Sometimes you need a break....

A time to turn inward and reflect, to let go of all the “shoulds” and simply just “be”. Like the natural world, you also have seasons. You’re a cyclical Being, flowing in and out of expansion and rest over and over again.

I’ve created this free 5 day journey of sensual self care that will help you to nourish and soothe your nervous system. It’s a collection of my favourite healing practices that will leave you feeling balanced, grounded, grateful, and full of love.

When the going gets tough… the tough, breathe and meditate!

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There's something that happens when Soulful women, like you, catch the personal development bug.

It seems we have to start fixing ALL the things.

We've got to:

  • drink more water
  • go all organic, all vegan and ditch sugar (better yet, you should probably do a juice cleanse)
  • read every personal development book you can get your hands on, AND listen to all the podcasts
  • do more yoga
  • hire a coach
  • start exercising more
  • go barefoot in nature
  • heal the mother wound
  • go to a women's circle
  • meditate
  • network
  • share it all on social media
  • did you ditch all of the chemicals in your home yet?
  • do an energetic cleanse.... of EVERYTHING
  • cut all the cords
  • see a psychic (make sure all the cords are really cut)
  • learn Reiki
  • write in your journal
  • pull cards daily
  • repeat your affirmations
  • engage

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

The path of personal development can be exhausting.

Do you really need to do it all to prove to yourself that you're worth of the love, belonging and success you crave?

What if you just showed up for yourself? Fully.

No bells and whistles. Just your body, your heart, and your soul.

As a coach, teacher and guide - a big part of my work is to support you on your path of personal development, healing, and sensual awakening. What I've noticed again and again is that when women come to work with me, what they need more than anything is to slow down and heal their nervous system.

The truth is: all of the expectations you're trying to live up to (your own, and everyone else's) are causing you to feel burned out, tired, stressed, fatigued and/or anxious.

This is why I've created this free 5 day course.

Soothe + Nourish is your invitation to take a break from all of the expectations so that you can connect back into who you are, which will help you to see that you're already whole, you've got everything you need, and you're deeply supported in your life.

When you know, deep in your soul, that you're able to resource everything you need without having to look externally for validation of your worth and value you'll be able to approach challenges and big dreams with a renewed confidence and trust in your ability to persevere.

You'll also know how to slow down, relax and stay balanced. This is a KEY awareness for ambitious women who want to live their lives to the fullest! Burnout is real. Adrenal Fatigue is real. Knowing how and when to restore your body while you go after your desires will ensure that you're always showing up 100% for the things that matter most in your life - including yourself.

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This course is for you if:

  • You're feeling burned out, even just a little
  • You tend to overwork, and under rest
  • You want to learn how to self source nourishment and relaxation
  • You're ready to slow down
  • You need a break
  • You're constantly on the go - and you're not comfortable with stillness or resting
  • You want some new ways to rest, ground and nourish your body and your mind
  • Your Soul is whispering, "yes" right now
  • You love free things!

This course isn't for you if:

  • You're not willing to take 5 days to slow down and stop doing so much
  • You still believe that hard work and hustle are how you'll be successful in your life
  • You refuse to listen to your body's cues to slow down
  • You don't think you need a break every once in a while
  • You have no intention of slowing down until you've reached all of your goals
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In addition to the 5 blissful practices, you'll also receive thoughtful journalling prompts every day to reflect and contemplate on the changing seasons and your relationship with sensuality and pleasure.

I look forward to sharing these deeply soothing, healing and nourishing practices with you as we shift into the more inward focused and cozy energy of the season.

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