your womb, or energy of your womb.

Rest for as long as you need before you continue on with your day.

If you’d like an audio recording to follow along to or to download, click the link below.

I’d love to hear how your practice felt.  Please know that this is a conversation and that I’m here and ready to connect with you about what you’re experiencing.   

Robin Joy

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Day #2 - Ovarian Breathing

Thank you for taking this journey with me, and thank you for engaging in these deeply soothing and nourishing practices.   In a world of go go go and do do do - it takes a fearless heart to say that you’re going to commit 5 days to consciously slowing things down.  

Today’s practice is both nourishing for your entire nervous system but it will also show you how you have the capacity to draw upon your own self created and self rejuvenating energy sources when you’re feeling worn out, burned out or run down.

Burn out is real, and women who are “on the path” of self development are at risk of overdoing it on the growth mindset.   There’s so much out there to do, see, read, know and experience. It can be easy to fall into the trap of continuous healing and mending oneself losing sight of our own innate capacity to be whole, healed and healthy.  Too often, we rely on the wisdom and advice of others when what we really need is to learn how to tune into our bodies and trust that we already have everything we need.

In Taoist Tradition the ovaries are considered a source of springtime, sparkly, life giving energy.   They are the core of vitality and aliveness inside your body. Tapping into this energy can be deeply nourishing and rejuvenating for your entire body.

Utilize this practice to tap into the creative energies that exist inside your ovaries at all stages of your life, including menopause.

This practice can also help to soothe menstrual cramps or lighten your periods if they feel heavy or stagnant and may also be helpful for women who are experiencing polycystic ovaries or fibroids.  

Ovarian breathing is best done sitting or standing up.  To find your ovaries, connect your thumbs at your belly button, and make a downward facing triangle with your hands (pointer fingers touching).  Your pinkies will lightly fall where your ovaries or where the energy of your ovaries resides in your body.

Gently massage your ovaries with your pinky fingers then feel for a cosmic energy that would activate or enliven your ovaries (moonlight, starlight, sunlight etc).  Allow that energy to stream into your ovaries as you massage them.

Inhale into your ovaries and as you exhale draw the energy from your ovaries into the centre of your womb, or the energy of your womb.  

Once you feel your womb full of energy inhale the energy up to your heart centre and spiral it through your heart feeling it transform into heart energy.  Then from your heart inhale the energy up to your brain and spiral through your brain/third eye. Light up your whole brain with this energy as it transforms into pure consciousness and presence.   Inhale into your brain and then exhale, let the energy flow down the back of your body. Inhale again and bring the energy up the front of you body letting it cycle through your body with your breath.  

You may repeat the process as many times as you’d like before resting deeply.

If you’d like an audio recording of this practice, click the link below.

I’d love to know what you thought of this practice, send me a quick note to check in and let me know how you’re feeling on Day 2 of our Sensual Journey of Soothing + Nourishing your Nervous System.


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Day #3 - Bone Breathing

Back in October, I had the opportunity to spend a week doing intense breathwork practices and working on my business capped off by a yoga festival where I tried Kundalini yoga for the first time.   I had already been cracked open, and was feeling a little light in the feet when I arrived at the festival.

By the end of the first Kundalini practice I was floating.  Quite literally. I actually do think I might have levitated.

My point?

Working with energy can leave you feeling ungrounded.  If you’re a metaphysical leaning, crystal slinging, woo loving self development junkie like me, you’ll probably know ungrounded well.  I know I’m encroaching on that territory when I’m writing flowery posts with lots of language like “highest potential” and “divine love” and “you are light woman, pure ecstatic diamond quality LIGHT”.

It feels good, but it’s not sustainable AND it makes it darn near impossible to get anything tangible done.  You may also find yourself teetering on the edge of spiritual bypass which is tricky territory when you’re on the path of honesty, vulnerability and authenticity.   Truth is, you’ve gotta get your feet into the mud and FEEL your way through this stuff.

Today’s practice, Bone Breathing, is my all time favourite grounding practice from Jade Egg teacher Minke De Vos.   It’s my go-to when I’m feeling spinny, and disconnected. It helps me tune into my body and into earth energy. It helps me sleep and it helps me nourish myself at the deepest possible level so that I can feel at home inside my body and on this planet.

You’ll lie down on your back with your palms turned to the ground, your knees bent and your feet also on the ground.  If you can get outside, make sure that you do this practice directly on the earth! Otherwise, get as close as you can to her.

In this practice you’ll utilize the earth energy by sipping it up into your bones and expanding your bones then squeezing your bones to release stagnant, stuck or toxic energy from your bones back down into the earth.   Then you’ll breathe this same earth energy up from the earth and feel it wrapping around your bones and as you exhale pushing this grounding energy deep into your bones.

This is deep deep nourishment for your bones.   Rest quietly after you are finished connecting to the energy of the earth below you.

If you’d like an audio recording of this practice, click on the link below.

Once you’ve tried this practice, I’d love to hear from you.   I want to know what your experience of feeling ungrounded or out of balance is like and how you’ve managed it in the past.  What keeps you feeling grounded or connected to the earth? Can you see yourself incorporating this practice into the ways in which you continue to connect to your authentic, soulful sensual nature?

I’m looking forward to chatting,




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Day #4 - Inner Smile

Have you ever heard of laughter yoga?

I remember the first time I tried it.   It was at a hypnobirthing class.  I was a bit self conscious and a little bit skeptical. Okay, a lot skeptical.   I laughed, it was fake at first and then it turned to genuine laughter. It felt good.

Anyway, I’m a HUGE fan of faking it until you make it.   This is a GREAT way to work with energy practices. You might be super sensitive to energy, and you may be wondering how on earth one might possibly feel energy moving through their body.   You’re convinced it’s all made up or that you’re just not magical enough to feel it.

I can assure you that I’m not magical, not in the metaphysical woo kind of way anyway.  I’m actually not an empath (like, for real - I can intuit your emotions, but I don’t feel them).  I can’t see dead people. I don’t talk to my guides or spirits or enlightened masters (I hire people to do this for me).  I can kind of feel energy in your body, but mostly I feel like I’m guessing and it took me a long long long time to feel energy in my own body.

I can feel it now, and sometimes I can feel it as powerful, obvious waves of electricity.  It’s really cool! Wanna know how I did it? Faked it.

That’s right.  I just imagined that I could feel energy inside my body until, one day I could actually feel it.  Just like laughter yoga.

And, just like our practice today as well.  

The "inner smile” practice is pure joy in my mind.   Don’t let the name “inner” smile fool you.   In order to really pull this practice off, you’ve got to put the cheesiest, biggest, brightest smile on your face and beam that goodness throughout your whole body.   

So, even if you’re not feeling the smile or it feels forced or fake at first, I can assure you that after you do this practice for a while or maybe after trying it a few times that smile becomes fully genuine and 100% real.   So much so that even if you thought at one time you weren’t a magical human being, you’ll soon realize that you actually are! You are magic through and through.

The inner smile practice is the best practice for shifting the vibrational quality of energy inside your body.   It harmonizes and nourishes. You can smile into any part of your body or into your whole body part by part. If you struggle with drama, negativity, or have a defeatist mentality  you can utilize this practice to shift this pattern in your body to one that feels lighter, more joyful and exuberant. Try it for a few days and see how you feel.

This practice can be self directed or you can utilize the audio recording below.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of this one and I’d love to chat with you about your experiences with feeling magical, connecting with your energy, and faking it until you make it.   As always, conversation is how we connect and despite this being an online experience there are two of us and that’s all it takes for us to have a genuine, real conversation! You see… even your “fake” friends on the internet, you know, the ones you’ve never even met have the potential to be authentically real friendships when you give them some attention.




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Day #5 - Breast Massage

Here we are.  Day 5. I’m genuinely curious: How have you been doing?  Have you been creating space for some of these practices? Have you let them collect in your inbox?  What has been your experience so far? Maybe you really connected with one or two of the practices and maybe you’ve had a really difficult time slowing your life down.

What’s beautiful about all of this is that these practices aren’t going anywhere.   You can keep them in a file in your inbox or you can visit my website anytime you’re feeling a call to slow down and tune into your body in a deeply soothing and nourishing way.

You’re an amazing, accomplished, powerful woman and you’re doing good things on this planet.  You know that your growth and transformation is in service of more than just your own individual needs.  You know that the healing of the individual is the healing of the collective.

And, hopefully by now you also know that taking really good care of yourself and making sure that you tune in to yourself on a regular basis keeps you grounded, nourished and relaxed enough to keep doing the good work that you do.

I also want to remind you that you don’t have to do it all and what you can do can feel good.  It can be pleasurable, even.

I used to think that I had to get to a certain point in my personal development before I’d feel happy or content with my life. I created rules and conditions for living that kept me on a path of improvement but also really restricted my capacity to tap into my own intution.  

In 2016, I burned out.   Like seriously burned out.  I didn’t want to teach another yoga class, and I was ready to give up a career that I had nurtured and grown so lovingly.  But, I was exhausted and I was tired of trying to keep up with myself.

It was at that time that I discovered a woman by the name of Layla Martin.   Over the past 5 days you’ve been enjoying practices that Layla taught me in her Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching program, a 600+ hour training that has quite literally rocked my world.

And, while I’m still prone to over working and over doing - I know how to slow down, and I know how to tap into sensuality and pleasure to nourish my body, my heart and my mind so that I can continue creating, teaching and growing my career and living a life that feels vibrant, alive and 100% turned on!

One of the first practices that I learned from Layla was breast massage.   From the first powerful reframing of connecting to my breasts because it feels good instead of because they need to be checked for cancer to the recognition that this practice is deeply transformative - breast massage has hands down been the single most impactful practice I have learned in the past two years of studying with Layla.

Breast massage rewires your relationship with your breasts making it one of pleasure, appreciation and love.   Because our breasts are so closely linked to our hearts, this practice nurtures feelings of self love unlike anything I have ever experienced.

With a regular practice of breast massage, I have created some movement around years and years of body shame and self hate.  I can honestly say that 98% of the time I adore my body and feel deeply grateful for her. I feel good in my skin, I can tap into pleasure and sensuality with ease and I can FEEL her in relationship to others and the world around me.  Loving my body in this way has helped me feel more creative, confident, vibrant and alive.

And while, there are MANY other practices that I do to foster this deep, healing relationship with myself and my body - breast massage has always been the one I suggest first to both my clients and my friends because I know it works and it also feels really really good!  

You’ll need a skin friendly oil for this practice and you’ll want to start by massaging up on the outside and down on the inside with the palms of your hands.   As you massage, breathe deeply into your heart centre and consciously release anything from your breasts that you feel is out of alignment or no longer in service, like: shame, fear, stagnation, grief, anger, etc.

Then you’ll reverse the massage direction and call in energies to your breasts like pleasure, health, love, joy etc.   If you have breast cancer or you are at risk fo breast cancer, instead of massaging in this direction, simply just cup your breasts to call in these energies.   This direction brings energy into your breasts which you’ll want to avoid. If your breasts are healthy, you may even notice that a regular breast massage practice increases the bouyancy and size of your breasts!  

After massaging, gently cup your breasts and bounce them lightly moving your hands around your breasts and then hold your breasts to your body and express all the things you love about them, “you’re so beautiful”, “you’re full of love”, “I love the way you feel and the pleasure you bring me” etc etc.

Like all of the practices I’ve shared over the last 5 days, breast massage is not mean to be done as an isolated practice.  Establishing a regular practice is what creates the space for the shifts I mentioned above to begin happening.

I’d love to hear what you thought of breast massage and of all of the previous practices I’ve shared over the past five days.   If you have loved working with your body in this deeply healing and nourishing way, make sure that you open the email that I’m going to send you tomorrow.   In that email, I’ll let you in on a way that you can continue to nourish and soothe your body with sensual practices that are both deeply healing, and pleasurable.   

Somewhere along the way we thought that self development had to be work, and it’s my mission to show you that while there may be challenges and struggles you’ll face it can also feel really really good.  

Stay tuned,


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